Jacquelyn Velvets

Location: East Coast


Jacquelyn Velvets: She is simply beautiful. Her attention to detail, charm and unbelievable sex appeal are only some of the reasons she is fantastic on film. Here is some information on her and some images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 130 lbs

Bust 36"

Waist 27"

Hips 36"

Cup C

Dress 4

Shoe 7.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Green

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Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Underwear

Jacquelyn Velvets is a bumbling burglar & tries to break into a safe. It takes all of her strength to pull it from the hiding place but her struggles will be worth it! She wears a tool belt that also holds her pants up. Crouching, she tries every tool,  but the last one is stuck despite desperate pulling. Frustrated, she strips her belt & releases it.She opens the safe. Admiring her prize, she doesn't notice her pants sliding down, revealing her underwear. She trips over her pants which are around her ankles. Falling face first with her butt in the air, she moans in pain. Adding insult to injury, she hears the police sirens in the background! She searches for trinkets near a bed. A POV dog (simulated) comes up behind & stares at her ass while she's crouched on her hands & knees. Jacquelyn tries to shoo it away. It gets angry & charges her pants, ripping a huge hole! Her white full back panties are on display. Jacquelyn rubs her sore butt, yelling at the pooch. When charged again, she runs away without her spoils! Finding a new location, she skulks around until she finds collectibles. She bends over & hears a loud rip! Surprised, she looks between her legs & finds her panties revealed. Upset, she feels the hole to see how big it is but tugging makes it tear larger. She removes them for inspection & stands in underwear & socks. The loud sirens panic her. She throws her pants aside, grabs the loot & runs off in just her t-shirt & panties.

Arrested Arm Holding - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets calls the police & turns herself in for a warrant. Two male officers arrive to arrest her. She's disappointed that she turned herself in voluntarily & they find it necessary to roughly hold her upper arms at the same time. If they don't hold onto her, she has to be handcuffed. She doesn't want her neighbors to see that! Grabbed & escorted, she doesn't struggle physically, but makes frequent references to her arms being held. During her walk of shame, it's strange to be escorted by her biceps. Their fingers dig into her flesh. She goes where they lead & tries not to complain! Even if she tried to run, she wouldn't get far in her high heels & miniskirt.

Kobe Lee & Jacquelyn Velvets Are Stuck

Kobe Lee tries to push her car because it won't start. It won't budge. She's sexy in her knee high boots & tight leather skirt but it doesn't help with leverage. Jacquelyn Velvets saunters up in over the knee boots & offers help. It's easier with 2 girls! Lunge positions don't work. They try pushing with their asses. Using a side angle, they push with their hips but it's not moving.  They try to budge it from the front of the car but it makes their arms & legs weak from exertion. It feels like someone is watching them, so they give a show while pushing their car. The movements become sexually exaggerated as they arch & pose their curvy bodies against the car.   With each push they moan & thrust in doggy style while giving little flashes up their skirts.  If only they could push harder!

Foot Smelling Sisters - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Arielle Lane wore socks for one week without changing or washing her feet. Her sister, Jacquelyn Velvets, is researching the genetic implications of smelly feet. Without taking off her old sneakers, Arielle's vinegar feet waft through the air. For comparison, Jacquelyn wore nylon socks & shoes. Jacquelyn pretends not to like the smell but secretly loves stinky feet. She removes the keds sneakers, revealing sweat stained ankle socks. Gasping for breath, Jacquelyn's amazed by the pungent aroma & reminisces as Arielle recounts stories of her smelly feet. The sweaty socks peel off. Arielle is embarrassed by her aromatic feet. Wiggling her soles, it feels good to be out of the dirty socks. Jacquelyn excitedly inhales her feet & is orgasmic by the blue cheese smell. Jacquelyn smells her own feet & takes notes of the black ankle socks. Removing soaked socks, she's excited by how bad her feet smell & offers Arielle a whiff of tootsies. Comparing feet, Arielle notes the nuances. Arielle knows of Jacquelyn's foot fetish but doesn't let on & teases her by suggesting that she wash her feet or burn her socks. Jacquelyn has one more test & lies on the ground with Arielle's feet above her face. Arielle talks about her feet. Jacquelyn slips her hands down her skirt & rubs herself to orgasm. Arielle knows what she's doing, laughing at her foot loving sister! After cumming, Jacquelyn begs her to wear the same socks for another week!

Jacquelyn Velvets Bad Date FULL Version

Jacquelyn Velvets is on a first date. Scott Torvea asks if she wants to do some light bondage.  She agrees & allows him to tie her hands behind her back. Seeing more rope she asks what else he's going to tie. He mentions her legs. She queries what happens next. He laughs that's it as he loves seeing a curvy woman bound! The ropes are tight but she's a trooper & toughs it out. While rigging her legs, Scott gets a phone call & asks if he can take it in the other room. Curious, Jacquelyn hops to the door & hears him brag about how pretty she is. It gets weird when he mentions that he wants to keep her forever. Scared, she wiggles free from the ankle ties & escapes. Her arms are tied. She wanders through a desolate forest & becomes stuck in the ground. Struggling without the use of her hands, she  releases her foot from the boot & hobbles in one shoe. Walking on her sock clad toe & hopping on one boot, she avoids the prickly forest floor. Scott finds her trail & throws her over his shoulder, carrying her away. His toys aren't allowed to leave. He leaves the remaining one on. Her socked foot fights as hard as her boot clad one, but he ties them tightly. She pleads & struggles for release but he leaves her alone to get tired. Struggling to the floor, she can't reach her ankles even as she arches her back. Her sock clad foot points & flexes trying to find leverage, but she's stuck. He hogties her because she's a fighter! Her movements are limited. Exhausted, she tries to escape even though it is futile. This isn't how her date was supposed to end!

Two Girl Twister - Jacquelyn Velvets & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai and Jacquelyn Velvets decide to play twister and forgot how challenging it could be! It's so sexy as they bend over in their tiny booty shorts with their curvy asses in the air. The large t-shirts allow upblouse and downblouse shots of their bras and cleavage. Eventually the tops slide down and their bras are exposed as their limbs intertwine. Grunting from the exertion, they try to maintain their balance until Jasmin falls down!  Both are hot and sweaty from the stretches, but now they are ready for the next round. This time they are warmed up and ready for serious yoga positions!

No Remorse - Dakota Charms & Jacquelyn Velvets

Dakota Charms is an inmate being interviewed before getting her final sentence. The interviewer, Jacquelyn Velvets, is not shocked or outraged by her cold responses even as Dakota blames the victim for trying to be a hero. There is no remorse for killing him. Jacquelyn asks why Dakota asked for the electric chair instead of the usual lethal injection. In a cocky tone, Dakota knows the legal system is slow & the chair won't work after years of disuse. She arrogantly believes she can work the appeals system for a pardon. The guard preps the chair & confident the switch will be pulled. Dakota walks barefoot, in shackles toward the execution room with guards holding her arms. Seeing the chair, she stops in her tracks & tries to flee. The guard grabs & rips her blouse open. Jacquelyn grabs her arms as Dakota kicks & screams while strapped down. The metal leg cuffs are replaced with binds attached to the chair. The guard reads the warrant & asks for her final words. Her last pleas are for anything but the electric chair. Convulsing in tears, the severity of her punishment sinks in. Humility replaces hubris. He blindfolds, wires her leg & puts on the headpiece. The wet sponge is attached & there's a technology that doesn't require shaved heads. Dakota protests as they check wiring but she's not escaping this predicament. Unable to see anything, the first jolt causes her to jump in surprise. The remaining shocks are frenetic & her body spasms slightly after the electricity stops. Between rounds, she gasps, groans, cries & begs but they are not stopping until it's completed. The currents course through her body in multiple sessions until her head flops to the side. Her body is limp.

Meeting The Neighbor - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets comes home after work & waves to her neighbor. He sneaks to her backyard to watch her strip to her black lace bra & panties. She admires herself in the mirror. He imagines what she would look like tied on the bed. Her hogtie allows her to writhe but is inescapable. The silk scarf cleave gag muffles her moans but shows off her beautiful eyes widened in fear. She arches and pulls on the ropes. it emphasizes how helpless she is in fantasy. He sneaks back to watch her take a shower. His mind wanders. Jacquelyn is bound with her wrists in front, ankles bound & cleavegagged. She whimpers as the binds get wet & wiggles in the wet cage. The neighbor enters & sneaks behind Jacquelyn. Putting his hand over her mouth he quiets her while putting weight on her. The handgag works until he removes it. She screams in terror. She's on the bed with her wrists & ankles tied. Her cleave gag allows for moaning.  Struggling on the bed, she becomes still as he cuts off her dress. His hands grope her large tits. She cries at her fate. He hears police sirens & promises they will be together forever. He escapes without releasing her.

