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Everything to do with Pantyhose and Stockings! 

Another Run - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes is looking for her other stiletto & frantic because she's late for work. In one shoe, she struggles to find it by crawling over the furniture. Sitting, she's devastated to find a run in her nylons & panics. They were brand new. In frustration tears the stockings. Alora's angry & exposes more skin as her frustration mounts. Kicking her legs, she yells that the advertised silky, smooth  durable pantyhose are not meeting her expectations. The gusset is harder to tear & she uses her teeth to rip it to shreds. Grunting & moaning, her legs are stuck in the cobwebs of hose, but she escapes.  Pantyhose shreds scatter the floor. She defeated & destroyed her nylon nemesis.

Pleasure In Pantyhose - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes rubs her long legs & admires her pantyhose. Removing her stilettos, she wiggles her toes & readjusts the seams of her tan stockings. Her pointed toes graze up her other leg. She strips her blouse & pencil skirt. Stretching her legs in the air, she caresses & poses in her nylons. A hitachi massages her stocking feet & gams before sneaking between her legs. Moaning & writhing in ecstasy, her body cums hard. Bending over the sofa arm, she arches her ass in the air & fucks the toy doggy style. On her back, Alora cranks the vibe to high & grabs her tits in pleasure as a wave of orgasms roll over her. A perfect ending to a hectic day!

Relaxing After Work - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea

Andrea Rosu and Emily Torvea return home after a long day in their high heels. Rubbing their calves, they try to relax and Andrea asks if she can remove her stilettos. After running around, she is nervous that they smell bad but Emily doesn't mind.

They candidly talk about what they love about pantyhose and graze their fingernails on each others legs. Emily has a slightly thicker black stockings and Andrea has thin, silky tan nylons.

Leaning back and enjoying the leg worship, Andrea admits to having a pantyhose fetish. Emily confesses to loving leg caresses in hosiery because it feels like a massage. They have both been admiring each other at work and are excited that they both have the same kink!

Comparing stocking feet they admire each others arches and wiggling toes. Emily runs into guys who want to take her hose off, but Andrea really wants to worship her feet. They have found their "Sole" mates!

Roommate Pranks - Bambi Buttons & Dakota Charms

Bambi Buttons comes home to nap. Kicking off her shoes, she quickly falls asleep & doesn't realize that Dakota Charms sneaks in to play with the hole in her stockinged feet. She lights a match between her toes! It flames. Dakota blows it out, but sticks more matches between her nylon toes so she can film her reaction. Letting it burn, Bambi awakens to see Dakota & realizes her foot is on fire. Hopping up & down on one foot, she screams hot foot trying to get respite from the heat. Dakota recounts the experience on the phone & doesn't see Bambi getting revenge by crawling in & lighting matches between Dakota's sandals. Dakota stomps her feet to make the temperature go down. Hopping on one foot, her lace up sandals fall off. She's upset to be pranked! Bambi's in the kitchen & doesn't see Dakota under the table. She sticks lots of matches between her  pedicured toes! The toe rings helps keep them in place & shows off her red toenails. The fire flares on her feet. She squeals in discomfort trying to cool down. As the matches fall out of her toes, Dakota accidentally steps on the still hot matches & jumps with her roommate to get relief.

Missing You - Andrea Rosu

Featuring Andrea Rosu!I made you a video while you're on this business trip because I missed you! These tan pantyhose are your favorites.  I run my hands over my legs to tease you. It drives me wild when your hands caress my calves & work their way up my thick thighs. My legs wrap around you & encapsulate you in nylon. Rubbing my gams makes that sound you love. It makes your cock grow harder. Taking off my black pumps I splay, point & flex my toes. I show off my pantyhose ass & let you admire my curves while posing. Come home soon so we can play!

Office Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane comes in & thanks you for the raise which bought new pantyhose. You can't keep your eyes off her long legs. She bends over the desk organizing papers. Her high heels are tight & uncomfortable. She shifts weight on each leg, sliding the black pump up & down her leg. Heel popping her stiletto, she lets it dangle before dipping her foot in and out of the shoe, massaging her leg. The nylon rubbing turns you on. Keeping one foot in the shoe. The other unclad. She wiggles, splays & points her toes. Her stockinged feet stroke your shaft (simulated) before pulling off one side of her pantyhose leaving the other intact. Kneeling, she takes your cock in her mouth & sucks, looking up at you with her big brown eyes. She makes sure you see her barefoot, wrinkled sole next to the other leg in nylons & a high heel. The contrast of flesh & shoe is sexy! She strips her blouse and bra on one side and caresses her tit. It's raw versus elegant. She wants to cum.Grabbing a dildo, she rides up & down, moaning as she's filled up. She knows you're about to explode but tells you to wait so you can climax in her shoe. Using prehensile toes, she begs you to cum on the back of her soles, dangling it off her toes. After blowing your load in her shoes, she pops her heels loves how it squishes against her feet. Time to get back to work. She can't resist leaving one leg out of her stockings.

HR Foot Worship - Lucy Purr & Paige Turner

Lucy Purr dangles her stilettos off her stockinged feet as Paige Erin Turner explains that she can’t find her sexual harassment training guide. They are going to roleplay & Paige will be the harasser. She asks if someone stares at Lucy’s dangling shoes & legs, would it be sexual harassment? Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be if the employee enjoyed it. The 2nd scenario involves taking off the employee’s shoes & tickling her soles.  Paige  removes Lucy’s pumps & uses her red fingernails to graze Lucy’s pantyhose soles as a demonstration. Lucy gently laughs & wiggles her feet but likes it. Paige tickles more. Lucy asks if Paige needs both of her nylon soles to tickle. Paige is excited to have a willing employee. The 3rd scenario involves an employer having a toe sucking fetish & sucking on the employee’s toes without permission. Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be harassment if the employee likes it & moans as Paige's mouth fucks her nylon toes. Lucy asks how HR would feel about this. She's been sent undercover because of complaints about Paige’s training techniques. Paige’s face flashes worry, then relief when Lucy asks to worship her feet. Paige leans back & exposes her reinforced toe pantyhose for tickling as Lucy confesses her stocking foot fetish. Lucy sucks on the sexy big feet, using her tongue over the toes, arches & soles. If Paige agrees to be at Lucy’s beck & call for foot play, she won’t be reported & demands her feet be worshiped immediately!

Booking Paige Turner Part 1

Paige Erin Turner can’t believe she’s going to prison for white collar crimes. The guard brings clothes for court including reinforced toe knee highs. She asks if she can go without handcuffs. She has to wear shackles & no sexy high heels. She asks to wear just her nylons & barefeet.  She strips the orange uniform to put on business attire, & sits as the guard shackles her ankles. She asks if she can walk in ankle shackles before going to court to get accustomed to stilted walking. It’s humiliating to be led into court as the guard holds her arms but it’s worse when the judge reads her verdict. Hanging her head in shame, the guard handcuffs her wrists. She addresses the court.

They slowly walk toward the back room of the courtroom. He briefly uncuffs her & puts on a waist chain that keeps her hands in front. Having Stockholm Syndrome, she acknowledges the guard is doing his job. She won’t fight him. He does a quick body search & puts on her keds sneakers.In a long walk of shame toward her cell, the shackles clank against her ankles as they go through the long halls of the government buildings.

Booking Paige Turner Part 2

Paige Erin Turner is given an orange uniform & strips her court clothes after the guard removes the handcuffs & shackles. She's fallen from grace as the CEO of a company to prisoner of the state. He watches as she strips her blouse & becomes a number in the system. The high heels that had been replaced with keds sneakers are demoted to cheap, plastic orange flip flops. The guard allows her to wear reinforced toe knee highs with her sandals, but shackles her ankles over the orange uniform. The handcuffs are reattached with the waist chain so her hands are in front. Another long walk in shackles. She trudges the government hallways as the guard escorts. He receives a phone call indicating that Paige is a high security risk prisoner. He knows there’s an error, but she acquiesces because she doesn’t want him to get in trouble. Paige is placed in isolation & wears a special spit mask made of stockings. With her face smushed in a nylon encasement, she walks with less pride in her step as they chip away her dignity. Her steps become smaller as the shackles weigh down her body & spirit.

In her cell, she flirts with the guard & shows off her stockinged feet & nylon encased head. He promises to help her case, but has to go. Paige sits stoically in her new cell & processes her new life.

Running Late - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea

Andrea Rosu is pissed that her pantyhose have runs & wants to change. Emily Torvea is irked. They're going to be late for their dinner reservation & begs to leave even if she has a hole in her stockings. Andrea wants Emily to understand how it feels & rips her hose. Emily retaliates & makes the hole bigger in Andrea's stockings. Rolling on the floor, they tear & struggle to ruin the other's nylons. They laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Andrea makes fun of herself for not wearing panties with her pantyhose. Emily has never gone without panties & tells Andrea she doesn't need stockings for her thick legs. They decide to go to the restaurant without hose, but Emily asks Andrea to finish ripping the ass of her pantyhose.

One Legged Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is your secretary & wears pantyhose & ankle strap pumps that show off her legs. Arching her feet in her stilettos, she rubs them trying to figure out what is rubbing her foot. In a Vargas Girl pose, she removes the high heel & discovers a run in her nylon feet. Wiggling her toes she thinks of the fun she can have since the office is empty. Pulling a dildo out of her purse, she rips the gusset of her hose while keeping one shoe on! Spreading her lips, she enjoys the dildo when she hears someone in the office. Frantically she hides her barefoot under her skirt so nobody notices that she's not wearing a shoe. Realizing it's you, she's excited to hear that you closed a deal & will use the promotion money to buy new pantyhose. Teasing you with her sole, she encourages you to take out your cock & demonstrates what she wants to do with you on the dildo. The shaft goes beneath the stockings & rubs her sole. Spreading her legs she rips the rest of her stockings on her right leg, leaving the left one in tact & the high heel on. Putting the now stocking on the dildo, she gives it a handjob while talking dirty. Sucking the head, she looks up at you while deep throating it. Her lips tease the stockings at the base & her legs rub up & down as she feels skin against nylon. Begging for your cum in her mouth, she wants to be your loyal secretary & sits on her barefoot while her high heeled shoe rests on the floor. Time to get back to work!

Nyssa Nevers Silky Pantyhose

Featuring Nyssa Nevers! I'm wearing silky pantyhose. I want to see you cum! You have a beautiful cock  & want to see you explode on my legs & ass! Did you bring a nylon covered wand? It feels good to rub it against my tender flesh but it feels amazing next to my stockings. I spread my legs & rub it on my gusset while stroking it. Suck on my pantyhose feet while we masturbate.  My toes wiggle. You lick & get harder. You have to wait until I tell you! I love this nylon dildo between my high arches like a footjob. Stroking it up & down, you hear that swishing sound of nylon against nylon. Go faster because I want to cum with you! My hands sneak beneath the gusset teasing my pussy while the wand rubs the outside. I tease myself & want us to cum together after a cum countdown. Arching my back, I moan in pleasure & beg for you to cum on my feet.