Paranormal Orgasmic Suspension - Anabelle Pync


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Anabelle Pync isn't scared to enter a haunted warehouse. Her sneakers and leotard show off her curves as she calls out to the ghosts. Taunting the spirits, she's cold and puts on her jacket, but doesn't see a hook lowered toward her back. It latches on and pulls her off the ground. 

Suspended in the air, she struggles to get free by kicking her dangling legs. Moaning in frustration and yelling for help, nobody can see her embarrassing situation. Crying apologies and throwing temper tantrums, she's desperate to get down because she's scared of heights.

The ghost tells her that she's going to have forced orgasms and she's shocked as her pussy becomes magically aroused. Bucking in the air, she cums hard against her will! Tickling her g-spot, Anabelle begs to escape but is more afraid when left alone to dangle!

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22:48 minutes
  • Anabelle Pync Anabelle Pync