Monsters / Vore

Paranormal Orgasmic Suspension - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync isn't scared to enter a haunted warehouse. Her sneakers and leotard show off curves. Taunting the ghosts and spirits, she's cold and puts on her jacket, but doesn't see a hook lowered toward her back. It latches on and pulls her off the ground. Suspended in air, she struggles to get free by kicking her dangling legs. Moaning in frustration and yelling for help, nobody sees her embarrassing situation. Crying apologies and throwing temper tantrums, she's desperate to get down because she's scared of heights. The ghost tells her that she's going to have forced orgasms and she's shocked as her pussy becomes magically aroused. Bucking in the air, she cums hard against her will! Tickling her g-spot, Anabelle begs to escape but is more afraid when left alone to dangle!


Pantyhose Encasement Mind Fuck - Arielle Lane & Little Mina

Little Mina tries on her massaging pantyhose. They feel great. She glides them over her feet and up her legs. Putting on high heels, she goes to work. Coming home, she relaxes and removes her stilettos. Stretching, she enjoys the suntan pantyhose that massage her legs. She moans in pleasure as her legs writhe. Her hands are encased as well as her body underneath her shirt. She has a surprise orgasm. Shocked but enjoying the nylon, she keeps going until her head is encased. Choking from the pressure, she goes limp! Arielle comes home and finds Mina splayed on the floor but doesn't understand why she's stuck in stockings. As she tries to call for help, a possessed Mina crawls behind her and hand smothers her. Arielle struggles and kicks her legs, but is too weak. When knocked out, Mina smiles.Fast forward and Arielle is stripped to just tan pantyhose and Mina worships her feet before fucking her with a strap on. Her body shakes as the dildo uses the crotchless pantyhose.Awakening, Arielle is shocked and Mina shuts her up with a handgag. As the powers possess both of them, Arielle has a nylon encased head and goes still. Mina finishes pounding her and orgasms so hard, she passes out. Time elapses and the encasement magically disappears from Mina's body and transfers to Arielle who awakens with the same demon mind control. Calmly, Arielle calls their other friend to come over before having her way with Mina.

Web Cocoon - Anabelle Pync

Housecleaning Anabelle Pync dusts and grossed out by the cobwebs on her maid uniform. She doesn't know she's being watched by a POV spider that drops his sticky webbing on her. It's hard to remove. She whimpers in frustration. Her top magically falls down to reveal her large breasts and spiderwebs hold her arms. Another lapse in electricity. The spider stripped her to fishnet stockings and spider webs. Falling to the ground, she's trapped and struggles to escape. Pouting, she can't believe it bit her ass! Slowing to a limp, the spider makes a full web around her helpless body. Only her head and shoes exposed.


Jacquelyn Velvets Eats

Jacquelyn Velvets answers the door in a black swim suit and black stilettos. She's talking and chewing with her her mouth open but notices you staring. Teasing with crunchy foods like nuts and crackers, you see her teeth breaking down the tough food and mastication process on her tongue. Her mouth closes and opens to show the stages of breaking it down to mush. Her long fingernails pull her lips to the side. She smacks the food down her throat. It's satisfying to have things in her mouth and makes her feel powerful. She's glad you came over, but sees a piece of food on the floor. Stomping with her full weight, she demands you eat what's on her dirty soles. 

Full Moon Hulk Out - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee forgives you after a bad break up until you admit to dating someone. She tries to keep her cool, but gets warmer. As the full moon passes over, her eyes glow and tits heave as they try to stay contained in her shiny blouse. Pulling her hair out of the prim ponytail, she scolds you. Her jeans rise, shirt gets smaller, and taller than you. Kicking off her outgrown shoes, her blouse rips. Her tits grow and reveal a black bra. The belt unbuckles itself. Her clothes tear over her larger body. Wearing shreds, she flexes muscles and shows off her deeper voice. The bra pops off. Her skin turns green. She threatens you with her strength. There's no escaping her wrath!

Eating Smart Little Men - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr believes eating little people makes you smarter. Searching for tiny men is easy. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue out to swallow. They feel funny going down to her stomach, but she feels smarter already. The intelligence is fleeting. She needs to eat more! Rubbing a helpless body on her wet tongue, he's chewy. Crawling, she looks for more as her brains fade. Lucy's addicted to the surge of IQ and needs the constant fix but runs off to do her homework.


