Slave Trading Jacquelyn Velvets Part 1


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Jacquelyn Velvets is an undercover cop posing as a model for a photoshoot of the leading sex slave trafficker. Scott Torvea know she's lying about her identity, but plays dumb as she snoops around the studio looking for clues. 

He has her pose in daisy dukes, tank top and red wedge shoes. She's hesitant to get on her knees and helpless as he chloroforms her. Struggling to escape, she grapples and fights, but he pins her down and bangs her head on the ground. Her eyes roll and flutter, passing out as he puts her in an armhold. 

Ragdolling her limp body like a marionette doll, her legs flop, head rolls and arms flail. Rolling her over and slapping her ass, he checks her phone to figure out who she is.

Interrogating her, she claims innocence. Getting nowhere, he grabs her arms and chloros her until she's sleeping in his lap. He ragdolls her again, checks her mouth and wraps his meaty hands around her neck. Admiring his new toy, he cradle carries her to a massage table. 

Plopping her down with her legs spread, it dawns on him that this bitch is Agent Velvets! She's been a pain in the ass for the sex slave trade, but he's going to be rich from selling her!

Grabbing under her armpits, he drags her causing her to rouse. She's so weak, he doesn't need rope and strips her t-shirt without struggle. Her bikini top from the shoot is exposed, and she can't escape his belly punching. A face punch knocks her out, but more belly punches were for fun.

Waking, she gets her bearings, but he puts a gas mask on her face that makes her go back to sleep.

OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, sleep fetish, interrogation, damsel in distress, DID, male domination, maledom, domination,  struggling, short shorts, armholding, arm holding, beatdowns, body busting, belly punching, blondes, big tits, Jacqueline Velvets

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22:23 minutes
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea

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