Relaxing After Work - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea


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Andrea Rosu and Emily Torvea return home after a long day in their high heels. Rubbing their calves, they try to relax and Andrea asks if she can remove her stilettos. After running around, she is nervous that they smell bad but Emily doesn't mind.

They candidly talk about what they love about pantyhose and graze their fingernails on each others legs. Emily has a slightly thicker black stockings and Andrea has thin, silky tan nylons.

Leaning back and enjoying the leg worship, Andrea admits to having a pantyhose fetish. Emily confesses to loving leg caresses in hosiery because it feels like a massage. They have both been admiring each other at work and are excited that they both have the same kink!

Comparing stocking feet they admire each others arches and wiggling toes. Emily runs into guys who want to take her hose off, but Andrea really wants to worship her feet. They have found their "Sole" mates!

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12 minutes
  • Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu
  • Emily Torvea Emily Torvea