Monsters / Vore

Unemployed Boyfriend - Paige Turner

With Paige Erin Turner! How was your day at work? I brought some water. I went by your office and they said you were fired. It was embarrassing and you should be feeling smaller now. That was a shrinking potion because I'm furious. You worthless, useless piece of shit. What's wrong with you? You're a piece of scum. What else did you lie about? Now you get to experience getting walked all over. My feet are sweaty and stinky from walking in public restrooms and other gross places. My ballet flats crush your helpless body before I use my dirty bare feet. My soles squash and smother your helpless bones. It feels good to release aggression. You're pathetic under my red toenails. You love my ass and get a closeup view. Grinding, squishing, smothering and squashing, you can't escape. Pounding on you, I'm having fun at your expense. Your bones break and stop moving. What am I going to do with your body? A pop in the mouth and down my throat is a good disposal. You taste yummy!

Employee Downsizing - Monica Jade

Monica Jade called her employees for a meeting to discuss the downsizing of the company but they're hiding from her. They had been shrunk to keep them under control. She's determined to make it works. She looks around the parking lot and finds them one by one. This sadistic CEO comes up with punishments for their insolence and giggles. Her high heels stomp on their little bodies. She crushes them in a satisfying crunch. Some of them look too appetizing. She opens her large mouth and teases them with her long tongue. Down the throat they go into her cavernous belly. When she's sure that she has taken care of all of the former employees, she goes back to work knowing the company will not have to pay their pensions. Downsizing accomplished! 

Giantess Party - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets grabs the box with the shrunken guests from her party. They didn't get her the gift she wanted. She made them tiny & controllable. She laughs at their helpless situation & demands they guess what she will do to them! They won't answer. She puts them on a plate for eating. Grabbing one with her long nails, she drops him in her mouth. More go down her throat. She loves the flavor. As a game, one little guy gets squished by her big bare feet. Her wrinkled soles crush his helpless body. She wants to do more! Those powerful feet stomp. Foot crushing made her hungry. She wants to eat more! They are delicious. She loves consuming the one who didn't bring a gift! She's going to swallow her best friends so they can be together forever in her belly. This wasn't such a bad party. She's tempted to do it again! Please note that this was a custom with specific requests for dialogue throughout the script. 

Anniversary Shrinking - Jacquelyn Velvets

With Jacquelyn Velvets!How do you like your new size? For our anniversary, I found your fantasies of being shrunk down & dominated by a strong woman. It was weird, but now I love it. You're the perfect size to go under my soles & worship my feet. Give my big barefeet a massage as you worship with your tiny hands. You can stick each hand between each toe. My lips are enormous as I kiss your tiny body. You're excited as I caress & put you between my cleavage & squish. You fit perfectly between my tits. My giant ass sits & smothers your helpless body. Your little lips kiss my ass. Let's do the femdom side of this. You're stuck at this size.  I can't transform you back. Let's do everything we just did, but darker. A tit smother makes you gasp. I laugh at your struggling. Let's crush with my ass & feet. How much pressure can those little bones take before exploding? It's satisfying to hear your crying as air comes out of your lungs. Take more weight to please your Goddess? Get smushed between my pussy. Smell my scent & feel the strength of my thighs. This made me hungry and I open my large mouth. Lay on my tongue before I swallow you whole. Rubbing my belly, I feel you going down to my stomach. I'm going to digest you for awhile because I took antacids for this occasion.Time to start dating again!

Shrinking Competition - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage finds little men on the couch & explains why she deserved to have the accounts instead of them. Making them tiny got them out of the way as she climbs the corporate ladder. She taunts them but wants to make sure they never get in her way. She doesn't want to hear any complaints from them, not that she could hear them. She debates on how to get rid of them. Just a little bit of pressure from her fingertips would crush them. She wants to tease them before taking them out. Her shoes could smush them, but then she would have to clean up their gross little bodies. Putting one on the ground, she lightly presses down with the sole before squashing heavily. They look up at her tall body in fear as their bones break beneath her weight. She puts one helpless body in her shoes & beneath her toes to feel the splatter. At least it didn't mess up her blue toenails.  Another tiny man is crushed beneath her heels. Lifting her skirt, she teases with her big ass before grinding his crunchy body deep into her ass cheek. This activity makes her hungry. She bites the head off. Saying good night to the last one, she opens her mouth wide & swallows him whole. Sinn will digest him as she works without the fear that her office companions will sabotauge her.

Vore Couple New Girl - Sinn Sage & Emily Torvea

Emily Torvea invited Sinn Sage for dinner. Scott Torvea is excited to get a meal delivered. Sinn arrives & surprised that Emily got her a gift. She looks for it behind the couch & can't see Scott hiding. Screaming, she's slowly pulled in by her arms & kicks her legs to escape his grasp. In the struggle, her thong covered ass is exposed. Her ankle strap stilettos flail in fear. Her legs spasm & weaken until going limp & consumed whole by her host. Burping out her clothes, he's pleased with his meal. Emily loves the clothes & decides to keep them. Sinn won't be needing them anymore!

Shrinking Boyfriend - Sinn Sage

With Sinn Sage! I'm pissed that you spend the money I earn from my stripping job. A client gave me this gadget. It shrinks you to a tiny little spec. I love towering over you. Now you can't manipulate me. I control you. You're a pathetic loser. Now you look like one. I have to figure out what to do with you. I could swallow you whole in my big mouth. You had no problem putting your dick in my mouth when you felt like it. My lips could blow you away. Picking you up in my hands makes you nervous.  Do I step on you with my flip flop soles? My big toe with its blue nail polish could squish you. My big ass, which you never appreciated, could squash you. It's easy to sit on you & forget. After this breakup I'm moving on & forgetting you. I open my mouth & eat your helpless body so you can go down my digestive tract & out the other side.


Shrinking Agent Jacquelyn Velvets

This custom involves Jacquelyn Velvets walking toward the camera & appearing as if she walks through the camera. Jacquelyn Velvets is applying for a job that involves shrinking people. New clients are always nervous. She's confident about the job & annoyed when you doubt her. Pointing the remote at you causes you to get smaller. Taunting your small size, she lifts your helpless body & drops you to the floor. Using her black stilettos, she stomps your frail bones. Realizing she's over emotional & could go to jail she shrinks the others in the house. Opening her mouth wide, she swallows your wife down her throat. Jackie hears someone else & plays a game of hide & seek. Finding your son, she demontrates the remote & giggles as he gets smaller (POV). She's about to chew the last family member with her powerful teeth, but decides to smush them with her stilettos. Her work is done, but she looks forward to shrinking people again!


Upset Giantess Savannah Costello

Savannah Costello sits on the couch in her cut off wife beater and tight jeans. She's pissed that you were at the bar and cheating. Pointing a shrink ray at you, you slowly shrink until you are looking up at her. Mocking you, she says nobody will want to date you now that you are the same size as your tiny dick. Her large feet hover over your itty bitty body and she's tempted to crush you. You're not a man anymore and she scares you by hovering you high in the air. She listened when you admitted being terrified of heights and uses it to torment you. Savannah holds you over her open mouth as if it were a volcano, but the fun would be over before it got started. Placing your helpless body on the floor, she stomps on you for fun and amusement. She teases you with her sexy body that you will never fuck again by smothering you in her crotch and cleavage. Biting her causes anger and she steps on you before putting you in her armpits as punishment. Don't you love those sweaty pits where you can't breathe. If you're bad again, you're going in the microwave. It's squashing time and she alternates between soles, huge tits, and belly button. Whatever she does, she can't get rid of you like a pathetic cockroach. Her bouncing ass makes you squeal and bones break. She isn't sure if the shrinkray transforms you back to normal size, but has to dispose of you. Eating is the best option. She opens her mouth wide. Chewing you takes more effort than expected. You get stuck in her throat. Down you go until she feels you in her belly. You're home together on a Sunday night & can cuddle like she always wanted!

Catching The Flash - Jacquelyn Velvets & Bambi Buttons

Frost (Jacquelyn Velvets) & Black Siren (Bambi Buttons) attack a city using powers of freezing & sonic screaming.  Asserting their dominance, they stomp & eat people knowing Flash will try to stop them. Picking up a little man, Freeze loves eating her meal cold & uses her breath to make him frozen solid. Black Siren gulps down another tiny man & swallows him whole. Their miniscule vocal chords are barely heard as they scream & their tiny bones are crushed. Taunting the heroes of the town, the villains assume they are scared to show up against such strong & powerful women. The Flash arrives in a blur of red light. Frost grabs him & opens her mouth wide. Dropping his itty body on her tongue, he goes down to her hungry belly & is never seen again. Their boots crush the remaining survivors. They eat the ones that look extra delectable. It's so easy to take out this superhero. They decide to destroy other cities. Kissing, they become partners in crime!

Giantess Arielle Lane's Little Friends

Arielle Lane wants to play with her little friends. Crawling on her hands & knees, she finds one & marvels how it looks like a grain of rice in the palm of her hand. She didn't have lunch & is hungry, but not sure he could sustain her appetite. He's so small, she probably wouldn't feel him going down her throat. She assumes he wants to jump in her big mouth, on her wet tongue & down her long throat. As suspected, he's so inconsequential to be noticed. All of his friends are there. She looks for them. Finding one, she taunts with her high heel. Stomping her strong legs, her high heels crush his helpless body. Her skirt flashes upskirt shots. She crawls to find more toys! Without remorse, her pinkie grinds another victim into dust. She debates whether to play with or take out another one between her fingers. Her hands win! The little men look up her flowing skirt in fear & hope she doesn't find them! Taking off one shoe, her bare sole to crush more. It's frightening as her highly arched feet slam down & twist on fragile bones. Her wrinkled soles keep their bodies in place. She smothers them with her ass to make sure they are taken care of. Arielle loves playing with her little friends even if they don't play back!

Giantess Little Mina's Plaything

Little Mina stomps & finds little men to play with. Dangling their helpless bodies above the ground, she taunts them. They can't escape from a large, powerful woman! They look tasty in her palm. She fills her hand with her tiny toys. Opening her mouth & sticking her tongue out, she lets her victim sit on her tongue before swallowing him whole. He fights. She likes his struggle down her throat to her stomach. Her red fingernails place the next appetizer in her mouth & pats her belly as he falls to his new home. Her mother taught her to never play with her food. Mom isn't around. Mina squishes a little guy between the cleavage of her red bra. Smushing him between her tits feels good. She makes fun of him! Her playthings try to run away. She ass smothers them. Bouncing her butt up & down, she loves feeling them suffer beneath her. She's angry when one bites her. She squeezes him to a pulp between her palms. His eyes pop out! He tastes good with the extra flavor. She finds a couple crying & spares their lives in benevolence but can't resist licking them. They have a great flavor & gulps them down. Mina loves playing with her food! Time to find some more victims!