Sentenced Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr is led to the electric chair by a guard, but doesn't make it easy as she struggles against him. He manages to hold her by the forearms, but she lost her shoes and is barefoot.

By the time he reads the decree, she calms down to listen to the warrant. She's sentenced to electrocution for the murder of an innocent man. Lucy growls her final statement and writhes beneath his grasp.

He pushes her down and straps her arms into the chair by her wrists and ankles. The severity of the situation dawns on Lucy and she quietly ponders a way out of it. Struggling to escape the binds, she becomes despondent as she realizes these are her final moments. The guard shoves a cleave gag in her mouth and muffled gag talk occasionally spills forth, but Lucy is beaten down emotionally.

A metal helmet adorns her head with the wet sponge built inside to ensure it bolts through Lucy's skull and body. It's so powerful, that there was no need to shave her hair off. In the spirit of Westinghouse and Edison, electrodes are placed on her ankles and chest in addition to the copper panels built into the chair. Currents will fry her faster than crispy chicken and have a more satisfying crunch.

The gag is stripped from her mouth and covers her eyes as she waits with anticipation for the dreaded moment. As the switch is turned, her body tremors and twitches as her body absorbs her punishment. Baring her teeth, her dress falls down revealing her perfect tits that are wasted for all perpetuity. Her feet spasm as the current makes a circuit around her body. Groans spill out even as she tries to contain them out of vanity.

Lucy's hands tightly grasp the chair and her head flops to the side, but she is still breathing. Frustrated and spent, she begs to get it over with. More rounds beat down her body with subtle shakes until the medical equipment beeps with the flatline of her demise.

Her head hangs heavy and her body stays still as the treatment proved effective.

OTHER KEYWORDS- Executions, peril, electric play, bondage, male domination, struggling, limp fetish, blindfolds, arm holding, prison, gagged woman


13 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea