Pull It Out For Me JOI - Andrea Rosu


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Featuring Andrea Rosu!

It's so sexy that you jerk off with your hard cock while looking at me. Watch me and follow my words so you don't cum too soon. I control your cock and I want to see what you are capable of.

Go slowly because I want to fantasize about you stroking from the tip all the way down. Follow the cadence of my voice as I caress my cleavage and tease you with my large tits. Your balls need some light squeezes and tickles that course through your body like electricity.

Let me see that pre-cum and think about how wet my pussy will be as you move in and out. Spreading my legs, I want to hear you as you get more excited and go faster.

Both hands off your shaft! Don't give me that look because it will be worth it as the tension builds up. You want to cum so badly and I promise to let you explode.

Stroke, but you can only cum from a countdown, but you can only release at 1. A man who can control himself is someone that I want to fuck all night long. 10,9,8...Will I tease you in the middle and not let you orgasm after all? I don't know, shall we find out? 

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13 minutes
  • Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu