Little Mina

Location: East Coast


Little Mina: She is a big actress in a little package.  Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 4'10"

Weight 85 lbs

Bust 32"

Waist 2"

Hips 32"

Cup A

Dress 0

Shoe 4.0

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Brown

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Little Mina's Broken Foot

Little Mina changes a lightbulb in her platform shoes despite a fear of heights. Using a ladder, she climbs high, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. Crying, she tenderly rubs the pain. Scott Torvea runs in and gingerly removes her high heel. Her tan pantyhose constrict the swollen ankle. She rolls to her back so he can cut them off. Wrapping a towel around her legs, he stabilizes it before encasing it in elastic wrap. He lifts her by her armpits and warns her not to put pressure on her foot. He holds her waist as she hops in her single stiletto. They return home and her leg is in a blue cast. Her dress's rolled up so she can hop with ease. She's thankful for the help when she was helpless. It's hot to be taken care of in her time of need. It's so manly. Scott licks her toes and black toenails. She vibrates herself. Talking about her hurt foot gets her off. She cums hard. 


Daddy's Pantyhose Girl - Little Mina

Hello Daddy! These tan pantyhose you bought me feel so good. It would feel better if you cum on them. I will help! Pull out your yummy cock and rub up and down your shaft as I caress my legs. You love my wiggling toes and nylon soles. These feel so silky smooth. I lick my lips in excitement as you jerk. Do a little twist at the head and go down to the balls. I play with the waistband. You get hard for your daughter. I can see the veins popping out. My pointed toes rub each other. I want you to taste and smell these nylons. I can see your precum. I want you to wait until I tell you. Look at my arches. You're getting me new shoes that fit my tiny feet. Let's do a big cum countown from 20 but you have to orgasm on my wiggling feet when I finish. That's so much jizz on my pantyhose! That was fun. Now we can go shoe and stocking shopping! I love you Daddy!


Belly Punching Maid - Little Mina & Paige Turner

Paige Erin Turner chats on the phone about how awful her hired help is while her maid cleans.  Posing in her white tank top and full back panties, Paige doesn't realize how spoiled and bitchy she is. Little Mina listens as her boss talks about her former maid who beat up Paige. Paige's adamant that she will beat down this little Asian girl if she gets attitude. Grabbing Mina's arms, Paige lays down the law about staying away from her husband and to give respect like a slave. Mina rebels and gets slapped. This tiny girl knows Paige is weak and pokes her belly button. Paige runs. Mina chases and yanks off her shirt as she tries to escape. After one belly punch, Paige heaves and crawls on her hands and knees. Mina throws her against the wall and lands gut punches, holding a moment to reiterate her dominance. The jabs are slow and methodical. Mina wants her to suffer. Coughing, Paige falls to the ground and crawls. She leans over the couch with her ass in the air hoping to protect her tender tummy and begs to be hit anywhere but her stomach. Mina pushes her lower back and jams Paige's abs into the hard furniture. Flipping Paige to her back, Mina pushes her fist into her belly button and holds. Grabbing her sore belly, she's too weak to stop the petite girl from taking her back to the wall. Mina takes her time and allows Paige to lean forward before beating her again.  Wheezing, Paige is left to suffer on the floor. 

Card Game CatFight - Lucy Purr & Little Mina

Little Mina and Lucy Purr sit barefoot and banter as they place $100 bets on a card game. They accuse the other of cheating and strip their scout uniforms to prevent hidden cards. Once nude, they deal the cards. Both have sneaky ways of cheating. Lucy splashes her drink on Mina. The table goes crashing in the air! Punches fly with uppercuts and belly punching. Lucy coughs. Mina throws her to the ground and chokes her neck. Gasping, Lucy pushes her feet into Mina's belly and against the wall. Exhausted, they punch before falling to the ground. They pull hair and grapple for dominance until one girl is left on the ground after being choked. The winner takes the money and leaves.

