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Angel Lee and Candle Boxxx work for Ikimott Marketing, they are always so nice to boss. To his face that is. But as soon as he is not around, they bitch and complaining about everything. He has been hearing complaints about them for a long time and no one understands why he keeps them around. What they don't know is he keeps them around for his own entertainment and testing. Testing of his newest invention that is. It's an app that allows him to control anyone he chooses! He can make them do what ever he wants! Then once done, he simply tells them what he wants them to remember. And with a click of a button, they only remember what he has said. He has so many uses for this invention planned, but for now he still needs to completely test it. and what better test subjects than two bitchy backstabbing employees!!

Today, he calls them into his office and as usual confronts them. They deny everything and start to get defensive, then they start to tell him he is an ass and that is when he turns the app on. He explains everything to them, but they do not believe him. And they continue to make snide comments, until he shows them how it works. He starts off with small things like making them raise their hands, then moves on to making them get undressed. The look on their faces is priceless as he takes selfies with them and even makes them do the hokey pokey dance!!

Once he is done toying with them and further testing his app he clicks the reprogram button and sure enough it works like a charm, they leave the office like nothing ever happened.... 


  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Candle Boxxx Candle Boxxx
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea

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