Lucy Purr


Location: East Coast


Lucy Purr: Simply beautiful does not cover her. She is a fantastic actress and can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Here is some information on Lucy and images of her. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'8"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 36"

Cup D

Dress 4

Shoe 8.0

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Eating Smart Little Men - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr believes eating little people makes you smarter. Searching for tiny men is easy. She opens her mouth wide with her tongue out to swallow. They feel funny going down to her stomach, but she feels smarter already. The intelligence is fleeting. She needs to eat more! Rubbing a helpless body on her wet tongue, he's chewy. Crawling, she looks for more as her brains fade. Lucy's addicted to the surge of IQ and needs the constant fix but runs off to do her homework.


Belly Queen - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr confronts you for slaying her giantess sister while fingering her belly button. She stole a jewel from the last village she ate and pokes her stomach out in memory of how good they tasted. Crawling, she reaches for you and ready for a snack. but you attack with your spear in her belly button. Her eyes and mouth widen in shock. She gasps and moans while staggering for balance.Tugging, yanking and weakened, her eyes roll and tongue falls out as she crashes to the ground. Clawing and stroking her navel, she tries to get you but can only writhe in pain. You climb on her ankle and walk to her abs. The gem's lodged deep in her tummy. Reaching in her gut, you take it out as she arches and shudders her least breath.

Assassin Reversed - Jacquelyn Velvets & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr and Jacquelyn Velvets investigate an abandoned warehouse for a lead. When Jacquelyn suggests they leave, Lucy throws her against the wall holding her arms. Struggling, Jacquelyn grabs a nearby hose and shoves it in Lucy's mouth. Turning on the valve, air is forced into her mouth. Lucy's stuck. Her eyes widen with fear as her tits grow larger and the buttons on her shiny blouse pop open, revealing her lacy bra. Jacquelyn's runs off in fear. Lucy's skin stretches. She grows larger. In the other room, Jacquelyn hears a giant pop and gasps!


Controlling Giantess SuperGirl - Lucy Purr

Super Girl finds The Atom playing with his toys and mocks him for being a useless superhero. He's tired of the bullying and has a device to control her mind but has to enter her head for implanting. Shrinking down, she's concerned he may do something bad and crawls on all fours to find him. He hitches a rides on her wrinkled soles as she's crawling. She has a nice ass and isn't wearing panties. he dives into her pussy to make her orgasm uncontrollably. She feels him invade her cave and begs for mercy. he makes her cum repeatedly. Stripping nude, she touches herself as he moves inside of her faster and faster. Helpless, she masturbates despite her best intentions. Tingling, The Atom leaves her body to admire her curves. Starting at her feet, he wanders up her soles and walks between her toes with blue toenails. He walks up her legs to the tip of her nose and proclaims he's not useless after all! Supergirl can't believe his plan was to make her orgasm, but he wants to embarrass her on live television. Jumping to her face he waves and walks in her nose. Reaching her brain, he sets up the mind control device and turns it on. In the real world, she threatens to crush and eat him, but the pain becomes too much in her head. Staring into space, her voice is monotonous and The Atom is in control. Using her voice and hands, he fondles her feet and large tits. He has better toys now and is going to have so much fun playing with her!

Card Game CatFight - Lucy Purr & Little Mina

Little Mina and Lucy Purr sit barefoot and banter as they place $100 bets on a card game. They accuse the other of cheating and strip their scout uniforms to prevent hidden cards. Once nude, they deal the cards. Both have sneaky ways of cheating. Lucy splashes her drink on Mina. The table goes crashing in the air! Punches fly with uppercuts and belly punching. Lucy coughs. Mina throws her to the ground and chokes her neck. Gasping, Lucy pushes her feet into Mina's belly and against the wall. Exhausted, they punch before falling to the ground. They pull hair and grapple for dominance until one girl is left on the ground after being choked. The winner takes the money and leaves.

