Arielle Lane

Location: East Coast


Arielle Lane: A beautiful young model that really brings your dreams to life. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 34"

Cup B

Dress 2

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Hazel

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Safety Lesson - Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Angel Lee wants her employee Arielle Lane to wear a safety harness when suspended. Arielle finds it uncomfortable & doesn't want it. Angel convinces Scott Torvea to use a forklift to attach a hook to the back of Arielle's overalls & lift her off the ground. Arielle's shocked & kicks her legs, begging for release. She's stuck to go up & down. Her work boots flail. She cries & begs for escape. The shorts ride up. She feels a wedgie & struggles. The machine slowly lowers her helpless body. Angel returns. Arielle promises to wear her safety harness! INCLUDES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE!

Foot Smelling Sisters - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Arielle Lane wore socks for one week without changing or washing her feet. Her sister, Jacquelyn Velvets, is researching the genetic implications of smelly feet. Without taking off her old sneakers, Arielle's vinegar feet waft through the air. For comparison, Jacquelyn wore nylon socks & shoes. Jacquelyn pretends not to like the smell but secretly loves stinky feet. She removes the keds sneakers, revealing sweat stained ankle socks. Gasping for breath, Jacquelyn's amazed by the pungent aroma & reminisces as Arielle recounts stories of her smelly feet. The sweaty socks peel off. Arielle is embarrassed by her aromatic feet. Wiggling her soles, it feels good to be out of the dirty socks. Jacquelyn excitedly inhales her feet & is orgasmic by the blue cheese smell. Jacquelyn smells her own feet & takes notes of the black ankle socks. Removing soaked socks, she's excited by how bad her feet smell & offers Arielle a whiff of tootsies. Comparing feet, Arielle notes the nuances. Arielle knows of Jacquelyn's foot fetish but doesn't let on & teases her by suggesting that she wash her feet or burn her socks. Jacquelyn has one more test & lies on the ground with Arielle's feet above her face. Arielle talks about her feet. Jacquelyn slips her hands down her skirt & rubs herself to orgasm. Arielle knows what she's doing, laughing at her foot loving sister! After cumming, Jacquelyn begs her to wear the same socks for another week!

Clothes Ripping Catfight - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Kobe Lee confronts Arielle Lane about wearing her shirt and is willing to rip it off so her nemesis won't have it. Arielle returns the favor and pulls on the collar off Kobe's blouse. Tussling back and forth, Arielle tears Kobe's camisole and exposes her perfect tits. Kobe's pissed and returns the favor. 

Arielle takes glee in destroying Kobe's business skirt and exposing her cotton panties. Kobe takes her turn with Arielle's schoolgirl skirt and reveals her cotton white panties. The panties are spliced off and reveal these frienemies pussy.


Their clothes hang in tatters off their bodies and the sound of fabric tearing is so sexy as these two fight and whimper about being exposed! Their destroyed clothes are strewn about the floor and they aren't sure how to battle once nude.

Arielle Lane's Wet Jeans

Arielle Lane watches a video of two girls getting wet in their jeans & wants to see herself in wet jeans. Grabbing a bucket, she rubs her hands over the dry denim before pouring a cup over her calves. The blue darkens. She admires how shiny they are. She likes how it feels & pours it higher on her legs & ass.Turned on, she rubs herself & plunges her hands beneath the wet denim. Getting closer to orgasm, she pours water down the white silky blouse so that her nipples poke through. It drips down her body. She cums hard in her wet clothes. 

Girls Retreat Part 3

Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms have serviced the goons (off camera) while Brittany Shae receives whippings from Scott Torvea. Arielle Lane stands guard  with her rifle so they don't cause problems. Dakota receives her floggings & trades place with Brittany. He pulls her panties to her knees & handcuffs her to the pole while Lucy Purr looks on helpless & tied. After their beatdowns, the guys  turn their guns on Arielle. She's confused. They explain that they don't need any women & put a pistol in her mouth before forcing her to strip her panties & put them in her mouth. She doesn't fight back & obediently takes the handcuffs before being led to the pole. She cries through her tapegag. He flogs her ass but arches on command. Scott uncuffs her hands so she can remove her dress. The other girls watch in horror as the baddies backstab their own. What will they do to them if they are that coldhearted? Arielle is bound to the pole around her waist, shoulders & ankles as the others cry. After torturing them, the girls need to be disposed because the men would be identified. The girls are taken one at a time & kneel in a row. Lucy & Arielle are released from their bondage & added to the line. Crying through gags, they panic at their fate. Lucy is dragged away, but Arielle is hooded because they liked her for coming up with the plan & don't want to see her brains sprayed every where. Brittany has a gun shoved in her mouth & blood goes everywhere. Kobe & Dakota are shocked, but shot as well, laying on the ground with blood dripping out of their mouths. Lucy & Arielle wait their turns. We hear two shots before fading out.

Girls Retreat Part 2

The girls weekend is not going well for Kobe Lee, Dakota Charms, Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr. The entertainment, Arielle Lane & her friends, ended up not being strippers, but  gun toting baddies. The girls are ordered to put their hands on their heads while Scott applies nipple clamps. They scream in agony through their ballgags as their sensitive nipples are groped & pinched. Lucy is bound to a post & watches in horror as her friends are humiliated & helpless to fight back.They are handcuffed while Lucy is released from her binds so Arielle can whip her ass. The flogging makes her squeal but she squeals more when he has her strip her top. Removing her handcuffs, she whimpers while removing her shirt, but the gun  motivates her to follow orders! Down to her bra, Scott reties her around the ankles & waist with her wrists handcuffed behind. Brittany is handcuffed to the pole & whipped. Crying, she's ordered to arch her back & stick out her ass. She's walked back so all of the girls can take turns getting flogged. Scott is irked that Lucy won't watch her friends get beaten & antagonizes her into watching.

Removing the nipple clamps, the girls scream as the sensations rush to their tits. Scott has his men take turns with the girls (not shown) while he flogs Brittany's ass an even brighter shade of red! How are they going to get out of this mess?

Girls Retreat Part 1

Lucy Purr, Brittany Shae, Kobe Lee & Dakota Charms arrive for a girls weekend in a cabin. The cabin owner arranged for strippers. They assume the weird are platforms for dancing.  The female dancer, Arielle Lane, has a bag that has a surprise! Arielle teases before pulling out a rifle, handcuffs, ropes,tape, ballgags, nipple clamps, whips & shovel. The men have pistols & point at the terrified girls. The girls whimper & follow directions to put hands on their heads. Yelling at Lucy to identify herself, Scott Torvea wraps his hands around her neck when she can't answer. Sputtering her name, he ballgags & handcuffs her before walking her to one of the platforms. She's recuffed with her hands behind her back & rope is bound on her shoulders, waist & ankles. The other girls cry while gagged & ordered to strip their tops one at a time. When Dakota balks, Scott grabs her tits & offers to do it for her, which hastens her stripping. They are ordered to walk back & forth with their hands on their heads like cattle before being forced to remove their skirts. Even though they are terrified & shaking in their high heels, they are commanded to walk sexy. The next round of walking involves removing their bras. Brittany hesitates. Scott throws her to the couch by her neck which motivates her. When her hands try to cover her tits, they command her to put them back on her head, which she does weakly through her tears. 


Office Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane comes in & thanks you for the raise which bought new pantyhose. You can't keep your eyes off her long legs. She bends over the desk organizing papers. Her high heels are tight & uncomfortable. She shifts weight on each leg, sliding the black pump up & down her leg. Heel popping her stiletto, she lets it dangle before dipping her foot in and out of the shoe, massaging her leg. The nylon rubbing turns you on. Keeping one foot in the shoe. The other unclad. She wiggles, splays & points her toes. Her stockinged feet stroke your shaft (simulated) before pulling off one side of her pantyhose leaving the other intact. Kneeling, she takes your cock in her mouth & sucks, looking up at you with her big brown eyes. She makes sure you see her barefoot, wrinkled sole next to the other leg in nylons & a high heel. The contrast of flesh & shoe is sexy! She strips her blouse and bra on one side and caresses her tit. It's raw versus elegant. She wants to cum.Grabbing a dildo, she rides up & down, moaning as she's filled up. She knows you're about to explode but tells you to wait so you can climax in her shoe. Using prehensile toes, she begs you to cum on the back of her soles, dangling it off her toes. After blowing your load in her shoes, she pops her heels loves how it squishes against her feet. Time to get back to work. She can't resist leaving one leg out of her stockings.

