Paige Erin Turner

Location: East Coast


Paige Turner: We love working with her, she always brings a smile and talelnt to our sets! She has a very wide range and it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful. Below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'10"

Weight 140 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 28"

Hips 39"

Cup B

Dress 6

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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My Wife's a Robot

Paige and her husband have gone to see the doctor about why they are not able to conceive a child.

Candle, the doctor, starts Paige's physical by checking her heart rate with a stethoscope. For some reason, she cannot find it and has her take off her shirt so that she can get closer.

During the breast exam, it feels like they are plastic even though they are not implants.

When Paige is weighed, she is heavier than a woman of her height should be. 

The doctor has her lie down and checks her blood pressure. Strangely there is no pulse to be found. The reflexes are very odd and do not respond in a typical fashion. When Candle checks her adrenal glands, Paige gets a blank stare and is very still, almost as if she was turned off. This concerns the doctor and she does a series of neurological tests.

Paige answers the questions in a very robotic method and when asked

Office Pee With Paige

Paige has not gotten her work done and her boss is not thrilled. When she gets up to use the bathroom, he says she is not allowed till she gets her job done. Paige begs to go with her cute little Southern accent.

The boss starts antagonizing her and mentions waterfalls. Paige threatens to pee on the floor and her boss gives her a bucket. This is humiliating and she balks.

In retort she says that she has a medical condition and has a small bladder. Her boss snaps back that she will prove that when she pees in the bucket.

Paige Shrinks Employees

Paige is in her office and looking for the employees that she shrunk. She finds the one who had HR complaints for sexual complaints. Since he had an obsession for asses, Paige, places him on the sofa and puts her beautiful butt all over him. When he cannot breathe, she laughs at his predicament!

Another one is hiding under the couch and Paige gets on her hands and knees to find him. This one was her worst hiring mistake and was worthless as an employee. Since he was always taking his shoes off and putting his smelly feet on the desk, Paige puts him in her shoes where he can inhale her smelly feet. He gets smushed between her toes so that he cannot get away.

Preshoot Play Paige

Paige has arrived for a shoot and Scott says they are going to do a warm up before the shoot starts. This is shot in an candid way just to get everyone acclimated to each other. He puts his hands around her neck and Paige responds favorably. Paige strips out of her shirt and bra. Hair pulling is added and she instantly gets goosebumps. She shimmies out of her skirt and gets some ass slapping. Good to get the blood flowing! Her panties are taken off and she is thrown on the bed.

Paige coos in her sweet Southern accent as Scott holds her throat

Caught Cheating

Paige is getting ready for bed when an intruder enters the room. He makes sure that she is really asleep by ragdolling her.

She awakens with her arms over her head and she is so confused as to why she is there. It appears that Paige has been cheating and Scott has been hired to take care of her. She will not admit to anything and remains indignant about these charges. Her sweet little southern accent makes you think she is innocent but that does not prevent her from getting the full treatment. Scott rips the wife beater to expose her body and let her know that she is going to be completely vulnerable.

He keeps referring to her as a whore, slut, cunt, etc and

Smell My Stinky Feet

Angel has just gotten back from the gym and she did not wear socks with her tennis shoes. Paige is relaxing. Angel wants to cuddle, but Paige blurts out “pew” when she smells her dirty sneakers.  

Angel even admits that it is strong, but that she likes it. She will secretly sniff of Paige's shoes because she likes it so much. Angel knows that Paige has stinky feet as well and that she should embrace the aroma.

This gives Paige an idea to handcuff Angel and fart

Paige's Final Nap

Paige knows this is the last time she will be smelling the dank odors around her, or seeing the dour guard who just wants to go home to have a beer. She will never feel the sun on her skin, or taste an ice cream cone. This is it. Her last breath will be in the white t-shirt, jeans and knee high boots that she was ordered to wear. Why couldn't she just have scrubs instead of this mockery of a normal woman's attire?

Scott, the guard, forces her to lie down on the gurney and straps her down. It is not like she would get out anyways with the crowd of people watching her on the monitors. This is it and she lightly sobs for her fate. Her face shows a combination of sadness and fear although that won't get her out of this mess.The guard reads her warrant and asks if she has any last words. She may as well have a gag in her and turns her head away, indicating that she has nothing to say. It is official now and the pump is turned on. Chemicals swarm into her

Hotel Encounter

Candle Boxxx is set up a little play time with her Mistress Paige Erin Turner. She is tied to a rack and cleave gagged while her Mistress flogs her beautiful tits. Once she is nice and warm she caresses her hot body. After a little more flogging she unties candle and...