Jacquelyn Velvets Giantess Mouth

Jacquelyn Velvets runs to squash a bug but realizes it's her friend. He shrunk himself and he wants to explore her mouth. She doesn't think it's a good idea in case she accidentally swallows him whole. He doesn't want to peril in her belly, but does want to dance on her tongue. He convinces her he's clean and careful. She agrees to mouth exploration. Opening her lips and darting her tongue he gets a good look at her white teeth. She lightly bites him as he lies on her tongue and likes feeling his helpless body that she can push in different positions. Tickling her gums, she moans in pleasure. He's tasty and she ties a string to dangle him over deep down to her uvula, threatening to swallow him. It's a prank and tease but will keep small so they can play later. 

Tangled Web - Jacquelyn Velvets

Gold Standard (Jacquelyn Velvets) is the hench woman for a mad scientist (POV) who created super insects for world domination. The Feds raided the secret lab. She escaped without the mutation serum and uses her feminine wiles to placate her boss. Thinking her charms worked, she opens the door at his request and screams in horror as a large spider web shoots out and wraps around her legs, waist and neck. She's stuck in it's sticky grip and can't escape. Pleading and sobbing for mercy, the Doctor allows her to struggle. It wraps around her mouth like a gag. Her mmps are muffled as she gets sucked away. Her hand grabs the door. She pulls herself out slowly. Webs cover her face and her heaving breasts. Struggling to catch her breath, the webbing forces her head back. She disappears again.

Unemployed Boyfriend - Paige Turner

With Paige Erin Turner! How was your day at work? I brought some water. I went by your office and they said you were fired. It was embarrassing and you should be feeling smaller now. That was a shrinking potion because I'm furious. You worthless, useless piece of shit. What's wrong with you? You're a piece of scum. What else did you lie about? Now you get to experience getting walked all over. My feet are sweaty and stinky from walking in public restrooms and other gross places. My ballet flats crush your helpless body before I use my dirty bare feet. My soles squash and smother your helpless bones. It feels good to release aggression. You're pathetic under my red toenails. You love my ass and get a closeup view. Grinding, squishing, smothering and squashing, you can't escape. Pounding on you, I'm having fun at your expense. Your bones break and stop moving. What am I going to do with your body? A pop in the mouth and down my throat is a good disposal. You taste yummy!

Employee Downsizing - Monica Jade

Monica Jade called her employees for a meeting to discuss the downsizing of the company but they're hiding from her. They had been shrunk to keep them under control. She's determined to make it works. She looks around the parking lot and finds them one by one. This sadistic CEO comes up with punishments for their insolence and giggles. Her high heels stomp on their little bodies. She crushes them in a satisfying crunch. Some of them look too appetizing. She opens her large mouth and teases them with her long tongue. Down the throat they go into her cavernous belly. When she's sure that she has taken care of all of the former employees, she goes back to work knowing the company will not have to pay their pensions. Downsizing accomplished! 

Giantess Party - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets grabs the box with the shrunken guests from her party. They didn't get her the gift she wanted. She made them tiny & controllable. She laughs at their helpless situation & demands they guess what she will do to them! They won't answer. She puts them on a plate for eating. Grabbing one with her long nails, she drops him in her mouth. More go down her throat. She loves the flavor. As a game, one little guy gets squished by her big bare feet. Her wrinkled soles crush his helpless body. She wants to do more! Those powerful feet stomp. Foot crushing made her hungry. She wants to eat more! They are delicious. She loves consuming the one who didn't bring a gift! She's going to swallow her best friends so they can be together forever in her belly. This wasn't such a bad party. She's tempted to do it again! Please note that this was a custom with specific requests for dialogue throughout the script. 

Anniversary Shrinking - Jacquelyn Velvets

With Jacquelyn Velvets!How do you like your new size? For our anniversary, I found your fantasies of being shrunk down & dominated by a strong woman. It was weird, but now I love it. You're the perfect size to go under my soles & worship my feet. Give my big barefeet a massage as you worship with your tiny hands. You can stick each hand between each toe. My lips are enormous as I kiss your tiny body. You're excited as I caress & put you between my cleavage & squish. You fit perfectly between my tits. My giant ass sits & smothers your helpless body. Your little lips kiss my ass. Let's do the femdom side of this. You're stuck at this size.  I can't transform you back. Let's do everything we just did, but darker. A tit smother makes you gasp. I laugh at your struggling. Let's crush with my ass & feet. How much pressure can those little bones take before exploding? It's satisfying to hear your crying as air comes out of your lungs. Take more weight to please your Goddess? Get smushed between my pussy. Smell my scent & feel the strength of my thighs. This made me hungry and I open my large mouth. Lay on my tongue before I swallow you whole. Rubbing my belly, I feel you going down to my stomach. I'm going to digest you for awhile because I took antacids for this occasion.Time to start dating again!