Luna Lain

Location: West Coast


Luna Lain: She is sweet with an attitude! She may be young but she knows what she is doing!


Model's info


Height 5'7"

Weight 115 lbs

Bust 36"

Waist 25"

Hips 36"

Cup c

Dress 0

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Blue

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Naked Writhing Lust 1 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu is bound spread eagle & nude except in high stilettos. She arches & struggles in her binds. Luna Lain  offers to release her if she promises to be her lover. When Andrea declines, Luna whips her into submission. The flogger beats her back, Andrea moans & arches to get away. Luna flogs her huge tits & hits her tender pussy. Luna asks if she will be her girlfriend & Andrea declines again. Luna whips more,  determined to make her a girlfriend & not just a BDSM pet. 

Naked Writhing Lust 2 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Luna Lain asks Andrea Rosu if she's ready to be her lover or wishes to be punished like a sub. Andrea doesn't want to be a girlfriend & Luna puts a black ballgag between Andrea's ruby red lips.
The whip cracks against Andrea's tender skin & her moans are muffled to mmmphs. Her back arches & the heaving tits thrust out with each impact. Drool drips out of Andrea's mouth & Luna punishes her by flogging her large breasts. Luna gives another chance to be her girlfriend, but the denial prompts her to remove the gag & tie a vibrator to Andrea's pussy. Andrea cries & upset when Luna leaves her alone to experience the powerful vibe on her clit. She struggles to avoid the throbbing between her legs, but it overpowers her.

Naked Writhing Lust 3 - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu stands bound with a buzzing hitachi magic wand between her legs, moaning as it brings her to orgasm repeatedly. Her Domme, Luna Lain kisses her red lips, groping her tits. Andrea arches her back & struggles with each orgasm. She's been in ropes for a long time & drifts into subspace. Andrea's untied & Luna releases her from her bondage. They kiss & fondle each other's sexy body trying to explore every curve. When their mouths touch their nipples, they arch & gasp in excitement. Luna got the girlfriend she wanted!

Tickle Love

Luna is tied in a narrow spread eagle and is very nervous about Star's intentions. Star comes up and alternates between tickling and lickling her upper body. The cute little tongue darts between Luna's curvy body which makes her squirm in discomfort. It proves to be too much when Star grazes her fingers on her tits, belly and belly button. The more pressure, the more Luna convulses and laughs despite her best intentions to control herself. 


Coed Ripping

Luna is a college coed that has a huge crush on you, her professor. As she walks into your office, she complains about how hot it is and asks if she can modify her clothes to make them cooler. A long leg is propped on a chair, and while arching her foot, she rips the legs into a pair of shorts. She knows this is turning you on and proudly shows off her gams.

When she notices your large erection, she teases you by tearing her shirt. Oops! It was torn just a little too much and shows her ripe underboob. She leans in toward you and writes her number on the term paper before squeezing her tits. Seductively, she invites you to call her so you can rip off what is left of the outfit and to suck and fuck. There will not be any cum left in your dick!

With a smile she walks out of the room.

Celebrity Rip

Candle Boxxx is a celebrity waiting for an appointment. When Andrea and Luna see her, they become ecstatic and lavish praise and adoration. They ask for autographs and selfies while shoving cameras and paper in her face. With all of the hoopla, Candle is a little overwhelmed and tries to leave.

The women start asking who made her suit and what kind of material it is made of. They fondle her clothing and start pulling on it. Candle pleads for them to let her go, but hysteria gets the best of them and they laugh as they tear her suit off. They ignore her yelling to stop and when they get down to her blouse, they pause as she realizes that she has minimal clothing left. This does not stop them from ripping it off of her.

As Candle stands humbly trying to cover her body, the rabid fans pick up the shorn clothing and leave the room with their trophies in hand. This embarrassed woman calls her agent to bring her clothes...again.


Spanking The Help

Jay is the wimpish house servant for a wealthy family who has left the manor in the hands of sisters while the rest of the family is away on business. The girls are still dressed in their preppy school uniform and wear their highest heels which make them tower over Jay.

They pull him in the room by the ear while he is naked and taunt him. In this humiliating state, they inform him that he is to be disciplined for taking advantage of the ladies and for goofing off on the job. Jay can either receive the discipline or lose his employment. 

The mean girls each take turns taking him over their knees and spanking his ass so hard that it becomes red. Since he is so small, his feet are off the ground while over each girl's knees. Even if he wanted to, he could not fight back because they are so much stronger than him.

The only thing he can do is take their abuse!

Unbound Lust

Andrea is tied nude to a chair in only her sexy high heel sandals and a ball gag in her pouty mouth. As she struggles to escape from the strict bondage, she cannot and moans in frustration. 

Luna comes to rescue her and before she unties her, takes her gag off. Seeing Andrea in this position, she cannot hold back from french kissing her passionately. Andrea returns the kisses with ferver and responds with little moans as Luna caresses and kisses her body. Feeling Luna's lips on her sensitive nipples drives her wild with excitement.

The ropes are removed and Andrea lavishes attention on Luna's perfect lithe body. They both have strong orgasms as they enjoy each other's bodies.

Sorority Spanker

Luna is not happy with Jay and pulls him by the ear into her room to punish him. He streaked nude through her sorority house and needs to be punished. She looks so poised and preppy in her skirt and blouse while he looks so pathetic cowering in front of her nude and exposed.

His little body is pulled over her thick thighs and his feet dangle off the ground. On the flip side, Luna's sexy pumps are firmly cemented to the floor as she is in complete control of 

Stuck On Revenge

Candle is admiring her new pumps which adorn her long, sexy legs. Little does she know that her assistant, Luna (POV) is putting a gooey rat trap beneath her feet. As she takes her feet off the desk, they plop in the glue and she struggles to get free. When she realizes that Luna did it, she vows to get revenge. As soon as she gets loosened from the glue, she chases after her mischievous secretary and makes her go to sleep.

When Luna awakens, she is surprised to have her own shoes trapped in glue and is unable to get free. With a very sweet demeanor, Candle offers to put glue remover on her shoes if Luna apologizes. Luna readily admits she was wrong and Candle squirts a white liquid on her feet.

It turns out that Candle is quite the prankster as well as it is erotic transformation glue! This sticky goo penetrates clothing and makes the wearer horny as well as fusing them to their surroundings!

Luna has a warm feeling spread from her toes to her crotch and an uncontrollable orgasm courses through her body. She is now stuck to this spot and will be Candle's slave forever!

Destroying Socks

Mina has been scoping out Luna's house and steals her colorful socks and shoes. She hides until Luna comes home and then ties her to the sofa. As Luna watches in horror, Mina slowly removes Luna's shoes and exposes her bright, striped socks. Those large feet are just ripe for caressing and tickling!

As Luna is bound, Mina slowly cuts the socks piece by piece. Now she can play with those perfect bare feet before telling Luna that she will never have bright socks again. Luna is wide eyed as Mina destroys the rest of her socks. Darn those socks!

Belly Punching Competition

Andrea and Luna are competing to see who can take the most belly punches. These are focused on going very deep and held for about 3 seconds. They hit the belly button and cause each girl to bend over and slightly push her butt out. Sexy oomps are emitted against their will. Their facial expressions range from fully stunned with eyes wide and an open mouth to ballooning cheeks with their mouths closed.

The punches are so intense, that each girl will grab the arms of the puncher while their fist is buried in their stomach.

The punch becomes so intense, that the loser (it is a surprise!) has an orgasmic reaction which causes her to fall to her knees and hold her belly.