Paige Erin Turner

Location: East Coast


Paige Turner: We love working with her, she always brings a smile and talelnt to our sets! She has a very wide range and it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful. Below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'10"

Weight 140 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 28"

Hips 39"

Cup B

Dress 6

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Paige Turner's New Wolford Pantyhose

Paige Erin Turner has a custom with Wolford Pantyhose and opens the new package of grey tights. She's excited for the silky smoothness on her long legs. Smelling the gray nylons, she loves the shininess. Wiggling her toes, she's careful to pull them up her legs and rubs her calves in pleasure. Rubbing her legs together, she points her toes so they're longer. Remembering the shoot, she pulls on her leotard. The thong is backwards. Laughing, she strips it and puts it on again.

Orgasm Challenge - Paige Turner & Arielle Lane

Paige Erin Turner and Arielle Lane are in leotards and shiny pantyhose waiting for a sexfight with Scott Torvea. They have both been defeated in a forced orgasm challenge and think they can beat him if they work together. Scott offers a challenge that if they can survive cumming no more than 3 times while subjecting themselves individually, then they win. Teasing them by fondling their legs and asses, he progresses to rubbing their pussies over and under the leotards. They cum hard. Scott goes down on Paige. Arielle's jealous of her intense orgasm and begs for one. Scott agrees and asks Paige to finish her off which she does. Everyone wins this sex fight!

Naive Damsels - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Paige Erin Turner and Arielle Lane struggle in strict frog tieS with their arms bound behind their backs. Their hands have microfoam tape which prevents them from using their fingers to escape. Talking to you, they ask what the ballgags around their necks are for. time elapses to them gagtalking. They make too much noise and micro foam tape covers their face allowing the shape of their sexy lips to show. They try to help each other get free with their taped hands, but they're stuck!

Prison Ass & Feet - Dakota Charms & Paige Turner

Dakota Charms is a prison guard who taunts the new prisoner Paige Erin Turner. Paige is eager to please but concerned when Dakota pulls down her yoga pants for ass training. The punishment involves a butt plug. Paige gasps as it's inserted. She has to keep it in while enduring her foot torture. Paige wiggles on her cot. The next step involves Paige leaning over the bed and dangling her ballet flats. One of the shoes falls off. Dakota tickles the nylon foot. Paige laughs and the other shoe dangles off one toe. Dakota binds her ankles while Paige dangles the shoes off her toes. One shoe is off and one on. Paige's stocking foot is tickled. She squirms. Both shoes fall off and both wiggling soles are tickled  before ripping the knee high off of one foot. A feather tickles her sensitive feet.  Paige tries to stay still as commanded. A toe tie restricts her movements. Her toes and wrinkled soles wiggle while tickled. Paige makes too much noise. The guard gags Paige with her stinky socks and duct tapes it in.  She whimpers through her gag. After tickling, Dakota takes the mouthpacking out and unties her. Paige's allowed to remove the butt plug and take a nap. Dakota returns to play with her feet. If she does one more round of punishment, she gets one month off. Paige is ordered to the wall. Dakota spreads her ass cheeks for some ass tickling. Her asshole is as sensitive as her her soles. This is going to be a long prison sentence!

Wrong House - Paige Erin Turner

Paige Erin Turner has an intruder (POV). She pleas for help like a damsel in distress but becomes a bitchy Domme telling you to leave. You're confused why she won't submit. You're shrinking! It's her turn to have fun with your little body. She lifts you from the carpet. Put your hands up or you're going to get dropped. On the floor, you look up her long legs, see up her skirt as her big feet coming down on you. Her toes squish and smother. She lectures about the perils of crime. You had the chance to leave. She has no remorse about squashing you with her soles and toes. You don't like feet. That wasn't fun for you? How do you feel about hands? She hears your screams while rubbing her palms together. Stomping with her big feet is a a game. She tries to catch you. You're tiring yourself out and slowing down. You can watch tv since nobody stole it. Oops, did she sit on you? Bouncing up and down on your tiny body, you get comfy for a long night in front of the tube.

Unemployed Boyfriend - Paige Turner

With Paige Erin Turner! How was your day at work? I brought some water. I went by your office and they said you were fired. It was embarrassing and you should be feeling smaller now. That was a shrinking potion because I'm furious. You worthless, useless piece of shit. What's wrong with you? You're a piece of scum. What else did you lie about? Now you get to experience getting walked all over. My feet are sweaty and stinky from walking in public restrooms and other gross places. My ballet flats crush your helpless body before I use my dirty bare feet. My soles squash and smother your helpless bones. It feels good to release aggression. You're pathetic under my red toenails. You love my ass and get a closeup view. Grinding, squishing, smothering and squashing, you can't escape. Pounding on you, I'm having fun at your expense. Your bones break and stop moving. What am I going to do with your body? A pop in the mouth and down my throat is a good disposal. You taste yummy!

Belly Punching Maid - Little Mina & Paige Turner

Paige Erin Turner chats on the phone about how awful her hired help is while her maid cleans.  Posing in her white tank top and full back panties, Paige doesn't realize how spoiled and bitchy she is. Little Mina listens as her boss talks about her former maid who beat up Paige. Paige's adamant that she will beat down this little Asian girl if she gets attitude. Grabbing Mina's arms, Paige lays down the law about staying away from her husband and to give respect like a slave. Mina rebels and gets slapped. This tiny girl knows Paige is weak and pokes her belly button. Paige runs. Mina chases and yanks off her shirt as she tries to escape. After one belly punch, Paige heaves and crawls on her hands and knees. Mina throws her against the wall and lands gut punches, holding a moment to reiterate her dominance. The jabs are slow and methodical. Mina wants her to suffer. Coughing, Paige falls to the ground and crawls. She leans over the couch with her ass in the air hoping to protect her tender tummy and begs to be hit anywhere but her stomach. Mina pushes her lower back and jams Paige's abs into the hard furniture. Flipping Paige to her back, Mina pushes her fist into her belly button and holds. Grabbing her sore belly, she's too weak to stop the petite girl from taking her back to the wall. Mina takes her time and allows Paige to lean forward before beating her again.  Wheezing, Paige is left to suffer on the floor. 

HR Foot Worship - Lucy Purr & Paige Turner

Lucy Purr dangles her stilettos off her stockinged feet as Paige Erin Turner explains that she can’t find her sexual harassment training guide. They are going to roleplay & Paige will be the harasser. She asks if someone stares at Lucy’s dangling shoes & legs, would it be sexual harassment? Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be if the employee enjoyed it. The 2nd scenario involves taking off the employee’s shoes & tickling her soles.  Paige  removes Lucy’s pumps & uses her red fingernails to graze Lucy’s pantyhose soles as a demonstration. Lucy gently laughs & wiggles her feet but likes it. Paige tickles more. Lucy asks if Paige needs both of her nylon soles to tickle. Paige is excited to have a willing employee. The 3rd scenario involves an employer having a toe sucking fetish & sucking on the employee’s toes without permission. Lucy answers that it wouldn’t be harassment if the employee likes it & moans as Paige's mouth fucks her nylon toes. Lucy asks how HR would feel about this. She's been sent undercover because of complaints about Paige’s training techniques. Paige’s face flashes worry, then relief when Lucy asks to worship her feet. Paige leans back & exposes her reinforced toe pantyhose for tickling as Lucy confesses her stocking foot fetish. Lucy sucks on the sexy big feet, using her tongue over the toes, arches & soles. If Paige agrees to be at Lucy’s beck & call for foot play, she won’t be reported & demands her feet be worshiped immediately!

Booking Paige Turner Part 1

Paige Erin Turner can’t believe she’s going to prison for white collar crimes. The guard brings clothes for court including reinforced toe knee highs. She asks if she can go without handcuffs. She has to wear shackles & no sexy high heels. She asks to wear just her nylons & barefeet.  She strips the orange uniform to put on business attire, & sits as the guard shackles her ankles. She asks if she can walk in ankle shackles before going to court to get accustomed to stilted walking. It’s humiliating to be led into court as the guard holds her arms but it’s worse when the judge reads her verdict. Hanging her head in shame, the guard handcuffs her wrists. She addresses the court.

They slowly walk toward the back room of the courtroom. He briefly uncuffs her & puts on a waist chain that keeps her hands in front. Having Stockholm Syndrome, she acknowledges the guard is doing his job. She won’t fight him. He does a quick body search & puts on her keds sneakers.In a long walk of shame toward her cell, the shackles clank against her ankles as they go through the long halls of the government buildings.

Booking Paige Turner Part 2

Paige Erin Turner is given an orange uniform & strips her court clothes after the guard removes the handcuffs & shackles. She's fallen from grace as the CEO of a company to prisoner of the state. He watches as she strips her blouse & becomes a number in the system. The high heels that had been replaced with keds sneakers are demoted to cheap, plastic orange flip flops. The guard allows her to wear reinforced toe knee highs with her sandals, but shackles her ankles over the orange uniform. The handcuffs are reattached with the waist chain so her hands are in front. Another long walk in shackles. She trudges the government hallways as the guard escorts. He receives a phone call indicating that Paige is a high security risk prisoner. He knows there’s an error, but she acquiesces because she doesn’t want him to get in trouble. Paige is placed in isolation & wears a special spit mask made of stockings. With her face smushed in a nylon encasement, she walks with less pride in her step as they chip away her dignity. Her steps become smaller as the shackles weigh down her body & spirit.

In her cell, she flirts with the guard & shows off her stockinged feet & nylon encased head. He promises to help her case, but has to go. Paige sits stoically in her new cell & processes her new life.

Feeling Pantyhose - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Paige Turner & Arielle Lane sit on the couch after work. They cross & admire their legs realizing they both have a pantyhose fetish. They feel good. Dangling her high heel before kicking it off, Arielle candidly talks about wearing her hose at work. Paige dangles her stiletto while stroking her legs. Arielle keeps one shoe on & one off for awhile while stretching her legs. They both have fantasies about their boyfriends having sex with them while they have pantyhose on. In excitement, Paige places her legs over Arielle's & loves feeling her red fingernails graze over her calves & feet. Switching positions, Paige uses the tips of her fingers to glide rhythmically over her gams. They love how the nylon smells after wearing them for awhile. It traps the sweat at the feet & in the gusset. With their legs intertwined, they inhale each other's feet.
This is a sweet & tender leg worship clip!

Paige Turner's Belly Probe Part 2

Paige Erin Turner is in the clutches of a belly enthusiast & tied to a table. Her ribcage arches as she tries to avoid his caresses. His hands poke & wiggle her navel. She cries in fear. She gasps as he rakes his nails across her tender skin & furrows her brow as he pushes her flesh together.
She begs for him to stop licking her tummy & breathes deeply in frustration. He stretches her belly button so that it becomes completely flat & blends in with her abdomen. A cold car key makes her squirm as it presses against her flesh. Using the tip, he teases her abs before circling her navel. He strokes, pokes & tickles her tummy with the instrument before switching to a pen. She squeals as he slaps her stomach & hates the magnifying glass being grazed against her. Paige feels violated as it fucks her belly. It gets worse as a clothes pin pinches & pulls on her tummy. The bristles of a brush tease her skin before the handle plunges into her navel. It's the warm up she needs before he makes her innie an outie belly button. He leaves her to struggle.