Little Mina

Location: East Coast


Little Mina: She is a big actress in a little package.  Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 4'10"

Weight 85 lbs

Bust 32"

Waist 2"

Hips 32"

Cup A

Dress 0

Shoe 4.0

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Brown

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Little Mina Gets The Chair

Little Mina paces her cell awaiting her sentence. She's nervous about her punishment when the guard comes with her clothes. The uniform is returned to the prison. She pulls the orange jumpsuit down & cries at the spandex tube dress from the night she was arrested. This little black dress is the last thing she will wear. She obediently holds her arms out when he returns with handcuffs & has a last request of being blindfolded before her execution. He wraps a black blind fold around her eyes & shackles her ankles before walking her away. She's led to the electric chair. The guard sits her down & straps an arm down. He removes the handcuffs & shackles & binds her limbs. She whimpers. A strap goes around her waist. The guard reads her last rites. A wet sponge is placed on her head. The head piece is strapped to her head. The electrodes go on her calves. She's surprised when the switch is pulled. Her body tenses & vibrates. Her teeth bare as she receives the jolts. Her face swells against the strap of her headpiece. Her dress falls down to reveal perfect tits. Mina's toes curl as the electricity courses through her body. She gasps between rounds. The intensity increases as she proves sturdier than expected. Her head slumps. Her body lies limp in the binds. The guard checks her pulse & nods his head to the administrators. Time for the cleanup crew.

Auction Block 1 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Featuring Arielle Lane, Little Mina, and Paige Turner. Scott Torvea & a goon walk chained girls in front of a camera. They are property to be auctioned online. Top bidders can have the girls shipped to the buyer or watch them killed online. If they want them shipped after death, the buyer is required to pay shipping. The middle one isn't gagged, but he wraps a noose around her neck. If she opens her mouth, she will be shot. They're ordered to turn around & show their asses while he removes the chains. In fear, they follow his directions to turn around like cattle. There's no need for names & they are named 1 (Arielle), 2 (Mina), & 3 (Paige). Number 3 is shown & sold to a bidder who wants her packaged & sent to the Middle East. When 2 hears this, she cries in distress. Scott immediately wants to dispose of her, but the other baddie wants to get paid before they do anything. He pushes 3 to her knees & ballgags her so she can be prepped for shipping. A hood is placed over her head & she's moved to the side. 2 is ready for bidding & grimaces at the various bidders.  Some want to shoot her in the mouth, but she's to be hanged. She cries & is sent off for processing. A hood goes over her head & she waits on her knees. 1 is the final product &  she looks dejectedly at the floor as they start the auction.

Auction Block 2 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane (1), Little Mina (2), & Paige Turner (3)  were sold by a slave trader. 1 is the only one left for the auction & she follows directions like a piece of cattle. Someone paid to see her choked before being shot. The second goon takes her next to 2 & 3. They huddle on their knees in hoods.
Once sold the girls are on display for the audience. Scott stands them up & yanks their panties down to their thighs. They are required to shimmy them off without using their bound hands. The girls look at the camera with despair & await their fate. The second goon preps the rope & drags number 2 over. Her buyer wants the rope around her neck & in panties. She's forlorn as they noose her neck. They both hold the arms of 1 & have her kneel far from 2 so she doesn't get messy when shot!  1 slumps to the ground in a limp pile as the bullet goes through her. 3 panics seeing her friends taken out & whimpers. Throwing her on the floor face first, they bind her in a hogtie where she will stay until shipped.

Little Mina Pies Paige Turner

Little Mina is dwarfed by Paige Turner but tied her to a post with rope around her waist & arms behind her back. Mina's plan for humiliating her doesn't bother Paige. They spar insults about height & Mina taunts Paige to escape. Paige can't get free & struggles against her binds while Mina prepares revenge. She returns with a pie tin of whipped cream, Paige is worried but laughs when Mina can't reach her! Mina grabs a chair & plops the pie tin on her face allowing the whipping cream to drip down her face & down her chest. Paige slowly opens her mouth & eyes in shock, but Mina wipes away the mess so she can see Mina laughing at her! Paige quietly fumes at her embarrassing situation.  Mina takes off her dirty socks, shoving them in Paige's mouth. Paige grumbles in gag talk & formulates her counterattack on this pipsqueak. Mina plays with the cream & rubs the pan remnants on Paige's pretty brown hair.Paige's left to struggle in her sticky binds, but Mina returns to crown her with a bucket over her head! 

Little Mina's Pressure Cuffs Part 1

Little Mina sits on a table when Scott puts a bloodpressure cuff on her bicep. He squeezes it until  tight & she clenches her fist to raise the numbers on the dial.
Another friend stops by & puts the serpent arm bracelet on her. She admires her arm. They strip off her clothes including sneakers & ankle socks. The lingerie clashes with the jewelry, so it's removed.
Now nude, Scott pumps the pressure cuff tight & has her spin. While turning, he smacks her ass before ballgagging her mouth. She mmphs in surprise but plays the game.
They switch the armband & cuff on opposite arms. As he squeezes tighter, her gagtalk increases with sexy moans. Scott grabs a belt & whips her ass while both men hold her arms.
Using the belt to bind her biceps together, he pinches her nipples making her squeal. They hold her arms tighter before sitting her in a chair. Her legs kick & flail while they bind her. They slap her legs & feet while she struggles.
When they release the binds, she holds her arms forward & they tie her wrists. The pressure cuff is pumped & she squirms against the pressure. 

