Smart Giantess - Paige Turner


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Paige Turner is a teenage genius that is not taken seriously because of her age. She created a potion that allows her to morph into an older person and be treated with respect. The first dose transforms her into an early 20's woman and she savors her newfound curves. Another gulp and she becomes a sexy, late 20's vixen. The short dress and hormones make her horny and excited, but something feels strange.

She realizes that her growth potion works on height as well as growing into an older person. The added stature makes her feel more powerful and she loves that it came from her intelligent thinking.

Things went so well with that she swigs the rest of the vial and savors her stretching and expanding body. All of the people who looked down on her won't be able to resist the goddess she has become.

Since she has become so powerful, she may as well take over the world. People will tremble in awe at her strength and beauty. If they don't follow her commands, she will crush them!

This experiment exceeded her wildest expectations!

OTHER KEYWORDS- giantess, growth fetish, transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, amazons, long legs, erotic magic, brunettes, female domination, female supremacy, powerful woman, Paige Erin Turner


12 minutes
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner