Sleepy Feet - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr wants to spend a romantic evening with her boyfriend and enters her bedroom in a sexy negligee. She poses on the bed till he arrives with the cocktails but it must have been a long day because she drinks, smiles, and abruptly crosses her eyes, falling asleep. A consistent snore purrs out of her adorable face.

Her boyfriend is irked and tries to wake her. He ragdolls and pushes her body, but she is limp and out cold. Suddenly he gets a bright idea of all of implementing his secret desire to play with her cute feet and there's no way that she can stop him!

He rubs, kneads, massages, stretches, and crumples her soles. Her soles are like forbidden fruit when she covers them up in her shoes every day.

When Lucy awakens, he makes sure that she passes out so that he can continue his fun. He plays with her squishy face and drops it like a bowling ball while she snores and sleeps deeply. This actually turned out to be a better date night than expected.

The next day, Lucy talks POV about the date last night. She can't explain what happened, but she had a dream about an awesome foot massage!

OTHER KEYWORDS-Limp, sleep fetish, Snoring, Foot play, Foot fetish, foot massage, foot play, Eye crossing, Soles, Wrinkles, humor, foot worship, POV foot worship, foot worship POV, rag doll, ragdolling, humour, brunettes,


17:46 Minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr