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Candle is strung up by her wrists with her arms straight over head. A skimpy wife beater shows off her pronounced ribs as she arches and struggles against the restraints. The villain grabs her by the throat and slugs her belly causing her head to lurch forward. She moans in pain, but mocks Scott about having to restrain her to get information. Information she won't give even when he gropes her.

He grabs a baton and lifts her chin with it before jabbing her in the belly button and crotch. A slam to her back makes her arch. Her shirt is ripped and he punches her face causing her to knock out.

She is still hanging by her wrists when the thug slugs her in the abs. She coughs but stays defiant even when tazered on her tits and crotch. The pain causes her to wheeze and spin. 

Since she has more stamina then expected, he whips her body savagely. As she moans with each blow, Candle bites her arm to deal with the pain. Scott sees she is fading, and wraps the whip around her neck. She struggles, but this is the end of the game for her.


13 minutes
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