Roommate Pantyhose - Terra Mizu


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Featuring Terra Mizu.

I just got home after a rough day and it feels good to dangle these classic black pumps off my feet. Why are you fixated on my legs? Is the rumor that you like women in sheer pantyhose true?

These stilettos always seemed like part of my daily wardrobe, but you seem fixated on my stocking feet as the pumps precariously dangle. Pointing my toes, I ask for favors as the shoes fall off my feet. I lift my legs in the air and splay my toes as you admire my soles.

Since we are just roommates, you wouldn't mind if I get out of these work clothes and lounge in my tan pantyhose? Maybe we can come up with an arrangement where you enjoy the view and give me money so I can keep my toes pedicured and in great shoes. I could borrow your credit card to get things that you would like. As I show off my nylon ass, I can tell you are tempted. My red fingernails graze over the sexy nylon and you seem distracted.

There's no strings attached and I would teases you with my nylon feet. You like these tootsies in your face and it would be worth it to cover all my bills and not just things related to my legs and feet.

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12:25 minutes
  • Terra Mizu Terra Mizu