Neck Play - Arielle Lane


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Arielle Lane beams with excitement as Scott teases her before putting his hands around her neck. Grabbing her hair, he brings her closer to the camera and gently strokes her neck. She smiles in nervousness as he grabs lightly. Her face contorts as he presses against her smooth throat. When he releases, she contently smiles as he shows off the red marks.

Going harder, she moans as they edge closer and closer to tapping out. He supports her weight in case she needs to fall into his arms and she has complete trust in him. Lifting her body and carrying her away from the camera, he has her ask him to go further.

Her face turns beet red and she taps his arm when it becomes too much. Playing a game, he has her put both hands on his hands, while on her neck. The goal is for her to keep them up as long as possible.

As her face turns shades of purple, her fingers fall a bit and he releases his grip. They go a couple of more rounds and it's so satisfying to see her face contort from swollen and misshapen to normal as she breathes normally.

OTHER KEYWORDS - breathplay, throat fetish, neck fetish, male domination, domination, sensual domination, submissive sluts, choking, candid, face fetish, humor, laughing, humour, Scott Torvea, Ariel Lane, brunette, brunettes, bra and panties


12 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea