Paige Turner's Belly Torture


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Paige Erin Turner awakens with her arms bound over head. She's confused and scared when her captor comes in and cuts her shirt under her tits. He pokes and prods her belly button causing her to cry in fear. Alternating between implements and fingers, he loves how her curvy tummy feels.

He dives in to kiss it and uses his tongue to probe deep in her navel. His hands stretch her skin to see how far it can go. Her tight jeans are pulled down, revealing her black thong. This baddie slaps the love handles around her stomach and comments on her extra weight. Paige's pissed that he's been watching her for awhile.

She squirms to get away from his caresses, but that stimulates him more. Her shirt is destroyed until the shards hang off her shoulders, revealing her black bra. Paige hangs her weight against the ropes and arches her back, causing her belly to become taut.

She's stripped to just bra and panties which showcase her sexy belly and allow for easy access for groping. After his fun, he leaves her which leaves her even more anxious!

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22 minutes
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea