Monsters / Vore

Vampire Queen - Alora Jaymes

You invade Alora Jaymes lair & hold a cross which makes her cower.  She makes fun of you for being pathetic. As the sexiest Vampire Queen she's the most powerful & easily captures you. You awaken bound.  She wants to tease you with her sexy lingerie before draining you. She has supernatural speed. You could never slay her. You have doubts about taking her out as she shows off her curves & fangs. You pull out a stake. She feigns nervousness & suggests a game! If you get her, you're the best slayer in the world. If she wins, you get a painful demise. Squeezing her tits together, she bounces back & forth throughout the room & easily grabs your stakes. Using the point, she teases& taunts you to hit the target. It's stuck between her cleavage, straight into her black heart. Her arrogance got the better of her. She's shocked at the pain. Falling to the floor, she tries to remove it & can't believe you got her! Moaning in agony, she can't pull it out and it sounds like an orgasm as she struggles. Her movements slow down. She goes limp. Her body evaporates into the ether. You are the greatest slayer.

Vore Study - Angel Lee

Angel Lee stays at a bed & breakfast. The owner's strange & demands a room inspection. Since it's cheap & she's curious about his behavior, Angel allows him to yank her off the bed by her feet, & undo her hoodie to feel her tits. Pulling down her jeans, he gropes her legs in a robotic manner as he makes verbal notes of how her body feels. The white cotton panties are humped. He mentions that her clothes will be accounted for before he removes & sniffs her sneakers. The jeans are shimmied off. He strips her down to her bra & panties so he can inspect her clothes.
He informs that she won't be dressing herself. The Master will be in charge of her clothes. She's allowed to put her clothes on slowly. He wedgies her panties to let her know who is in charge. He demands that she stay out of the closet, which piques her curiosity. Opening the door, she doesn't see anything. As she turns around a monster's hands grabs her shoulders & devours her before she can struggle. Belching out her clothes, it takes a few more seconds for the sneakers to be burped out. The hotel owner returns & sees her clothes on the ground & irked that he has to rescue her. He brings her limp body in an over the carry shoulder to her bed so he can redress her in lingerie, pantyhose, shiny blouse & skirt. If she's going to be food, she should look professional. Once dressed, he throws her limp body on the bed & laces a different pair of sneakers. He tries to rouse her by groping her tits, but a wedgie jolts her awake. To keep her safe, he ties her ankles & wrists. She doesn't fight because she's curious about what ate her. Compliant, she agrees to be bound & cleave gagged until lights out. Note - there is very little Vore/Eating in this clip per the customer's request! It's the buildup to the event & the aftermath.

Vore Couple 2nd Breakfast - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea

Scott Torvea asks Emily Torvea if she's hungry even though they just ate. She can't believe that he's already ravenous & annoyed that he keeps pushing it. Emily agrees to get takeout. He starts prepping for his meal. Emily brings in Andrea Rosu under the guise of dog sitting. Scott salivates as he peeks over the couch. Andrea thinks she hears the puppy, but it's only Scott trying to sniff her hair & flesh. Her thick thighs, big ass & curvy body will taste so good going down his throat & into his gurgling stomach. When she tries to meet her new charges behind the couch, she shrieks in terror as Scott slowly crunches & chews on her legs. Her legs kick as she screams but Scott loves play with feisty food & slowly drags her into his salivating mouth. Andrea's hands claw into the carpet as she tries to get leverage against his gnawing teeth. When she's swallowed whole, Scott takes a moment to digest Andrea. Belching out her shoes, Scott is satisfied with the meal. Emily wants to resume her show, but is pleased that Andrea wore the same size high heels. She gets something out of his appetite!

Bored Bambi Buttons

Featuring Bambi Buttons. Hey little brother, We are alone this weekend! I'm bored but had an idea while sucking this lollipop. I can shrink you. It won't be like the last time you were stuck in my sock & played with my toes. You can't get hurt while shrunken. You secretly like being at my mercy. I know you get aroused by me. I would enjoy having my brother in my mouth! I will tie you to this lollipop stick. You can be my candy! Give in because I'm going to pout till you submit. Awesome, I use my shrink ray until you are tiny. Hover over my cavernous mouth while I tease you before dropping you in. I can feel you wiggling on my tongue as I suck on your itty bitty body. It's fun in there & keeps you safe until I can tie you to my lollipop stick. Once bound, you can't stop me from licking & sucking on you. These selfies are going to go all over the internet. My friends want to go out so I have better things to do now.  I can't grow you back, but I can keep you safe in my mouth. Candy belongs in my belly. I count down until I swallow you. Yum. I can't believe I ate my brother! He will come out at some point so I can do it again.

Tangled Web - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr was paid to steal classified research & hacks the computer. She hears a strange sound. Walking to the closet, she almost opens the door, but is drawn to her download. Opening the creepy door, she can't see anything & uses a flashlight. Screaming, a web grabs her leg & she struggles to get free. It pulls off her pants, but she escapes and runs to the other door. She's trapped & yells in fear. She feels the webbed tentacles pulling on her shirt. It pulls her to the ground & yanks her blouse off as she kicks & fights to maintain modesty. Clad in bra, panties & stilettos, she doesn't love the sticky tentacles caressing her tender skin. Crawling, she jiggles the door handle. Creeping webs encase her. She's stuck in it's grasp. It mummifies her body. She can't stand anymore. The mother beast pulls her closer to the door. Her futile kicks tangle it more. The creature sprays & gags her with more webbing. Her cries for help are muffled mmmps as she's pulled away inch by inch. Her legs disappear as her body squirms toward the unknown. Her screams continue until the door slams shut. She's never heard from again!

Vampire Queen Terra Mizu

It's been awhile since a hunter visited. Come closer & show your silver dagger. Are you going to stab me in the belly or do you have something for my heart? You are stunned by my beauty. I can smell your weakness. It would be  easy to convert you. Stare at my huge tits & admire me while you're mortal. You can't resist a Vampire Queen. I lick my lips &  you follow my vermillion red fingernails across my curvy body. My large breasts are barely contained by this lace corset as I mesmerize you. My fangs appear. I bite. My eyes widen in surprise. I stagger to the floor. How could you stake me in the chest? You plunged it between my tits when you could have been my immortal slave.There's still time for you to pull it out. If you don't, I will die. Don't you want to live for all eternity with me? How could you slay me? Everything is dark as I get weaker. I struggle to release the wood. My body arches trying to find comfort. Moaning, my eyes flutter shut. My mouth opens as I take my last breath. Nothing is left of me as I vaporize into thin air!

Dakota Charms Breakfast

This custom requested the word "pee"  used throughout but there is no peeing on camera. Dakota Charms shrunk her big brothers & kept them in a jar. She puts them in her cereal & warns them not to pee. They wiggle & squirm, but she finally grabs one to put in her food. She makes fun of them by using the word pee repeatedly because they always made fun of her for using it! Now that she is bigger, they can't stop her. They improve the flavor of the cereal & she asks if they are drowning. She doesn't care but likes seeing their flailing bodies. Dakota chews on their crunchy little bones & makes fun of their weak bladders. The flavor is so good & she humiliates them for being pathetic.

Monster Pregnancy - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Jacquelyn Velvets is asleep in her room when Lucy Purr, the Witch, sneaks in. She makes sure that her victim is conked out before unbuttoning her shirt & caressing Jacquelyn's bare belly. This is the perfect specimen she has been looking for & places the magical eggs in her belly button. She rubs her hands over the abs & chants. Jacquelyn awakens & confronts her, prompting Lucy to freeze her arms in place so she is stuck & helpless. Lucy orders Jacquelyn's belly to grow & it magically starts the impregnation process of painful expansions & contractions. Lucy explains that she put monsters in her tummy. This seems implausible but seeing her belly plop up & down against her will convinces her. Crying, Jacquelyn is terrified that they are going to explode out her.
The longer the contractions, the longer her abs are distended until the witch decides it is time and places her hands above the pregnancy belly causing it to swell right before the birth.

Vore Study - Arielle Lane

Scott brings Arielle Lane to the laboratory. She brought converse sneakers & jeans. He pulls down her jeans, exposing white lingerie. She is embarrassed but needs the money & lets him  grope her body, adjusting her chin & taking her measurements. Arielle is puzzled, fidgets in place until he picks her up over his shoulder & dumps her on the bed. Irked, she tries to sit up. He pins her by the neck. She kicks & struggles against his weight,  slowing down & lying still. He removes her sneaker, detailing smell, brand & size. He strips her down to her underwear & ragdolls her body. Leaving Arielle alone, she awakens, & gets dressed. A strange sound emanates in the room & the other shoe disappears. When Arielle realizes the shoe is missing, she reaches under the bed looking for it. The monster grabs her arm, & she cries in surprise & fear. Her body is pulled under the bed inch by inch, her cries muffled. Her long legs kick wildly to get free, morphing into scissor kicks that are small & frantic. Her toes wiggle & she vanishes.
A belch is heard from under the bed. The  clothing is spit out just as she had worn them. The socks are in the sneakers, the t-shirt is under the jacket, & panties inside jeans. Arielle is a scattered heap of clothing.The monster will be satiated until they can find the next test subject. 

Jacquelyn Velvets Breakfast

Jacquelyn Velvets shrunk all of the students at school & has them in a jar for her snack. She prepares a bowl of cereal, pours milk, & sprinkles her classmates. She savors them chewing with her mouth open wide. While masticating her meal, she taunts them. It was so easy to capture them because they were stupid enough to eat the candy she gave them. Thank goodness the internet sells shrinking confections!  When one of the tiny losers threatens to pee in her cereal to prevent her from eating them, she threatens to consume them anyways. How dare they be selfish when only she can be the most important person in the world? In a brazen move, they actually urinate in her cereal. Jacquelyn knows that tender little human morsels taste so good that she won't notice the altered taste & continues munching on their crunchy bodies. If anything, their bladders are so small, it would not have made a difference anyways!

Gut Slut - Jacquelyn Velvets

I am going to swallow you & your girlfriend. Worship my body & sacrifice yourself in my huge mouth. You like vore, saliva & belching. Hear my belly digest. Kiss my tummy & ass  before I excrete you.

Halloween Dream Part 3 (Blood Sucking Dream)

This is Part 3 of Halloween Dream.

Jacquelyn awakens in a jolt and theorizes that the candy before bed must have given her nightmares. Before she can react, the man from her dreams bolts in and packs her mouth to keep her quiet.  

Jacquelyn awakens with her arms, knees, and ankles bound. She pleads to her captor, but he silently adds a cleave gag to her pretty face. Calmly, he explains that he only takes what he needs to survive. With a dramatic flair, he opens his mouth wide and bites her neck. At first she screams and then a glazed look crosses her face and she moans in pleasure. 

Halloween just became more interesting!