Giantess Little Mina's Boring Friends

Little Mina is stuffed from eating so many little men & wants to play with the ones that weren't consumed. They bore her. She sits & grinds on them with her big ass. They stick to her booty but one tries to escape. Dropping her butt on them, she bounces & ass drops on their fragile bodies. The booty bounce makes her feel powerful over such weaklings but she's impressed when they try to run away. Using her bare hands, she presses her palms together & smushes them until a sticky mess. Squeezing their legs & arms makes her laugh as they cry in agony. Forgetting the rest of the tiny men beneath her ass, she crushes them with her hands. Taking off her red bra, her large tits smother them. Her red fingernails grab her nipples while pushing & squeezing her tits together. She challenges herself to see how many little men fit in her cleavage while ass smothering the rest of the itty men. They stop fighting back & she wonders if they are ok. Maybe she played a little too hard! It doesn't matter as they are disposable & there are always more.

Giantess Little Mina's Plaything

Little Mina stomps & finds little men to play with. Dangling their helpless bodies above the ground, she taunts them. They can't escape from a large, powerful woman! They look tasty in her palm. She fills her hand with her tiny toys. Opening her mouth & sticking her tongue out, she lets her victim sit on her tongue before swallowing him whole. He fights. She likes his struggle down her throat to her stomach. Her red fingernails place the next appetizer in her mouth & pats her belly as he falls to his new home. Her mother taught her to never play with her food. Mom isn't around. Mina squishes a little guy between the cleavage of her red bra. Smushing him between her tits feels good. She makes fun of him! Her playthings try to run away. She ass smothers them. Bouncing her butt up & down, she loves feeling them suffer beneath her. She's angry when one bites her. She squeezes him to a pulp between her palms. His eyes pop out! He tastes good with the extra flavor. She finds a couple crying & spares their lives in benevolence but can't resist licking them. They have a great flavor & gulps them down. Mina loves playing with her food! Time to find some more victims!

Little Mina's Date Night

Featuring Little Mina! We should have fun before our date! Pass me those tan pantyhose because I know how much you like watching me put them on. Do you love how I roll them over my pointed toes & stretch my legs? You're excited & I love pleasing you. Standing, I turn around & pull them over my ass. Sitting, I rub my red fingernails over my legs. wWe both get turned on. I give a handjob before going down on you with my mouth. (simulated POV) Sucking your dick with my pantyhose ass in the air is naughty. My hands rip the gusset. See my spread pussy. Stick it in & fuck me while my stocking feet are in the air. I encourage you to smell my nylon soles. Grab my feet while pounding me. Turning sideways, I tear the thighs of the stockings with my teeth & hands. You bring me close to the edge. Flipping to doggystyle, I bounce on your cock & continue ripping the pantyhose. With guttural moans, my ass hangs out of the shredded pantyhose & bounces as we fuck. Cum with me! After cumming, it's time for some new pantyhose!

Little Mina's Pantyhose JOI

Featuring Little Mina! You're so excited staring at me in these tan pantyhose. Stroke your cock while I rub my nylon legs. They're soft as my red fingernails graze my thighs, down my calves & down to the white stilettos. Dangling the high heel off my foot, I tease you with my size 4 feet but leave one shoe on. The stocking toes wiggle, point & tease as I encourage you to jerk off. Dangling the other pump, your eyes focus on my arches until it drops off. Rubbing my feet next to each other, I want your precum all over my wiggling red toenails. Go faster until I tell you to go slow & steady. Putting my feet in a silky smooth footjob position, smell my nylon feet. Jerk yourself while my feet smother your face. I dip one foot down to your balls while you keep smelling & jerking. Make love to my feet because these are only for you! Hands off your cock & you have to wait until I tell you. Start with the tip while I lay on my belly & swing my feet. I kick them to the rhythm I want you to stroke. Crawling on the couch with my ass in the air, I readjust the pantyhose gusset so the seam goes straight down my ass crack. I want you to cum all over these nylons & mess them up. Put the tip on my wiggling feet while I do a cum countdown. You're such a good boy to release for me!


Little Mina's Last Gasp

Little Mina is getting a lethal injection & brought to the death chamber in her orange prison uniform. The executioner has her remove her keds sneakers before being strapped to the gurney. She reveals her red toenails & fingernails. Once cuff bound, the doctor reveals her bra & applies electrodes to her chest for the EKG. He notes the time & asks for any last words before opening the IV allowing the poison to flow in. Feeling a sting as the needle is inserted in her arm, she asks if it will hurt. He tries to be reassuring but there will be tightness in her chest that should be over quickly. Mina feels a burn & can't move her body. It feels like needle pricks. Gasping, it feels like a tight band around her chest. The quick beep of the monitor indicates her heart is racing with fear of her impending death. She tries to slip peacefully into sleep & wheezes. Her body tenses. Her feet twitch. She moans softly. Her back arches in a last effort to survive & falls limp as she lets go. Opening her eyes, her visions fades. She tries to close them, but no longer has control of her body. Her heartbeat slows. Her eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. The heart monitor lessens until barely registering a pulse. A final shudder passes through her tiny body as the air leaves her lungs for the last time in a weak sigh. A steady tone from the EKG signals that she is dead. The examiner confirms death with his stethoscope. Her feet & hands twitch even in the afterlife because of the struggle. Releasing her limp body from the cuffs, he strips her uniform, bra & panties while admiring her perfect body. A toe tag goes on her toes. Her remains wait for the cleanup crew.


Little Mina Gets The Chair

Little Mina paces her cell awaiting her sentence. She's nervous about her punishment when the guard comes with her clothes. The uniform is returned to the prison. She pulls the orange jumpsuit down & cries at the spandex tube dress from the night she was arrested. This little black dress is the last thing she will wear. She obediently holds her arms out when he returns with handcuffs & has a last request of being blindfolded before her execution. He wraps a black blind fold around her eyes & shackles her ankles before walking her away. She's led to the electric chair. The guard sits her down & straps an arm down. He removes the handcuffs & shackles & binds her limbs. She whimpers. A strap goes around her waist. The guard reads her last rites. A wet sponge is placed on her head. The head piece is strapped to her head. The electrodes go on her calves. She's surprised when the switch is pulled. Her body tenses & vibrates. Her teeth bare as she receives the jolts. Her face swells against the strap of her headpiece. Her dress falls down to reveal perfect tits. Mina's toes curl as the electricity courses through her body. She gasps between rounds. The intensity increases as she proves sturdier than expected. Her head slumps. Her body lies limp in the binds. The guard checks her pulse & nods his head to the administrators. Time for the cleanup crew.

Auction Block 1 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Featuring Arielle Lane, Little Mina, and Paige Turner. Scott Torvea & a goon walk chained girls in front of a camera. They are property to be auctioned online. Top bidders can have the girls shipped to the buyer or watch them killed online. If they want them shipped after death, the buyer is required to pay shipping. The middle one isn't gagged, but he wraps a noose around her neck. If she opens her mouth, she will be shot. They're ordered to turn around & show their asses while he removes the chains. In fear, they follow his directions to turn around like cattle. There's no need for names & they are named 1 (Arielle), 2 (Mina), & 3 (Paige). Number 3 is shown & sold to a bidder who wants her packaged & sent to the Middle East. When 2 hears this, she cries in distress. Scott immediately wants to dispose of her, but the other baddie wants to get paid before they do anything. He pushes 3 to her knees & ballgags her so she can be prepped for shipping. A hood is placed over her head & she's moved to the side. 2 is ready for bidding & grimaces at the various bidders.  Some want to shoot her in the mouth, but she's to be hanged. She cries & is sent off for processing. A hood goes over her head & she waits on her knees. 1 is the final product &  she looks dejectedly at the floor as they start the auction.

Auction Block 2 - Arielle Lane, Little Mina & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane (1), Little Mina (2), & Paige Turner (3)  were sold by a slave trader. 1 is the only one left for the auction & she follows directions like a piece of cattle. Someone paid to see her choked before being shot. The second goon takes her next to 2 & 3. They huddle on their knees in hoods.
Once sold the girls are on display for the audience. Scott stands them up & yanks their panties down to their thighs. They are required to shimmy them off without using their bound hands. The girls look at the camera with despair & await their fate. The second goon preps the rope & drags number 2 over. Her buyer wants the rope around her neck & in panties. She's forlorn as they noose her neck. They both hold the arms of 1 & have her kneel far from 2 so she doesn't get messy when shot!  1 slumps to the ground in a limp pile as the bullet goes through her. 3 panics seeing her friends taken out & whimpers. Throwing her on the floor face first, they bind her in a hogtie where she will stay until shipped.