Paige Turner's Belly Probe Part 2


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Paige Erin Turner is in the clutches of a belly enthusiast and tied to a table. Her ribcage arches as she tries to avoid his caresses. His hands poke and wiggle her navel as she cries in fear. She gasps as he rakes his nails across her tender skin and furrows her brow as he pushes her flesh together.

She begs for him to stop licking her tummy and breathes deeply in frustration. He stretches her belly button so that it becomes completely flat and blends in with the rest of her abdomen.

A cold car key makes her squirm as it presses against her flesh. Using the tip, he teases her abs before circling her navel. He strokes, pokes and tickles her tummy with the instrument before switching to a pen.

She squeals as he slaps her stomach and hates the magnifying glass being grazed against her. Paige feels violated as it fucks her belly but it gets worse as a clothes pin pinches and pulls on her tummy.

The bristles of a brush tease her skin before the handle plunges into her navel. It's the warm up she needs before he makes her innie an outie belly button.

After he's had his fun he walks away and leaves her to struggle.

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