Paige Turner's Belly Probe Part 1


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Paige Erin Turner is bound with her arms overhead in only bra and panties. Scott Torvea asks if she likes her new outfit and probes her belly button with his fingers. He spreads the flesh as far as possible and makes her navel stretch. The top and bottom rims are pulled so he can see as far inside her tummy.

She begs for release and struggles against his touch. His gropes wiggle and jiggle her belly as she squirms. Her pale skin reddens as he pokes her belly button. He licks her delicious navel which disgusts Paige. Belly slaps make her abs bounce on impact.

An assortment of items including a car key, pen, clothespin and magnifying glass poke and caresses her belly button. Paige moans and cries at the violation of her stomach. The hairbrush is almost relaxing as it massages her midsection with the bristles and handle but is unbearable when he uses it to beat her midsection.

After this torment, her belly is so tender but he has no mercy for her plight.

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11:51 minutes
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea