Jacquelyn Velvets Eats

Jacquelyn Velvets answers the door in a black swim suit and black stilettos. She's talking and chewing with her her mouth open but notices you staring. Teasing with crunchy foods like nuts and crackers, you see her teeth breaking down the tough food and mastication process on her tongue. Her mouth closes and opens to show the stages of breaking it down to mush. Her long fingernails pull her lips to the side. She smacks the food down her throat. It's satisfying to have things in her mouth and makes her feel powerful. She's glad you came over, but sees a piece of food on the floor. Stomping with her full weight, she demands you eat what's on her dirty soles. 

Eating Smart Little Men - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr believes eating little people makes you smarter. Searching for tiny men is easy. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue out to swallow. They feel funny going down to her stomach, but she feels smarter already. The intelligence is fleeting. She needs to eat more! Rubbing a helpless body on her wet tongue, he's chewy. Crawling, she looks for more as her brains fade. Lucy's addicted to the surge of IQ and needs the constant fix but runs off to do her homework.


Jacquelyn Velvets Giantess Mouth

Jacquelyn Velvets runs to squash a bug but realizes it's her friend. He shrunk himself and he wants to explore her mouth. She doesn't think it's a good idea in case she accidentally swallows him whole. He doesn't want to peril in her belly, but does want to dance on her tongue. He convinces her he's clean and careful. She agrees to mouth exploration. Opening her lips and darting her tongue he gets a good look at her white teeth. She lightly bites him as he lies on her tongue and likes feeling his helpless body that she can push in different positions. Tickling her gums, she moans in pleasure. He's tasty and she ties a string to dangle him over deep down to her uvula, threatening to swallow him. It's a prank and tease but will keep small so they can play later. 

Brushing My Teeth - Monica Jade

With Monica Jade! I'm getting ready for bed and brush my teeth. I'm shy about having people watch. It's intimate, but hope you enjoy. You can see my reflection in the mirror. I face you with lots of close ups! The lather bubbles around my perfect teeth and you can hear the bristles against the enamel. It's important to have nice, clean teeth, so I brush a second time. My pink lipstick stays on through both brushings! Let's inspect how sparkly they are! Get a good look inside as I open wide. :)

Giantess Party - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets grabs the box with the shrunken guests from her party. They didn't get her the gift she wanted. She made them tiny & controllable. She laughs at their helpless situation & demands they guess what she will do to them! They won't answer. She puts them on a plate for eating. Grabbing one with her long nails, she drops him in her mouth. More go down her throat. She loves the flavor. As a game, one little guy gets squished by her big bare feet. Her wrinkled soles crush his helpless body. She wants to do more! Those powerful feet stomp. Foot crushing made her hungry. She wants to eat more! They are delicious. She loves consuming the one who didn't bring a gift! She's going to swallow her best friends so they can be together forever in her belly. This wasn't such a bad party. She's tempted to do it again! Please note that this was a custom with specific requests for dialogue throughout the script. 

Shrinking Boyfriend - Sinn Sage

With Sinn Sage! I'm pissed that you spend the money I earn from my stripping job. A client gave me this gadget. It shrinks you to a tiny little spec. I love towering over you. Now you can't manipulate me. I control you. You're a pathetic loser. Now you look like one. I have to figure out what to do with you. I could swallow you whole in my big mouth. You had no problem putting your dick in my mouth when you felt like it. My lips could blow you away. Picking you up in my hands makes you nervous.  Do I step on you with my flip flop soles? My big toe with its blue nail polish could squish you. My big ass, which you never appreciated, could squash you. It's easy to sit on you & forget. After this breakup I'm moving on & forgetting you. I open my mouth & eat your helpless body so you can go down my digestive tract & out the other side.


Shrinking Agent Jacquelyn Velvets

This custom involves Jacquelyn Velvets walking toward the camera & appearing as if she walks through the camera. Jacquelyn Velvets is applying for a job that involves shrinking people. New clients are always nervous. She's confident about the job & annoyed when you doubt her. Pointing the remote at you causes you to get smaller. Taunting your small size, she lifts your helpless body & drops you to the floor. Using her black stilettos, she stomps your frail bones. Realizing she's over emotional & could go to jail she shrinks the others in the house. Opening her mouth wide, she swallows your wife down her throat. Jackie hears someone else & plays a game of hide & seek. Finding your son, she demontrates the remote & giggles as he gets smaller (POV). She's about to chew the last family member with her powerful teeth, but decides to smush them with her stilettos. Her work is done, but she looks forward to shrinking people again!


Catching The Flash - Jacquelyn Velvets & Bambi Buttons

Frost (Jacquelyn Velvets) & Black Siren (Bambi Buttons) attack a city using powers of freezing & sonic screaming.  Asserting their dominance, they stomp & eat people knowing Flash will try to stop them. Picking up a little man, Freeze loves eating her meal cold & uses her breath to make him frozen solid. Black Siren gulps down another tiny man & swallows him whole. Their miniscule vocal chords are barely heard as they scream & their tiny bones are crushed. Taunting the heroes of the town, the villains assume they are scared to show up against such strong & powerful women. The Flash arrives in a blur of red light. Frost grabs him & opens her mouth wide. Dropping his itty body on her tongue, he goes down to her hungry belly & is never seen again. Their boots crush the remaining survivors. They eat the ones that look extra delectable. It's so easy to take out this superhero. They decide to destroy other cities. Kissing, they become partners in crime!

Giantess Little Mina's Plaything

Little Mina stomps & finds little men to play with. Dangling their helpless bodies above the ground, she taunts them. They can't escape from a large, powerful woman! They look tasty in her palm. She fills her hand with her tiny toys. Opening her mouth & sticking her tongue out, she lets her victim sit on her tongue before swallowing him whole. He fights. She likes his struggle down her throat to her stomach. Her red fingernails place the next appetizer in her mouth & pats her belly as he falls to his new home. Her mother taught her to never play with her food. Mom isn't around. Mina squishes a little guy between the cleavage of her red bra. Smushing him between her tits feels good. She makes fun of him! Her playthings try to run away. She ass smothers them. Bouncing her butt up & down, she loves feeling them suffer beneath her. She's angry when one bites her. She squeezes him to a pulp between her palms. His eyes pop out! He tastes good with the extra flavor. She finds a couple crying & spares their lives in benevolence but can't resist licking them. They have a great flavor & gulps them down. Mina loves playing with her food! Time to find some more victims!

Killer Frost - Jacquelyn Velvets

Killer Frost (Jacquelyn Velvets) knew she would find the team of do gooders here. Using a magic zapper, she makes them shrink, causing them to look up at her boots. After picking them up, how can a big, strong woman like Frost hear a tiny plea for help from Felicity? It's not worth trying to listen. She has the perfect place for these superheros on her cold dinner plate! Being evil makes a girl hungry. She likes her food on ice. Using magic breath, she freezes them into frozen treats. Cisco is the first to go down her blue lips & onto her hungry tongue. Swallowing him whole, she loves the chilled feeling down her gullet. Using her frozen breath, she refreezes them & picks up Barry. The fastest man alive can't get away from her. She gulps him down to her icy core. She always wanted to drop HR into her mouth & consume whole. To keep her dinner cold, she uses her hands to freeze Wally. He's verbose & she loves giving him Frost bite by chewing on his cold bones. It will take them awhile to defrost in her belly which prolongs her pleasure. She's eager to devour Iris who's scared stiff or frozen in terror. Frost's extra happy! Time to get the final one out of her way. She's snarky when Felicity begs for mercy. Freeze is amused & lets her try to scurry away on the large expanse of carpet. Those little legs can't escape Freeze's vengeful boots. Her heels stomp down. Escape is futile from an evil woman. Frozen solid, Freeze picks up Felicity & greedily consumes her whole!


Bored Bambi Buttons

Featuring Bambi Buttons. Hey little brother, We are alone this weekend! I'm bored but had an idea while sucking this lollipop. I can shrink you. It won't be like the last time you were stuck in my sock & played with my toes. You can't get hurt while shrunken. You secretly like being at my mercy. I know you get aroused by me. I would enjoy having my brother in my mouth! I will tie you to this lollipop stick. You can be my candy! Give in because I'm going to pout till you submit. Awesome, I use my shrink ray until you are tiny. Hover over my cavernous mouth while I tease you before dropping you in. I can feel you wiggling on my tongue as I suck on your itty bitty body. It's fun in there & keeps you safe until I can tie you to my lollipop stick. Once bound, you can't stop me from licking & sucking on you. These selfies are going to go all over the internet. My friends want to go out so I have better things to do now.  I can't grow you back, but I can keep you safe in my mouth. Candy belongs in my belly. I count down until I swallow you. Yum. I can't believe I ate my brother! He will come out at some point so I can do it again.

Jacquelyn Velvets Breakfast

Jacquelyn Velvets shrunk all of the students at school & has them in a jar for her snack. She prepares a bowl of cereal, pours milk, & sprinkles her classmates. She savors them chewing with her mouth open wide. While masticating her meal, she taunts them. It was so easy to capture them because they were stupid enough to eat the candy she gave them. Thank goodness the internet sells shrinking confections!  When one of the tiny losers threatens to pee in her cereal to prevent her from eating them, she threatens to consume them anyways. How dare they be selfish when only she can be the most important person in the world? In a brazen move, they actually urinate in her cereal. Jacquelyn knows that tender little human morsels taste so good that she won't notice the altered taste & continues munching on their crunchy bodies. If anything, their bladders are so small, it would not have made a difference anyways!