Wonder Woman's Age Regression - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee

Wonder Woman (Lucy Purr) is looking for Harley Quinn (Angel Lee) & finds her in housewife clothing. She's ready to retire as a villainess & become a mother by spraying Wonder Woman with a serum from her diaper bag. Breathing the gas & coughing, she's surprised that her Amazon strength is gone. Harley's excited to watch her regress & lose the ability to stand in her red boots. She can't talk like an adult. Her helplessness causes a temper tantrum. A humiliating pee accident makes her cry but Harley's prepared & changes her diaper while Wonder Woman sucks her thumb. Harley deboots the fallen superheroine & changes her out of her big girl uniform into a clean diaper with her large tits revealed. The transition makes Wonder Woman cry in frustration but she's calmed by thumb sucking. Harley soothes her by taking off her crown & fixing her hair into ponytails. She's determined to have her new daughter call her Mommy. Harley's used hormones to allow breastfeeding & exposes her large breasts when Wonder Woman cries in hunger. She sings as Wonder Woman nurses & may keep her little forever!

Selling Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr finishes her expose on organized crimes. She's dressed in a skirt & blouse while tan stocking feet rub together as she thinks. A delivery man knocks with a heavy package & sucker punches her back. Crumbling to the floor, she tries to crawl away. He kicks her belly. Her ankles & thighs are ziptied. Her arms & elbows are bound. She can't escape. Crying, he forces a ball gag in her mouth. Important people want this reporter to shut up. He unbuttons her shirt & gropes her large tits. The pencil skirt is stripped. He fondles her curvy ass over suntan pantyhose. He puts his shoe on her back so she can't squirm away. He belly kicks & removes his belt to beat her before punching her feet. Lucy's taken to the Ranch for training. Her leg zipties are replaced with shackles & a blindfold. She's terrified & submissive as he snips off her arm restraints. His demand to strip her bra is met with refusal, but a punch makes her submit. He orders her hair in a bun & cuffs her wrists with arms overhead as he yanks her taut. Whimpering, she begs for release & promises not to tell. He's going to have a live cam of her torture. A single tail gives her 3 lashes every time she says no. The viewers like what they see, but want her ball gagged so screams are muffled. She's whipped on her back as well as her huge tits. The next round of abuse is a request from a viewer & involves a bucket of water with two sponges attached to jumper cables. He shocks her large breasts, ass, & legs causing her to shake with each volt. Tearing the pantyhose, he shocks her pussy. Slumping in her binds & falling limp, it's time for an intermission. After training is completes, she's chained in fresh tan thigh highs & ordered to crawl to the dildo on the wall. He shocks her with a tazer as she sucks. This training insures that she focuses on serving cock. When she's fully submissive, she crawls to her cage & awaits the auction. Standing on a pedastal with just a collar & stockings, she stands like a piece of cattle in a stall as people inspect & prod her. This is a long way from being a reporter!

SAM I Am - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr searches for intel. Scott Torvea is behind her & the chloroform rag covers her mouth. Her eyes flutter shut. She goes limp in his arms. She awakens stripped of her black catsuit in only her bra & panties. She raises her cuffed arms.  Scott yanks her arms high overhead, stretching her body long & taut. She answers his questions with smart ass answers & met with harsh belly punches. Being a glutton for pain, she suggests using brass knuckles. This bitch is suspended off the ground, flogged & whipped, She refuses to talk. A tazer is used on her abs, ass, pussy & legs but she cracks jokes despite being exhausted. Lucy says she will talk, but only says "fuck you". More belly punches, whippings & electricity. Her body hangs heavy in her binds. She regrets wearing sexy but impractical stilettos. He tickles her armpits & laughter mixes with the tears. He punches & knocks her out. Cranking up her body, she hangs in the air until she can remember information.


Belly Play - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr pleads to be stabbed deep in her belly button & lower abs. Her arms are overhead. She stretches her tummy taut & begs for the knife to go deeper. She gasps with excitement. Her breathing is heavier. Scott Torvea teases & denies her by grazing the blade against the tender belly skin. She begs for insertion. Moaning & crying in pleasure, she's orgasmic when he goes fast & repeatedly. He stands behind her & holds her left rib cage. Her body is impaled. Rubbing her sore abs, he moves to her neck. On her knees, she begs for him to plunge it into her exposed throat. Pleading, he takes his time pushing the point in & out of her delicate neck. Her eyes flutter in ecstasy. She chokes from  lessened air supply. Pulling her hair, the blade goes in & out as her eyes widen in excitement & shock. A slow throat cut brings her to orgasm. Her body twitches & cums.

Guilt Of The Gallows FULL - Dakota Charms & Lucy Purr

This was a custom & focuses on the legal aspect of the courtroom & implications of the sentencing. Dakota Charms is handcuffed with her hands in front of her & sits next to her attorney, Lucy Purr. Her wrists fidget from nervousness & clanks her cuffs. They listen as the judge sentences her for murder & explains the legal process of his decision of the death penalty by hanging. This is more than Dakota expected & breaks down in tears as Lucy consoles her. She tries to wipe the tears away from her eyes, but doesn't have a lot of movement. The judge continues in detail how it will be done by a rope with a long drop & determined by her weight & height. He hopes God has mercy on her soul & the guard escorts Dakota to her cell to think of her fate.Time elapses. Dakota sleeps with her arms overhead in her cell when the guard awakens & unties her. The physician in charge of her execution preps her for the procedure. The guard strips her bra & panties & Dakota instinctively covers herself out of modesty. He handcuffs her behind her back & she's weighed & measured on a scale. The guard roughly pulls her off the scale & she's pushed to her knees while her neck diameter is measured. The rope is rough & tight causing her to gasp for breath. The doctor goes through the protocol allowing it to sink in as Dakota softly cries. Dakota Charms is escorted out of her jail cell, in the standard issued orange jumpsuit with her wrists handcuffed behind her. The guard guides her by firmly gripping her arm. She follows the executioner. He carries a Bible. Dakota is distressed about her fate. They arrive in the chamber & find a trap door under the noose. The Doctor methodically uncuffs her & strips her orange uniform leaving her in white bra & panties. She's in shock & sobs silently as her wrists are handcuffed behind her back & rope binds her ankles & shoulders. He puts her hair in a ponytail to expose her neck & places rope around her head, tightening it slowly. Dakota panics & quietly sobs as her chosen passage is recited from the Bible. It's small comfort when he follows with a recap of her sentencing & requests her last words. Crying heavily, she apologizes for the death of her husband & pleads to live. She prays to calm herself but is louder & more hysteric as she chants the prayer. He asks her to stop & places a hood over her head. Silenced, she huffs & puffs under the pillow case. They wait for the go ahead. A loud crack is heard. The trap doors open. Her body falls quickly. She's limp. The doctor strips her lingerie & checks her pulse. The deed is done.



Teacher Transfer - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr lectures a student about his bad grades & plans on telling his parents. He informs her that won't happen because he will possess her. Laughing, she says it's impossible. He vanishes.  Confused, she struggles as his invisible entity overtakes her body. Testing her voice, he's amazed at how easy that was! He makes sure he can impersonate her. Looking down at her huge tits & long legs. He never realized how hot she was. He nervously unbuttons her blouse & feels her curvy ass. He's not sure if Lucy knows that she's possessed. He jumps out of her body. Regaining cognizance, Lucy realizes she's exposed but doesn't remember anything. While buttoning her shirt, she's taken over again. It's amazing & he plans on doing more after meeting with his Mom & Dad! When chatting during the conference, the teacher vouches for him & everything's great until Lucy tries to win back her body. Yelling "Get him out of me" & "Help me" confuses them. He lies about getting nervous twitches. They buy the excuse. It's odd when he says "Bye Mom" at the closing. Once they are gone, he feels up her body & can't believe he got away with it. He will do it again! Lucy regains her senses & unaware of the invasion. She's embarrassed to be undressed & runs off! 

Office Binds - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is pissed that you came back to the office after she fired you. You have blackmail material! Begrudgingly, she stands & you admire her stocking legs. You want to see more, but she refuses until you threaten to send her incriminating pictures. Realizing she's powerless, she strips her sweater but balks at removing her skirt. In a bra & stockings, she tries to cover her pussy. You command her to show her huge tits. You order her to turn around in a circle & get on her knees. The perfect accessories for her nudity is a pair of nipple clamps on her sensitive breasts. Lucy is appalled that you want her to hold a paper with the word "slut". It gives you more blacmail material! Time elapses. She's bound in a frog tie with cuffs behind her head. A jennings gag muffles her mmphs & gag talk. Her legs spread & her pussy on full display. You want to punish her. Lucy is on a St. Andrews Cross & flogged (not POV). She's ordered to call herself a slut, but refuses. She won't talk & cries with each impact. It gets worse as she's turned around & her inner thighs are whipped. To be cruel, the nipple clamps are removed & put back on so she can feel the pain. Arching back, she's in agony as her pussy is flogged. It's too much. She agrees to submit to his demands to keep her job. She enjoyed being tied up & dominated!