Pretty Interrogation


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It is not easy being an undercover cop, but Candle really goes the extra mile as she portrays a hooker to infiltrate a sex slave ring. Unfortunately her ruse was blown as she tried to get inside information from a Baddie who was going to do some bad deals.  He figured out her game plan and is going to make sure that she cannot put him away.

Her arms are bound overhead and she has been left in this position for awhile to wear down her resolve. Dangerously high heels cause her to arch her feet and emphasizes her long legs. Her ribs are pronounced as she arches her back to find and maintain a balance.

Scott torments her and threatens to leave her stretched and bound unless she gives the information. A crop follows the curve of her body while she struggles against his touch. Quick and successive hits remind her that she is completely and utterly out of control of this situation.

Further humiliation is achieved when he takes off her shirt and exposes her tits. . His groping hands make her feel like a piece of meat. He is having so much fun watching this once strong woman, deconstructed into a sniveling and helpless victim. Now that she is beaten down, he can sell her to be fucked and used.


19 minutes
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