Friend Shrinking Lesson - Jacquelyn Velvets

This custom is based on the camera "walking" through Jacquelyn Velvets with a side story of shrinking.Jacquelyn puts a spandex dress over her gold bikini & admires herself in the mirror, knowing she looks great. A little lipgloss & powder add the finishing touches as someone knocks.

Her backstabbing friend came by &Jacquelyn laughs as she plans revenge. They imbibe in a drink & the frienemy quickly shrinks. Jacquelyn is gleeful about her humiliating transformation & berates her for being an awful person. She always made Jackie feel bad. It's time for her to feel small & insignificant. There's no way for her to be saved! Lifting her by her fingers, Jacquelyn dumps her in the toilet & flushes her away. Nobody should get in her way! 

The Chair - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets paces her cell, holding her neck in worry. The guard says she will get the electric chair instead of the gallows. She asks if it hurts. He explains it's the most humane treatment. She walks in leg shackles to the execution room. She's pensive as he removes the cuffs at her wrists & ankles so she can strip her jeans & jewelry. He reads her sentence & asks for her last words. She apologizes for murdering the victim & wants her punishment to be over. She sits in the chair as he binds her limbs & waist. He applies the blindfold, helmet with a built in sponge, & electrodes to her calves. She asks to collect her thoughts & breathes deeply. This modern chair allows her to keep her long hair but the thought of alternating currents coursing through her body is frightening. Getting her nerve, she demands that he do it & get it over with.

The switch is flipped & her body convulses while her teeth clench. Moaning & squealing, she takes the volts in repeated doses. Her feet flex & shake but it takes more than one round. Panting, she pleads for rope so it can be over. The last round did the trick & Jacquelyn is finally dead.

Stranded & Sold - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets has car trouble & walks in her knee boots toward a warehouse. She's invited in & has a drink. Her eyes flutter, showing the whites, & she falls to the floor in a limp pile. When she awakens, her wrists & elbows are tied tightly behind her back. She struggles to sit up & yells for help. The baddie returns & gags her mouth with panties & a ballgag. The mouthpacking muffles her mmmphs. She sobs softly to herself. He returns with more rope & rigs her in a tight hogtie. He takes pictures for a mysterious person on the phone & talks about a pickup & price.  She's for sale & this scares her. There has to be a way out of this! 

Sexy Surprise - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets primps in a sexy black negligee, waiting for her boyfriend. An intruder watches her & she assumes it's her boyfriend when she hears a noise. He doesn't answer & she wanders into the living room. He puts his hands over her mouth to quiet her screams & drags her to the bedroom. Jackie's legs kick, but he's too strong for her! She awakens on the bed cleavegagged & bound at her wrists & ankles. Jacquelyn struggles to escape, but can only writhe in misery until her captor enters. He gropes her sexy body & taunts her gagtalk. Pulling her hair, he grabs her neck, & spanks her ass to let her know who is in charge. Hearing sirens in the distance, he leaves. After she has escaped her binds, he returns while she's napping. Putting his hands over her mouth to stifle her crying, he binds her spreadeagle to the bed. His hands wander over her body as she struggles against his touch. His hands cover her mouth even though she is cleave gagged because he likes feeling her delicate jaw beneath his strong hands. It was just a dream & Jacquelyn awakens in a jolt. Feeling dirty after her nightmare, she takes a shower. She heads to the kitchen after hearing a noise. Her fears were real, & she's dragged off by the intruder. She awakens with her ankles & arms tied in front. This is for real. She cringes at his plans for a long trip. He covers her mouth as she cries in fear. While he packs some things, she struggles against her bindings. She's able to free her hands & hurries to remove the leg ties. Hiding, she bangs him on the head when he returns & flees.