Roommate Pranks - Bambi Buttons & Dakota Charms


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Bambi Buttons comes home and wants to take a nap. Kicking off her shoes, she quickly falls asleep and doesn't realize that Dakota Charms sneaks in to play with the hole in her stockinged feet. This is the perfect opportunity to light a match between her toes! It flames up and Dakota blows it out, but  sticks more matches between her nylon toes so she can film her reaction.

Letting it burn, Bambi awakens to see Dakota and realizes her foot is on fire. Hopping up and down on one foot, she screams hot foot trying to get respite from the heat.

Dakota recounts the experience on the phone and doesn't see Bambi getting revenge by crawling in and lighting matches between Dakota's sandals. Immediately, Dakota stomps her feet up and down to make the temperature go down. Hopping on one foot, her lace up sandals fall off and she's upset to be pranked!

Later on, Bambi's in the kitchen and doesn't see Dakota under the table. It's the perfect hiding place, to stick lots of matches between her perfectly pedicured toes! The toe rings even help keep them in place and really show off her red toenails.

The fire flares on her feet and she squeals in discomfort trying to cool down. As the matches fall out of her toes, Dakota accidentally steps on the still hot matches and jumps with her roommate to get relief.

OTHER KEYWORDS- match lighting fetish, fireplay, foot torture, hopping, one foot hopping, jumping, pranks, practical jokes, humor, toe torture, toe abuse, toe fetish, pantyhose, foot fetish, foot play, stomping, struggling, embarrassment, humiliation, @ScottTorvea


11:52 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons
  • Dakota Charms Dakota Charms