Running Late - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea


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Andrea Rosu is pissed that her pantyhose have runs and wants to change again. Emily Torvea is irked that they're going to be late for their dinner reservation and begs to leave even if she has a hole in her stockings.


Andrea wants Emily to understand how it feels and rips her hose. Emily retaliates and makes the hole bigger in Andrea's stockings. Rolling on the floor, they tear and struggle to ruin the other's nylons.


They laugh at the ridiculousness of it and Andrea makes fun of herself for not wearing panties with her pantyhose. 


Emily has never gone without panties and tells Andrea she doesn't need stockings for her thick legs. They decide to go to the restaurant without hose, but Emily asks Andrea to finish ripping the ass of her pantyhose.


OTHER KEYWORDS-pantyhose ripping, pantyhose, clothes destruction, catfighting, legs, struggling, female fighting, female fights, redheads, red hair, PAWG, thics thighs, big legs, @ScottTorvea


12 minutes
  • Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu
  • Emily Torvea Emily Torvea