Lucy Purr


Location: East Coast


Lucy Purr: Simply beautiful does not cover her. She is a fantastic actress and can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Here is some information on Lucy and images of her. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'8"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 36"

Cup D

Dress 4

Shoe 8.0

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Brown

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Big Game Part 1 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr

Two friends want to watch a game but their girlfriends won't let them. Those bitches are cheating on them. They come up with the idea of killing the other's girlfriend if their team loses. Scott's brother's ex-wife, Kobe Lee, hates both of them. She will take care of it. Lucy Purr & Brittany Shae are ushered in. Kobe points a rifle at them & explains the bet. Each girl will sit on their knees with their hands on their heads. For every point, the non-scoring team will stand, take off an item of clothing & be whipped by Kobe before returning to her crouching position. Lucy & Brittany balk but they can’t fight back. They are ballgagged & marched around the room. As the game progresses, they take turns stripping their clothes & being whipped.

Big Game Part 2 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr


Lucy Purr & Brittany Shae have been unsuspecting pawns in a bet between their boyfriends over a sports game. If the guy's team loses, their girlfriend has to strip & get whipped. Kobe Lee doles out punishment in her skimpy bikini & loves humiliating them. Lucy strips an item of clothing, walks like cattle with her hands on her head & receives her whips. The ballgag muffles her cries.  She squirms with each impact. When the game is back on, they revert to the sitting position with the hands on their heads. Brittany's team loses. She begrudgingly strips her bra & bounces her tits on command. Her back arches when she takes her whips & cries with each stroke. Lucy tries to cover her huge tits when her bra is removed. Brittany has to shake her ass when she removes her panties &  gets nervous that she will have to sit on the stool for the final punishment. Multiple rounds of flogs & stripping makes them wide eyed & anxious. They cry when Kobe applies nipple clamps to their tits. This is the worst game they have ever played but there’s more to come!

Big Game Part 3 - Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr

Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr have been placed in a bet by their boyfriends over a game. If their team loses, their girlfriend will be beaten & paraded around by Kobe Lee. They hate being treated like cattle with their hands on their heads, but don't have any choice. They are handcuffed with wrists behind their backs but Lucy's team loses a play. She has to stand on the stool with the noose around her neck. Gasping in fear, she's afraid of tripping & awaits her fate. Brittany cries when they reapply her fallen nipple clamp. Things get worse when her team loses. Lucy is removed from the noose.  Brittany takes her place. Whimpering, she  hopes they have a change of heart. Each time a teams lose, the girls alternate positions until the end of the game. Lucy loses the bet! Kobe binds her wrists & knees. The stool is pushed out from under her. Quickly, Lucy is still. Tables turn on Kobe as they ballgag her & push her to her knees. She's ordered to remove her bikini.  She shyly tries to cover her tits surprised that they would double cross her. Brittany & Kobe are ordered to the wall for a round of flogging before being put on their knees. Scott calls his brother, Kobe's husband, & wants to make sure it’s ok if he kills her since she is a witness. Bobby wants a webcam view so he can finally see her killed. With guns in their mouths, both girls are shot. (implied)


Girls Retreat Part 3

Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms have serviced the goons (off camera) while Brittany Shae receives whippings from Scott Torvea. Arielle Lane stands guard  with her rifle so they don't cause problems. Dakota receives her floggings & trades place with Brittany. He pulls her panties to her knees & handcuffs her to the pole while Lucy Purr looks on helpless & tied. After their beatdowns, the guys  turn their guns on Arielle. She's confused. They explain that they don't need any women & put a pistol in her mouth before forcing her to strip her panties & put them in her mouth. She doesn't fight back & obediently takes the handcuffs before being led to the pole. She cries through her tapegag. He flogs her ass but arches on command. Scott uncuffs her hands so she can remove her dress. The other girls watch in horror as the baddies backstab their own. What will they do to them if they are that coldhearted? Arielle is bound to the pole around her waist, shoulders & ankles as the others cry. After torturing them, the girls need to be disposed because the men would be identified. The girls are taken one at a time & kneel in a row. Lucy & Arielle are released from their bondage & added to the line. Crying through gags, they panic at their fate. Lucy is dragged away, but Arielle is hooded because they liked her for coming up with the plan & don't want to see her brains sprayed every where. Brittany has a gun shoved in her mouth & blood goes everywhere. Kobe & Dakota are shocked, but shot as well, laying on the ground with blood dripping out of their mouths. Lucy & Arielle wait their turns. We hear two shots before fading out.

Girls Retreat Part 2

The girls weekend is not going well for Kobe Lee, Dakota Charms, Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr. The entertainment, Arielle Lane & her friends, ended up not being strippers, but  gun toting baddies. The girls are ordered to put their hands on their heads while Scott applies nipple clamps. They scream in agony through their ballgags as their sensitive nipples are groped & pinched. Lucy is bound to a post & watches in horror as her friends are humiliated & helpless to fight back.They are handcuffed while Lucy is released from her binds so Arielle can whip her ass. The flogging makes her squeal but she squeals more when he has her strip her top. Removing her handcuffs, she whimpers while removing her shirt, but the gun  motivates her to follow orders! Down to her bra, Scott reties her around the ankles & waist with her wrists handcuffed behind. Brittany is handcuffed to the pole & whipped. Crying, she's ordered to arch her back & stick out her ass. She's walked back so all of the girls can take turns getting flogged. Scott is irked that Lucy won't watch her friends get beaten & antagonizes her into watching.

Removing the nipple clamps, the girls scream as the sensations rush to their tits. Scott has his men take turns with the girls (not shown) while he flogs Brittany's ass an even brighter shade of red! How are they going to get out of this mess?

Girls Retreat Part 1

Lucy Purr, Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms arrive for a girls weekend in a cabin. The cabin owner arranged for strippers. They assume the weird are platforms for dancing.  The female dancer, Arielle Lane, has a bag that has a surprise! Arielle teases before pulling out a rifle, handcuffs, ropes,tape, ballgags, nipple clamps, whips & shovel. The men have pistols & point at the terrified girls. The girls whimper & follow directions to put hands on their heads. Yelling at Lucy to identify herself, Scott Torvea wraps his hands around her neck when she can't answer. Sputtering her name, he ballgags & handcuffs her before walking her to one of the platforms. She's recuffed with her hands behind her back & rope is bound on her shoulders, waist & ankles. The other girls cry while gagged & ordered to strip their tops one at a time. When Dakota balks, Scott grabs her tits & offers to do it for her, which hastens her stripping. They are ordered to walk back & forth with their hands on their heads like cattle before being forced to remove their skirts. Even though they are terrified & shaking in their high heels, they are commanded to walk sexy. The next round of walking involves removing their bras. Brittany hesitates. Scott throws her to the couch by her neck which motivates her. When her hands try to cover her tits, they command her to put them back on her head, which she does weakly through her tears. 


Handicapped Farting Roommates - Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Bambi Buttons need a helping roommate after a car accident & wear diapers & neck braces. Lucy has IBS & Bambi has control issues. You would change them & massage their necks. Their movements are limited because of whiplash. They tenderly hold their necks tell you what is going on in their diapers. Lucy stubs her toe & hops on one leg in agony. Bambi falls down & hobbles trying to regain composure.  They mention their diapers are filled but aren't ready to change it because they’re expensive. Holding their belly, they’re uncomfortable as they fill it more.  Time elapses.  They want to change their diaper in a sexy way & help each other strip off their shirts. It's so uncomfortable to pull it over the brace, but they're determined to show off for you. Talking about how they're going to explode, they giggle & struggle to force it out which causes discomfort in their necks. They argue about who's going to get changed first & strike blows. Even minor tussles cause extreme discomfort. They struggle  to the floor,  apologize & ask for help to the emergency room. This was a custom. There are no farting noises added as requested by the customer. Everything is implied.

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 4

Lucy Purr & Kobe Lee have been broken down into submissive sluts after their plan to take down a sex offender went wrong. He removes their ballgags for a blowjob (POV simulated) while skullfucking them. He regags & gropes their large tits while they cry. Bound doggy style, he fucks them (simulated). They cry at the impaling & drool through their ball gags. He demands they call him Master while receiving his cock. It's time to pimp them out & make some money on these bitches. Collared & leashed, he makes them crawl in on their hands & knees to their new owner. It’s a far cry from their former life as Dommes!

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 3

Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr start sex slave training by bound struggling on a Saint Andrews Cross. Scott Torvea shoves ball gags in their mouths. They moan in agony as he gropes their tits, but his spankings make them squeal in humiliation. Their asses redden. He demands they arch so he can have easier access. He loves watching their eyes flutter shut before letting them fall limp in their binds. The next phase of training will destroy them!

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 2

Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr's plan to take down a sex offender, Scott Torvea, didn't go well. They awaken with their arms over head. He grabs their large tits. It mortifies them to be manhandled in a humiliating manner, but they can't fight!  He strips their boots & clothes so they are exposed & vulnerable. Cutting their panties, he pantygags them. They know better than to spit them out. The punishment could be worse! A clear piece of tape is the reward for following directions. Spinning them, he smacks their ass & squeezes their large breasts. They squeal in embarrassment. He's training them to be sex slaves and will be begging to suck his cock!

Foot Teasing Bambi Buttons & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr leans back as Bambi Buttons kisses the soles of her feet. Holding her ankles with her red fingernails, Bambi loves her cute feet & playfully rubs and tickles them. Her fingers graze against Lucy's high arches causing her toes to lightly wiggle. Bambi is excited to have a turn. Lucy's surprised by how little her feet are! Even flexed Bambi's soles have a lot of wrinkles Lucy uses her finger to trace the lines. It tickles Bambi so Lucy returns to kissing.

Slut Training Kobe Lee & Lucy Purr Part 1

Lucy Purr & Kobe Lee plan revenge on Scott Torvea by posing as hookers. He beats up Dommes & trains them to be his sex slaves. He's excited about training them to be submissive sluts & doesn't expect them to tackle him to the ground. Kobe holds his wrists down while Lucy digs her over the knee boots into his balls. Taking him to their dungeon, they bind him with arms overhead & ballgag him when he calls them bitches. Grabbing his balls and nipples they squeeze until he moans in agony. They smack his ass & humiliate him as he struggles in his cuffs. Preparing for the rest of their punishment, they chloroform him, so they can transport him to another room. They have a buyer who wants to keep him as a pet. He's blindfolded, cuffed & collared with a leash that renders him completely helpless to these two femdoms!  Emily Torvea saunters in & looks at her new sub. Kobe & Lucy didn't know that she is one of Scott's own transformed slaves & are shocked when she releases him from his binds. Scott takes the opportunity to take down these annoying do-gooders!