Jacquelyn Velvets

Location: East Coast


Jacquelyn Velvets: She is simply beautiful. Her attention to detail, charm and unbelievable sex appeal are only some of the reasons she is fantastic on film. Here is some information on her and some images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 130 lbs

Bust 36"

Waist 27"

Hips 36"

Cup C

Dress 4

Shoe 7.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Green

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Experimental Shrinking - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets comes home. Her roommates are at school. She puts science experiment chemicals in the fridge and naps.  Waking up, she's late for a beach party. She strips her tank top and daisy dukes to primp her microbikini. She puts on sandals. Walking to the kitchen, she shocked that her experiment is gone. Her friends must have consumed it and shrunk! Not seeing or hearing a small friend on the chair, her big booty sits on him. Rushing to the living room, her big ass bends over the couch looking for them. Sitting POV, she doesn't hear the crunch of bones. She ass smothers their bodies. Pacing and panicked, she goes to the  beach and hopes for the best.

Slave Trading Jacquelyn Velvets Part 3

Scott Torvea puts limp Jacquelyn Velvets on a sofa and collars his slave. Her head flops and mouth agape as he adds a leash. Awakening, she slowly sneaks away, but he puts her shoulder in a hold that makes her go to sleep. His new toy can't run away before slut training. Ordered to crawl like a puppy, she balks. The tazer makes her compliant. Crying, she's humiliated and embarrassed to be treated like a piece of meat, but follows directions. Scott tazes her till she convulses in a limp pile. Moved to a cage, she awakens angry. He injects her with something to make her groggy. He handcuffs her wrists behind her back. A tape gag and tape around her ankles keeps her immobilized when she wakes up. Slapping her ass, he closes the door, and leaves her.

Slave Trading Jacquelyn Velvets Part 2

Undercover Cop, Jacquelyn Velvets, is limp and bound. Scott Torvea takes pictures for his sex slave trading ring. Untying and removing her red ballgag, he expects a lot of money from her curvy body. Lifting and carrying her in an over the shoulder carry, he slaps her big ass. Throwing her sleeping body on the couch, he strips the daisy dukes off to reveal her skimpy bikini. Awakening in his arms, he drags her away and hand smothers her when she won't answer his interrogation. His hands go over mouth, squeezing her nose each time he asks for information. She's a stubborn bitch. The whites of her eyes show. He chokes her out. Slumped in a limp pile, Scott awakens her by splashing with a bucket of water. Refusing to answer, he dunks her head in water repeatedly. The water torture continues. She gasps each time he gives her a chance to answer. Passing out, he comes up with a new way to abuse her. Carried to the bed, he ragdolls her limbs and smacks her ass. Checking her mouth and eyes, he admires her pretty face. Her bound arms spread over head, she awakens and begs for release. Crying, she offers to reveal her identity. It's too late for mercy.

Slave Trading Jacquelyn Velvets Part 1

Jacquelyn Velvets is an undercover cop posing as a model for a photoshoot of the leading sex slave trafficker. Scott Torvea know she's lying about her identity, but plays dumb. She snoops  looking for clues. He has her pose in daisy dukes, tank top and red wedge shoes. She's hesitant to get on her knees and helpless as he chloroforms her. Struggling to escape, she grapples and fights, but he pins her down and bangs her head on the ground. Her eyes roll and flutter, passing out as he puts her in an armhold. Ragdolling her limp body like a marionette doll, her legs flop, head rolls and arms flail. Rolling her over and slapping her ass, he checks her phone to figure out who she is. Interrogating her, she claims innocence. Getting nowhere, he grabs her arms and chloros her until she's sleeping in his lap. He ragdolls again, checks her mouth and wraps his meaty hands around her neck. Admiring his new toy, he cradle carries her to a massage table. Plopping her down with her legs spread, it dawns on him that this bitch is Agent Velvets! She's been a pain in the ass for the sex slave trade, but he's going to be rich from selling her! Grabbing under her armpits, he drags her causing her to rouse. She's weak. He doesn't need rope and strips her t-shirt without struggle. Her bikini top from the shoot is exposed, and she can't escape his belly punching. A face punch knocks her out. He belly punches after she's limp. Waking, she gets her bearings. He puts a gas mask on her face and go back to sleep!

Super Girl Shrinks You - Jacquelyn Velvets

SuperGirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) asks if you like your new shrunk size? She's the best girlfriend for making your shrinking fantasies come true! you look up at her red boots and uniform. She grabs you for a kiss. you're delicious as she licks your face with her long tongue. you're bound in a chair despite your small size. She runs her long nails over your helpless body. you can't get away, not that you would want to get away from her kisses and licking. you  lie there and take it! Her big ass hovers over your tiny body. She's powerful as she smothers you. Grinding and crushing your face, she loves feeling your squirming. you're the perfect human furniture even if your bones break. How does it feel to be overpowered by Super Girl?

Mom Giantess - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets comes home and can't find her family, but is angry to see the messy house. She can't waste time housecleaning instead of working on her shrink ray. Her black sneakers almost crushes her offspring every time she walks by their little bodies. They played with her shrinking device. It worked! Her large ass sits on her daughter. She can't hear her screams. Finding food in a wrapper, she takes a bite without realizing her son is hanging on perilously. A crunch is heard. She stomps on her son's body but thinks it's candy. Sitting with crossed legs, she complains about all of the tasks on her plate. Standing, one of her brethren is stuck to her big ass. Giving up, she wanders off to work.


