Sister's Little Revenge - Jasmin Jai


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Featuring Jasmin Jai! 

I'm so annoyed that you embarrassed me on a first date and will punish you by shrinking you. I should crush you with my foot and be done with you. Mom and Dad wouldn't miss your tiny and useless body. They would thank me!

There's no way an insignificant speck like you could fight someone as big and powerful like me.

Nobody would hear your screams.

You're barely visible in my hands and it would be easy to crush you in my palms. However, it would be more fun to crush you with my huge, fat ass. It smothers your whole body and makes you flat and tiny.

You aren't sorry? I'm still going to sit on you and bounce up and down until you disappear. It looks like I accidentally lost you, but pick you up for more crushing torment.

My long red fingernails poke and prod your helpless body, but I love getting revenge. Did I hear that right? You want to apologize? I'm not sure you learned your lesson, but more ass squashing will make you sorry that you messed with your big sister.

I'm going to leave you stranded on this chair until the shrinking wears off!

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17 minutes
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai