Arielle Lane

Location: East Coast


Arielle Lane: A beautiful young model that really brings your dreams to life. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 34"

Cup B

Dress 2

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Hazel

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Sore Feet - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane complains about cleaning after a shoot but can't find sneakers. There's a rule about footwear for safety. She wears highly arched stilettos. Scott Torvea (POV) teases and films as she sweeps and struggles to walk. She should have put on a maid outfit instead of a tight spandex dress? Steps get smaller. She hobbles through the warehouse. Taking a break, she crosses her legs and removes the shoe to flex and point her foot. Vowing to never wear them again, she shoves and buckles her large feet back in the ankle strap pumps. Determined to finish her job, she click clacks on the hard concrete floor. The stairs are steep. She moans in agony as each calf flexes and contracts. She sits and savors the feel of bare feet on carpet. Wiggling her toes and wrinkled soles, she demi points before squishing her feet back in the fuck me pumps. The patent leather stretches as she jams her footsies in, almost needing a shoe horn. Ambling downstairs, they joke about bastinado. She goes upstairs and falls to the floor, begging to remove the shoes. Her long legs point and flex as she strips the footwear. The relief is short lived because she has to go back to work! 

Body Busting Part 2 - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is held by her biceps. Arielle Lane teases her body with a baseball bat before whacking her abused belly. Ramming the end of the bat in her tummy, makes her squeal. Her cries are muffled as Scott Torvea holds her by the throat to prevent escape. Switching sides, they show no mercy and pull her down for some hand to belly punching and more batting. A barbell is dropped repeatedly. Jacquelyn's exhausted from the torment. Mocking, Scott whacks a wood plank against her sore abs. Blood appears on her lips and she chokes but saved by the sounds of sirens. Jacquelyn rolls on the floor in agony and clutches her beaten belly as the baddies run off

Body Busting Part 1 - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets is belly punched by Arielle Lane. A face punch turns the tables. Arielle's abs are beaten. Weakened and wincing in pain, Jacquelyn twists her hand in Arielle's sore tummy while mocking her opponent. Jabs to the nose make Arielle whoozy. Jacquelyn beats Arielle's flat belly and hair pulls. Scott Torvea arrives and punches her belly and cunt busts.  Jacquelyn's arms are held behind her in turns as the baddies strike her stomach. She lies on the floor. They stomp and hit her navel. She cries. The taut tummy gets bruised from the impact. She ballbusts Scott. Angered, Arielle holds Jacquelyn's arms. Scott uses a baseball bat and reddens her perfect belly.

Wet & Messy Escape - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane wants to rob a warehouse in high heels boots and red latex. The owner grabs her arms and hand gags her before tying her wrists in rope. She's bound with her arms over head on a bed and ankles tied. He gropes her helpless body. Stubborn and bitchy, she escapes his bondage but happy to be in the building! Sneaking out, she downloads files and opens a door that drops a bucket of water on her. Her hair is soaking wet. Her ankle boots slip on the concrete floor. Sliding out, she takes tiny steps to the door but can't grip the door handle. Shimmying to a window in her tight dress, she can't get through the bars, but falls into a pit of green slime! It's thick and viscous, making escaping difficult! She slips out and walks to a window. Her stilettos sink in two potted plants. The soil traps her feet. Stuck with two pots, she tries walking with the makeshift wedge shoes. She's not going anywhere!

Bound Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets expects Arielle Lane, but finds Scott Torvea who puts his hands over her mouth and holds her arms behind her back. Arielle knocks as Jacquelyn's cleavegagged and rope bound at her wrists and ankles. Arielle finds her in bondage and oblivious to him sneaking up behind her so he can bind her (Onscreen tying). She winces as he cinches the ties and her arms tightly behind her back. They struggle and try to escape as he loots. Arielle spits out her cleave gag and loosens ropes. He returns as Arielle unties Jacquelyn's binds. Arielle jabs his crotch and runs out the door in her keds sneakers, encouraging Jacquelyn to run in high heel mules. Arielle returns to him holding a knife to Jacquelyn's throat. She complies with his demands and they're tape bound on a bed in bra and panties. He humiliates them by groping their tits and smacking their asses. Arielle's feisty and Jacquelyn's whimpering is loud. He tapegags them. Struggling, their bare feet wiggle in their binds. Their wrists clench for escape, but they;re aren't getting out of this!


Outside Belly Posing - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane walks in a park in a short dress and keds sneakers. She strokes her flat belly and wants to expose it in public despite the cold. Lifting her dress and flashing her pink panties, it's naughty to have the sun hit her perky tits. She caresses her torso as cars pass. Sitting on a rock, she spreads her legs and rubs her sensitive breasts and pussy over her lacy panties. Stretching her arm over her head, her ribcage is pronounced as she sucks in her taut tummy. Walking away, she's horny for more fun!

Paige Turner Sits On Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane brags about her workout and how muscular she is. Paige Turner doesn't think she's  strong bets that Arielle couldn't handle the weight of Paige sitting on her for 8 minutes. They weigh each other on a medical scale. Arielle's nervous at the weight difference but lies on her back. Paige sits on her belly. It's a struggle to keep the pressure on her. She tries to trick her into lessening the time. Paige mocks her heavier breathing as weakness. Paige switches position and digs her ass bones into Arielle's abs. Arielle smack talks about her powerful muscles. Switching positions, they play a game of cat and mouse game about who will win the bet. When done, they admire the red marks from pressure. Arielle lays on the floor and breathes a sigh of relief when Paige leaves.

Beaten Wife - Jacquelyn Velvets & Arielle Lane

Jacquelyn Velvets confronts Arielle Lane and calls her a whore for sleeping with her husband. Angered, Jacquelyn throws a punch. Arielle catches it and shoves her against the wall. A quick belly punch and face punch knocks her out. She slumps to the ground with her round ass in the air. She awakens. Arielle slams her calves on the back of her neck. Although asleep, Jackie grunts each time. Sensually caressing her big ass, Arielle uses her long legs to keep knocking her out. A belt chokes her neck. She tries removing it before the whites of her eyes flutter shut. Drool drips down her face. Arielle strips her tank top and daisy dukes to reveal her nude colored lingerie. Squeezing her prey's cheeks, she makes fun of her before straddling and kissing her limp body. Her husband would love seeing his Mistress atop his beaten wife! Jacquelyn rouses and embarrassed to be exposed in lingerie. She pleads. Arielle pulls her hair and forces her to do a humiliating puppy crawl. Submitting to the superior woman, Jacquelyn is broken down and knows her place. Arielle makes a phone call to her boyfriend. Jacquelyn barks like a doggy. He's excited to see the new training. Arielle puts Jackie into a chokehold and out like a light. Jacquelyn snores as Arielle draws an L on her forehead for LOSER, PATHETIC on her chest, and GOODY DOGGY on her belly. Pictures are taken. Jacquelyn is pushed to her belly and big booty in the air.

Pantyhose Interview - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Arielle Lane dangles black pumps in an interview with Paige Turner. Picking up on her nylon foot fetish, Paige admits to wearing pantyhose for her previous boss and gives a demonstration by removing her black stilettos, rolling down one of her black stockings and revealing her bare foot. She pulls out a dildo and demonstrates how she gave a pantyhose handjob. Paige kneels to strip Arielle's suntan pantyhose off one leg and onto Paige's own hand to stroke Arielle's clit. Switching to the black stocking on her hand, Arielle moans and writhes as her pussy is rubbed to orgasm. Arielle hires Paige while cumming. The new secretary pulls her black stocking on Arielle's leg and leaves her with a black and tan leg.

BTS Magic Encasement - Little Mina & Arielle Lane

We had a custom for nylon encasement with Little Mina. This is the behind the scenes camera footage! You get a voyeur look on set. Arielle Lane picks out suntan pantyhose. They discuss logistics for pantyhose encasement. Mina puts her pantyhose under jeans and listens to directions. Jasmin Jai sits in the corner waiting for her shoot and eats. Arielle carefully puts the nylon over Mina's shoulders. There's slight tearing of the hosiery as it stretches. Nylon gloves go on her hands. It's like dressing a real doll to put her shirt on. The pantyhose encasement smushes her face and her ponytail is put in a nylon leg for encasement as well.

Casting Call Hanging - Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane and Angel Lee go to a casting call that requires handcuffs and topless nudity. They smile and modeling their booty shorts and crop tops. Handcuffs go on their wrists. They remove the metal restraints, go topless, and put them back on. Angel balks at the request to go nude and sits on the couch with cuffs on. Arielle and Anabelle's cuffs are removed, they strip naked, pose in their handcuffs then sit with Angel. The roleplaying involves guns and acting in fear until they learn they aren't fake! They watch the goons hang nooses over a slab of wood. Angel struggles as he yanks her neck and demands she strip her shorts. The rope goes around her neck. They drag Anabelle in tears. Arielle follows until all are bound around throats. At his command, they rotate and show off their bodies with the cuffs still on their wrists. In vignettes, they're choked with ropes while sitting on their knees. The goons hold knives to their throats as they squeal in terror. Facing the wall, they cry as guns are pointed at them. On their knees, they have barrels of the guns shoved in their mouths. Back in the nooses, they stand on stools and turned in different directions like cattle. On his count, the stools are kicked and the girls have a panicked look!

Pantyhose Break - Arielle Lane

Ariele Lane dangles and heel pops her high heel pumps in sexual frustration at work. Grabbing a porn magazine, she stands and dips her pantyhose foot in her black stilettos and her long legs. Aroused, she walks to the break room and sits, keeping one shoe dangling off her stocking foot. Her hands go under her tan pantyhose and rubs her clit while moaning. Taking one leg of her nylons off and leaving the other on, she uses it like a glove to masturbate. Cumming hard, her foot kicks one shoe off and she wiggles her red toenails in the afterglow. It's time for a nap and she leaves her feet peek out of the blanket. One shoe on and one barefoot.