Cannibal Damsels - Jacquelyn Velvets, Autumn Borrelli & Jasmin Jai

Jacquelyn Velvets, Autumn Borrelli & Jasmin Jai struggle in handcuffs and try escaping but their captors catch them. With guns pointed, they offer jewelry if they will leave. The men wander off for loot. Autumn tries to open the door, but handcuffs restrict her movement. The Baddies find her. Jacquelyn throws her under the bus in hope of getting leniency. They remove the cuffs and force the girls to strip so they won't try to run away. Since Jacquelyn was "helpful" she only has to strip to her lingerie. They try covering themselves in modesty, but when recuffed, they're fully exposed. They make too much noise and ballgags are pulled out. The girls convince the guys to let them do a sexy dance. Scared, they dance despite the silver cuffs holding their arms behind their backs. The baddies are about to leave but have a video of past victims. Jacquelyn, Autumn and Jasmin are nervous but curious to see what they did. The men are nervous that they will scream and have ballgags ready. The video shows 3 victims blindfolded and ballgagged led by leashes to a wood chipper. The present girls whimper in fear as it's turned on and gagged when they see the massacre. They have to die because they witnessed the bodies going through the chipper. The men debate on how to kill them, but Jacquelyn gag talks a solution. She promises not to scream or ask not to be killed. Jacquelyn also has to choose which friend will die by suffocation from a bag or drowning if spared. If she won't, she will be murdered for interrupting. There's a bonus that she gets to help in her choice of drowning. Jacquelyn isn't ready to drown her friend Autumn, but her captor doesn't give her a choice. He removes her handcuffs as she watches Autumn struggle in a hogtie and cry through her ballgag. Jacquelyn plugs the bathtub and turns on the water so she drowns. She struggles frantically in fear. He walks Jacquelyn to her friend Jasmin, who is waiting for her fate. A camera is set up for online bidders and the girls are forced to their knees. Handcuffed and ballgagged, they look miserable as they struggle. He shows their asses to the camera before being sold to homicidal cannibals. Chained around their necks and waists, they're bound to cinder blocks and a makeshift grill as he prepares the fire.  


Body Busting Part 2 - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is held by her biceps. Arielle Lane teases her body with a baseball bat before whacking her abused belly. Ramming the end of the bat in her tummy, makes her squeal. Her cries are muffled as Scott Torvea holds her by the throat to prevent escape. Switching sides, they show no mercy and pull her down for some hand to belly punching and more batting. A barbell is dropped repeatedly. Jacquelyn's exhausted from the torment. Mocking, Scott whacks a wood plank against her sore abs. Blood appears on her lips and she chokes but saved by the sounds of sirens. Jacquelyn rolls on the floor in agony and clutches her beaten belly as the baddies run off

Body Busting Part 1 - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is belly punched by Arielle Lane. A face punch turns the tables. Arielle's abs are beaten. Weakened and wincing in pain, Jacquelyn twists her hand in Arielle's sore tummy while mocking her opponent. Jabs to the nose make Arielle whoozy. Jacquelyn beats Arielle's flat belly and hair pulls. Scott Torvea arrives and punches her belly and cunt busts.  Jacquelyn's arms are held behind her in turns as the baddies strike her stomach. She lies on the floor. They stomp and hit her navel. She cries. The taut tummy gets bruised from the impact. She ballbusts Scott. Angered, Arielle holds Jacquelyn's arms. Scott uses a baseball bat and reddens her perfect belly.

Bound Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets expects Arielle Lane, but finds Scott Torvea who puts his hands over her mouth and holds her arms behind her back. Arielle knocks as Jacquelyn's cleavegagged and rope bound at her wrists and ankles. Arielle finds her in bondage and oblivious to him sneaking up behind her so he can bind her (Onscreen tying). She winces as he cinches the ties and her arms tightly behind her back. They struggle and try to escape as he loots. Arielle spits out her cleave gag and loosens ropes. He returns as Arielle unties Jacquelyn's binds. Arielle jabs his crotch and runs out the door in her keds sneakers, encouraging Jacquelyn to run in high heel mules. Arielle returns to him holding a knife to Jacquelyn's throat. She complies with his demands and they're tape bound on a bed in bra and panties. He humiliates them by groping their tits and smacking their asses. Arielle's feisty and Jacquelyn's whimpering is loud. He tapegags them. Struggling, their bare feet wiggle in their binds. Their wrists clench for escape, but they;re aren't getting out of this!


Jacquelyn Velvets Eats

Jacquelyn Velvets answers the door in a black swim suit and black stilettos. She's talking and chewing with her her mouth open but notices you staring. Teasing with crunchy foods like nuts and crackers, you see her teeth breaking down the tough food and mastication process on her tongue. Her mouth closes and opens to show the stages of breaking it down to mush. Her long fingernails pull her lips to the side. She smacks the food down her throat. It's satisfying to have things in her mouth and makes her feel powerful. She's glad you came over, but sees a piece of food on the floor. Stomping with her full weight, she demands you eat what's on her dirty soles. 

Scientists Shrinks Her Family - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is perfecting a shrink ray but doesn't know that Dakota Charms and Jasmin Jai are accidentally shrunk. Looking for them, she mindlessly grabs a package of candy. Just before she puts a shrunken girl in her mouth, she gets an idea and puts the food down. Pacing in pink sneakers, she almost crushes them as they try to grab her attention. Running results in squeaks as they are crushed and smushed to the sole of her shoes. This oblivious giantess never realizes her science family is small!