Sleeping Terra Mizu


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Terra Mizu doesn't see the intruder taking up skirt and downblouse shots as she primps in the mirror. Stretching and yawning, she leans over, showing her white thong and climbing into bed. Hearing something, her eyes snap open and she's shocked when a hand covers her face with a chloroform rag. She struggles to get him off of her and her hands paw at his. 

He sometimes removes the cloth and she takes deep breaths, before he continues. Slowing down, she eventually goes limp with her mouth open. Once she's asleep, he takes pictures and repositions her helpless body, making sure to get a shot of her round ass!

OTHER KEYWORDS- sleep fetish, limp fetish, male domination, maledom, damsel in distress, DID, downblouse, upskirt, struggling, knockouts

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7:10 minutes
  • Terra Mizu Terra Mizu