Slave Wonder Lucy Purr Part 2


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Wonder Lucy Purr is determined to take down her nemesis and has a magical mask that will protect her. Standing in only one shoe, since he stole her other one, she plans his defeat while in a victory pose. Unfortunately she doesn't realize that he's taking upskirt and downblouse pictures so he can sell her to the Sultan.

He attacks from behind and chloroforms her. Lucy screams while fighting and kicking to escape. She manages to get free from his grip but is groggy. He takes the opportunity to spray her with ether, then punching, kicking and grabbing before chloroforming her. Lucy continues to fight and calls out to Hera for protection which forces Scott to release her.

Without missing a beat, he kicks, punches and chloros her repeatedly while keeping her wrapped between his legs. She's weak and can't stop him from wrapping her truth lasso around her shoulders. Moaning, she answers all his questions about teleporting and how she avoids going helpless with chloro. Her mask protects her from going limp and he promptly demasks her so he can make her sleep.

Lucy does a dramatic eyeroll and lays still in his arms with her mouth open. Scott prepares her for sale to the Sultan, stripping her down to her bikini. This plucky superheroine slowly awakens and tries to put her mask on again, but Scott keeps it out of reach. More chloroform slows down her fighting until she is sleeping soundly.

He lifts and carries her to her cage and will be glad to get payment on this feisty slave!

OTHER KEYWORDS - limp, superheroine, one shoe, sleeping fetish, male domination, struggling, humiliation, embarrassment, upskirt, downblouse, cosplay, costumes, role play, roleplay, mask fetish, Scott Torvea, Asian, brunette, brunettes, big tits


12 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea