Milking The Maid

Paige has loaned her sissy gurl maid, Tina, to Anabelle for the day. Tina is apprehensive because he is accustomed to his sweet Domme, and Anabelle is authoritative and business-like. Despite feeling humiliated by being given away, he is submissive and eager to please. 

Anabelle hikes up her skirt and instructs Tina to stick her nose in her panties and take a long whiff. She wants her to do gentle panty sniffing and guides her sissy to the position that arouses her the most. Tina does a great job, but Anabelle is not impressed and decides that she needs

Sissy Dirty Talk

You are not really a man in the traditional sense. Your job is to satisfy my every whim and I want to see you humiliated. If you look behind you, there is a row of well endowed men who are ready to be sucked off by you.

I want to see you on your knees as their cocks slaps your face. You don't want it? That makes me happier knowing that you don't like it. Every squirm turns me on. I want you violated.

Tell me, were you always this pathetic? Did you always want to please a woman by taking a dicks for her? Have you always gotten a hard cock when talking about being

Cross Spanking

Paige summons her sissy slave and is not pleased with her insolent behavior. Tina was caught stroking her penis without permission. It is time for an appropriate punishment.

An inspection of this Sissy proves that she has the mandated attire of panties, garter and stockings. Paige caresses the panties and asks if the naughty gurl likes wearing such pretty, feminine attire. Tina admits that she does, but that she is humiliated to be dressed like this all day. This is the perfect response for the stern Mistress.

Time for the punishment! Tina goes over Paige's knees.

Forced Bi Training

Wakey wakey. I am so glad you came home with me. Although it is not be that you are going to be having fun with. It is my BBC stud. He knocked you out and you are his personal bitch. He wanted me to go over the rules with you before he comes back. He wants you in panties, a wig, and heels 24/7. Your dick has to be tucked in your ass. You are to bow down to him whenever you are in his presence. The house needs to be cleaned and there needs to be a special emphasis on cleaning the toilet with your tongue. He will want blowjobs frequently and

Sissy Play

Whitney Morgan and Gigi know you like to dress up as a sissy. They help and encourage you to be your true self. They make you wear little lace panties and make sure you tuck! 

CrossDressing with a School Girl

I caught you wearing my panties and I am not mad at you. In fact I find it kind of hot. It must feel good to feel that soft fabric around your cock. I want to watch you rub it while I rub myself. Oh that is such a great image, seeing you wearing those panties and rubbing yourself. It is making me so hot and I will have to have an orgasm with you. Any time you want to wear my panties, we can have another session!