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Nyxon: She is everything from sweet and innocent to wickedly mean. 

Model's info


Height 5'5"

Weight 100 lbs

Bust 30"

Waist 27"

Hips 36"

Cup D

Dress 2

Shoe 7.5

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Grey

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What To Wear

Please note that this is a custom based on the model walking toward the camera and the camera seguing as if she walks through the camera. 

Nyxon has a job interview but she does not know what to wear. The grey skirt looks nice, but wants to try on a lot of different tops. She starts out in a black sleeveless shirt but changes into a maroon tank. She walks toward the camera and then returns in a dark teal one.

Throughout the modeling she chats about what will make her look serious and be taken seriously. She decides on a cleavage baring one but is concerned that a woman may not hire her if it is too sexy. In order to be safe, she decides to go with something that covers up a bit more skin but still works with her personality.

And then she wonders if she made the right decision...

Stuck Roommate

The best part about having a dumb roommate is playing practical jokes. Nyxon and Monica tell Candle that there is a bug in a bucket. She cannot see the critter, and gets on her hands and knees to get a better look. These two girls push her head in and Candle is stuck! She cannot get out as much as she tries pulling it.

It becomes comical as Candle contorts into all sorts of positions and flails her legs

Pocket Change Nyxon

Nyxon has worked to the company for almost 16 years. She knows everything about it, that's why when she needed some extra money she knew that she could just take it from the drawer. You see the company is so large that as long as the cash is with in 20 she can just mark it as zero. 

At first she was just taking a little her and there but it gradually got more and more often. Now she is taking from at least half of the draws and every night. All was fine until Scott caught her stealing. He has been taping her

Loan Shark Blues Nyxon 2

Well it has been over the 6 weeks that the thug gave her to pay up and still no Nyxon. So he is forced to hunt her down and drag her in thru his bar and into his back office. 

Once in the office he makes sure the camera is set up and tries to talk to her. She is refusing to talk to him at all. Which is fine by him, he just gets right down to business! 

Belly Punch Nyxon

While waiting for another model to arrive, Scott talks Nyxon into doing a little belly play. She gets undressed for him and he punches her belly. He also takes some time to play with her belly and belly button. Shot both POV and from a tripod

Loan Shark Blues Nyxon

Nyxon was a little short on money and she figured she could borrow the money from the boss and pay it back when ever she felt like it. Well that doesn't work for the boss. So he sends his thug out to explain to her that she needs to pay up. 

He catches up with her and brings her back to his office in the back