Foot Worship - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane grabs Kobe Lee’s tiny feet & kisses her soles. Her lips love the balls of her feet. She alternates each foot. Kobe wants to return the favor. Arielle leans on her back. It feels good to have Kobe’s lips on her tootsies & giggles at the light tickling. Kobe lightly licks her soles. Arielle relaxes with the light foot worship.

One Legged Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is your secretary & wears pantyhose & ankle strap pumps that show off her legs. Arching her feet in her stilettos, she rubs them trying to figure out what is rubbing her foot. In a Vargas Girl pose, she removes the high heel & discovers a run in her nylon feet. Wiggling her toes she thinks of the fun she can have since the office is empty. Pulling a dildo out of her purse, she rips the gusset of her hose while keeping one shoe on! Spreading her lips, she enjoys the dildo when she hears someone in the office. Frantically she hides her barefoot under her skirt so nobody notices that she's not wearing a shoe. Realizing it's you, she's excited to hear that you closed a deal & will use the promotion money to buy new pantyhose. Teasing you with her sole, she encourages you to take out your cock & demonstrates what she wants to do with you on the dildo. The shaft goes beneath the stockings & rubs her sole. Spreading her legs she rips the rest of her stockings on her right leg, leaving the left one in tact & the high heel on. Putting the now stocking on the dildo, she gives it a handjob while talking dirty. Sucking the head, she looks up at you while deep throating it. Her lips tease the stockings at the base & her legs rub up & down as she feels skin against nylon. Begging for your cum in her mouth, she wants to be your loyal secretary & sits on her barefoot while her high heeled shoe rests on the floor. Time to get back to work!

Feeling Pantyhose - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Paige Turner & Arielle Lane sit on the couch after work. They cross & admire their legs realizing they both have a pantyhose fetish. They feel good. Dangling her high heel before kicking it off, Arielle candidly talks about wearing her hose at work. Paige dangles her stiletto while stroking her legs. Arielle keeps one shoe on & one off for awhile while stretching her legs. They both have fantasies about their boyfriends having sex with them while they have pantyhose on. In excitement, Paige places her legs over Arielle's & loves feeling her red fingernails graze over her calves & feet. Switching positions, Paige uses the tips of her fingers to glide rhythmically over her gams. They love how the nylon smells after wearing them for awhile. It traps the sweat at the feet & in the gusset. With their legs intertwined, they inhale each other's feet.
This is a sweet & tender leg worship clip!

Arielle Lane's Pantyhose Interview

Arielle Lane interviews to be your secretary & crosses her legs while answering questions. She feels warm & remove her blazer. The demure blouse is unbuttoned scandalously low. She rolls up her sleeves & mentions her availability. Noticing that you are fixated on her toes, she slips off a black pump, claiming that it's tight. Her red toenails wiggle beneath her sheer nylons. She strokes her legs & taps the toe that is still in her shoe. Arielle knows what a CEO wants & pulls a dildo from her purse. The large toy represents your cock. She strokes it how you would like it done if she's hired. Her high arches rubs up & down because you want nylon wrapped around your shaft. It feels good rubbing your cock on her stockinged soles. One leg of the pantyhose is carefully shimmied off, so she has one leg & foot bare. The other in stockings & a stiletto. The contrast of black & white is sexy as she points her barefoot & glides it up the stockinged leg. Wrapping the empty leg around the toy, she strokes it longingly & sucks while giving sensual eye contact. Lifting her skirt, she slides the nyloned cock in & out of her pussy. It's only fair that your assistant would have fun too! She's horny & wants to finish you both off. Her bare foot goes on the couch. The high heel stays on the floor. Her legs to widen. Arielle mounts the stockinged cock & plunges it deeper. She cums with excitement. She pulls the stocking out of her wet pussy. It's coated with her cum. If you hire her, this cum could be yours. She sensually tastes it,  crosses her bare leg over the nylon leg. Did she get the job? Arielle knows the answer, but walks out with a wink & the single shoe & hose on one leg.