Little Mina's Pressure Cuffs Part 2

Little Mina is tied with her arms overhead & her friends smack her ass. The ballgag muffles her squeals as they pinch her nipples & squeeze her arms. The gag's removed & put they blood pressure cuff on her biceps, squeezing it harder to make the number go higher on the gauge. Scott asks if she is a good little slut who likes being dominated & she admits that she does despite her moaning. They walk back & forth with her arms down, wrists bound. Mina leans the opposite direction as their fingers dig in, making her flesh displace beneath their hands. She tries to flex the muscles & make them bounce, but they are holding too tightly. She can't leverage to move & has to go where they go. The pressure cuff is returned to her biceps & they pump tighter. The pressure makes Mina whimper, but walking while held annoys her as they drag her helpless body. When they strip the cuff, Mina's arm's red & sweaty. The ropes are removed & they switch the gold armband to the reddened arm so she can flex with the jewelry. Dragging her to the tabletop, they hold her biceps & demand she contract & expand her muscles. She cries from their dominating ways, but asks for more!

No More Nemesis - Little Mina

Little Mina taunts that she was sitting on your friend as a cushion, but will torture you. A good stomping with her sneakers will take you out & takes glee of your little body beneath her feet.
Her brutal bodybusting will take you out. Her soles beat down on you & she pulls you up to her face. She compares you to her nail & humiliates you for trying to fight someone so strong & powerful. You drop in her cleavage and she smothers you with her tits. Her ass squashes & grinds your little bones. Mina laughs at your misery & sits on you.

Arm Holding Little Mina 2

Little Mina is so happy to have her arm bangle delivered and puts it on her cute little arms. When she shows it off to her boyfriend and his friend, they make fun of her for loving it and grab her tiny arm. As hard as she tries flexing, she looks tiny and weak.

They grab her arms and make her flex while standing up, but she looks so comical as she tries to prove her strength. Her muscles look like mosquito bites and no bulge is to be found. Using all of her body weight, she tries to lean forward while they hold her arms, but they are so much stronger that she is not going anywhere.

Removing her shiny blouse so they can get a better look at her arms, she shows off her biceps in more detail. Even with the bangle pushing in on her flesh, they tease her about her muscles being pathetic. They grab her arms again and walk back and forth.

Mina removes her shirt and bra so that all of her muscles are on display, but it really does not make a difference. Because Mina is convinced that she is strong, they continue to walk her back and forth, giving her all the opportunity to be free from their grasp if only she can use her strength to get free. They finally just lift her by the elbows and carry her away!

Arm Holding Little Mina

Little Mina is so happy with her new purse and talks about how wonderful it is. She places it on her arms and poses with it. Everyone is going to be so jealous and she shows it off to her boyfriend and his friend.


They are amused by her love of this bag and make fun of her for spending so much. They grab her forearms while walking her back and forth and talk about how awful it is.


After awhile she gets tired of their teasing and tries to get free from their grasp. Mina struggles, but they only add an arm band around her forearms to mock her. She claims to be strong, but they make fun of how weak she really is. 


Giving her a chance to flex her biceps, she tries to show off her muscles before they grasp her arms again. They take the bag and arm band off because she thinks it is making her weaker and walk her around the room with her bare arms. 

She still is not strong enough, so they remove her shirt and she tries flexing beneath their grasp, but she is so weak and helpless against the strong men!

Mina finally admits that the purse was a bad purchase and they lift her up by her elbows and carry her away!

Booking Mina

Mina loves handcuffs so much that she committed a crime in order to get arrested. When the police arrive with a warrant she is excited and asks for the cuffs to be extra tight.

She is cuffed while sitting at the station and the cop starts booking her. Her mugshots are taken in the standard poses and she is told to face the wall so that her bindings can be removed. It is time for the strip search and she removes her clothes and shakes her hair. Time for the thorough check as her ears, mouth, and armpits are probed.

The less fun part occurs  as she is instructed to lift each breast for inspection. Mina is ordered to place her hands behind her head, squat and cough three times. She is then told to turn around, face the wall, bend over and spread her cheeks before coughing three times again.

Time to sit on the couch as her hands and feet are reviewed. All jewelry is given to the cop and she is asked if she has any tattoos that need to be recorded. It is jail policy not to give inmates a jumpsuit for 24 hours, so Mina will have to sit in the holding cell in this exposed nude state.

Mina is directed to face the wall again and the handcuffs are again placed on her wrists. Since this is what she gets off on, she asks for them to be tighter. Shackles are placed on her legs and she is sent to the holding cell to revel in the metal biting into her sensitive skin.

Angel's Warm Up Part 1

Angel has called her friends (Paige Erin Turner, Little Mina, Candle Boxxx) together as a warm up for her MMA fight and she figures that the three of them would equal one opponent. They decide to start out with arm wrestling and it becomes apparent that Angel has really strong arms even when they try to use both arms!

The next exercise is a bear hug and these girls have no idea what it involves. As each girl uses all their might to squeeze Angel, it becomes comical. Mina is so tiny that Angel does not notice that she is on her. Paige is amazingly able to lift Angel, but it does not affect her at all! Angel easily takes the breath out of each girl. 

Angel's Warm Up Part 2

Angel has been bear hugging her friends to train for her big fight. After Candle is knocked out, they decide to move on to scissoring. Candle wraps her long legs around Angel's tight waist and despite her legs quivering with exertion, it has no effect on Angel. Paige's strong legs are like spaghetti noodles on Angel and despite Mina exerting all of her weight, she is just so tiny that it is futile. When Angel wraps her legs around her competition, they all wheeze and moan as the breath is taken away.

It was fun to test against them, but these girls cannot beat Angel.