Sexy Surprise - Jacquelyn Velvets


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Jacquelyn Velvets primps in her sexy black negligee as she waits for her boyfriend to come home. She doesn't realize that there is an intruder watching her and assumes it is her boyfriend when she hears a noise.

When he doesn't answer, she wanders into the living room only to be greeted by the baddie. He puts his hands over her mouth to quiet her screams and drags her back to the bedroom. Jackie's legs kick, but he's too strong for her!

She awakens on the bed cleavegagged and bound at her wrists and ankles. Jacquelyn struggles to escape, but can only writhe in misery until her captor enters. He gropes her sexy body and taunts her gagtalk. Pulling her hair, he grabs her neck, and spanks her ass to let her know who is in charge. Hearing sirens in the distance, he leaves.

Later, after she has escaped her binds, he returns while she is napping. Putting his hands over her mouth to stifle her crying, he binds her spreadeagle to the bed. His hands wander over her body as she struggles against his touch. His hands cover her mouth even though she is cleave gagged because he likes feeling her delicate jaw beneath his strong hands. However it was just a dream and Jacquelyn awakens in a jolt.

Feeling dirty after her nightmare, she takes a shower. After getting cleaned, she heads to the kitchen fearing that she heard a noise. Her fears were real, and she is dragged off by the intruder.

She awakens with her ankles and arms tied in front. This is for real, and she cringes at his plans for a long trip. He covers her mouth as she cries in fear. While he packs some things, she struggles against her bindings. Luckily she is able to free her hands and hurries to remove the leg ties.

Hiding, she bangs him on the head when he returns and flees.

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17 minutes
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea