Jacquelyn Velvets Eats

Jacquelyn Velvets answers the door in a black swim suit and black stilettos. She's talking and chewing with her her mouth open but notices you staring. Teasing with crunchy foods like nuts and crackers, you see her teeth breaking down the tough food and mastication process on her tongue. Her mouth closes and opens to show the stages of breaking it down to mush. Her long fingernails pull her lips to the side. She smacks the food down her throat. It's satisfying to have things in her mouth and makes her feel powerful. She's glad you came over, but sees a piece of food on the floor. Stomping with her full weight, she demands you eat what's on her dirty soles. 

Bitch Bondage - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets bitches about a dirty warehouse and doesn't understand why a cage is in the middle of the room. She crawls in and closes the gate, finding the pen cozy. She tries to open it. She's stuck! The owner has her bound with arms overhead and the bikini she planned on wearing to the beach after her visit. A spreader bar limits movements in her red high heels. Bitching, she demands you let her free. You shove a bit gag in her mouth and whip her. Her gag talk is mixed with moans and whimpers as the cat-o-nines redden her ass. Crying and biting her gag, her head hangs low. She's humiliated. She's rope tied in a hogtie and in a coffin cage. Mmphing in frustration, she demands to be released but you debate on keeping or selling her in the sex trade. Maybe she can be your slave before profiting off her curvy body?

Full Moon Hulk Out - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee forgives you after a bad break up until you admit to dating someone. She tries to keep her cool, but gets warmer. As the full moon passes over, her eyes glow and tits heave as they try to stay contained in her shiny blouse. Pulling her hair out of the prim ponytail, she scolds you. Her jeans rise, shirt gets smaller, and taller than you. Kicking off her outgrown shoes, her blouse rips. Her tits grow and reveal a black bra. The belt unbuckles itself. Her clothes tear over her larger body. Wearing shreds, she flexes muscles and shows off her deeper voice. The bra pops off. Her skin turns green. She threatens you with her strength. There's no escaping her wrath!

Secretary Interview Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is nervous about her secretary interview. The straps on her top fall down. She's embarrassed. Crossing and uncrossing her tan pantyhose legs, the ballet flats dangle and fall off, furthering her humiliation. Despite her poor interview, you're attentive each time she exposes something. She seduces you! Smiling, her shoulder stays exposed. The dangling shoe stays off after falling. An upskirt view gives a flash between her legs. Letting her hair down, she seductively strips to pantyhose and lingerie. Posing legs, feet, ass and pussy, she gives you 10 seconds to give the job. After proving she's the best employee to please you, she gets the job!

Melting Bride Little Mina

Little Mina is a vampire bride dressed in a wedding dress and about to marry you, a disguised vampire hunter. She puts on her veil and takes the glass of water of holy water! Shocked, she's melting to the ground and struggles to escape. Her feet melt & body follows. She's embarrassed and doesn't want you to look at her as she disintegrates into nothing. Only her face shows in the oversized dress. She's a pile of lace and tulle!


Ass Domination Giantess Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets had a yoga workout. Her bare feet almost step on you, her ex boyfriend. She's amazed you shrunk small because she had a fantasy about shrinking and holding you in the palm of her hand. She thinks of things she could do to you with her barefoot, but your eyes widen at her big ass. Maybe she should crush you with her big booty? Could your tiny little body handle her large ass if smothered? Hold your breath under her large booty. Try pushing her off with your tiny hands. Oops, did something break? It's cute to see you gasping for air. Get comfy, because you're going tied down for ass crushing. Bouncing up and down, her long fingernails grab her ass for more teasing. you'll sit beneath her everyday while she's working. it feels good as you struggle to escape from being her ass slave. There's a reason you broke up She takes you out with her big butt!

Butt Bite - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms screams off screen as the sound of barking and ripping fabric is heard. She holds her purse to her butt and tries to stay covered while asking if that was your puppy. You don't answer. She wants it punished. She's hesitant to expose the bite on her butt, but shows the hole in her jeans and her full back panties. Hearing laughter, she's angry and shoves her ass close to your face to show she's serious. Her ugly panties are ridiculed and she defends them before changing the subject. Frustrated, she grabs the torn fabric from the pup's mouth and tries to cover her big booty with it. Annoyed, she walks off and threatens legal action. At home, she tries to sew her pants and rubs her sensitive butt. Includes the behind the scenes of the jeans ripping.

Arielle Lane's Sore Feet

With Arielle Lane! I wore new high heels and moan when releasing the ankle strap and putting my barefoot on the ground. Wearing one stiletto, I can't believe you want bondage play? Easing my foot back in the white pumps, I walk to the bedroom. My pain is your pleasure. Ballgagged, bound wrists and standing in agony, I sensually writhe against the wall before sliding down. Struggling in the ropes, I escape and remove my ball gag. I strip the shoes and massage my soles in your face. Wiggling my toes after being in "foot bondage"! Massage the balls of my feet. Does it make you hard looking at my sore feet? Pull out your cock and jerk off to my footsies. Get hard thinking about my aching feet and stroke. Cum on my red toenails and high arches.

JOI Pantyhose Humiliation - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

With Little Mina & Jasmin Jai! The loser is getting hard with his little dick looking at our sexy pantyhose. Stroke your tiny cock while we stroke our legs. Your dicklette is the size of our pantyhose clad toes. It's sad that your nub is excited. we point and laugh at someone so pathetic. You'll never be a real man with that wee wee. You've only had your hand and never a real woman. Worship our stocking feet. We wiggle and point our toes. Jasmin has red toenails. Mina has dark blue toe nails. We know your secret ofa tiny dick. We're going to let everyone know. We bet your Mommy takes care of you when you're not sniffing her pantyhose. We didn't give permission for precum. Stop touching yourself. You're on edge and want to cum so badly on these shiny hose. Go faster and play with those tiny balls. We're suprised you lasted this long. If you had sex, you would be done. You get a cum countdown. As predicted, your jizz is disgusting. Clean our feet.

Bondage Escape - Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea is surprised to see you in her house. Scared, she follows directions (Implied POV) and strips her top. Embarrassed to be seen in her bra, she covers herself before turning around at your command. She agrees to be tied while you rob her and excited to be bound. Promising to be good, she asks that the ropes not be too tight. Smiling and giggling, she tells you that it's what she always thought it would be. When you leave, she drops the Stockholm Syndrome act and struggles to escape her binds. The ropes are tighter than expected. She can barely move but manages to get her arms free. Hurrying to release her ankle binds, she grabs her phone and doesn't realize you're standing behind her. With her arms up, she promises to do anything you want and removes her shorts to reveal her thong. When she's bound standing up with her arms behind her back, she tries to seduce you. You don't fall for her tricks. A purple cleavegag muffles her cries. Pouting and whimpering, she tries to wiggle free, but she's stuck!

Betting Her One Shoe - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane has her legs crossed as you make a bet. If she wins, she gets your credit card. You ask her to wear one Converse shoe all week. When defeated, her face registers the shock of losing the bet. Forlornly, she unlaces her gray chucks and shows off her white socks. Pointing and flexing her socked foot. It will be weird when she has to wear high heels! Walking is awkward. What happens if someone steps on her feet? She never realized the size difference between a shoe and unshoed foot or how exposed it is. You head out and start the experiment. One week later, Arielle shows off her dirty sock. It turns out she liked it and explains why. She wants to extend the bet, but wants your credit card!


Wrong House - Paige Erin Turner

Paige Erin Turner has an intruder (POV). She pleas for help like a damsel in distress but becomes a bitchy Domme telling you to leave. You're confused why she won't submit. You're shrinking! It's her turn to have fun with your little body. She lifts you from the carpet. Put your hands up or you're going to get dropped. On the floor, you look up her long legs, see up her skirt as her big feet coming down on you. Her toes squish and smother. She lectures about the perils of crime. You had the chance to leave. She has no remorse about squashing you with her soles and toes. You don't like feet. That wasn't fun for you? How do you feel about hands? She hears your screams while rubbing her palms together. Stomping with her big feet is a a game. She tries to catch you. You're tiring yourself out and slowing down. You can watch tv since nobody stole it. Oops, did she sit on you? Bouncing up and down on your tiny body, you get comfy for a long night in front of the tube.