Arielle Lane

Location: East Coast


Arielle Lane: A beautiful young model that really brings your dreams to life. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'6"

Weight 125 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 26"

Hips 34"

Cup B

Dress 2

Shoe 8.5

Hair Color Brown

Eye Color Hazel

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Arielle Lane Gets The Electric Chair Part 2

Arielle Lane received the electric chair and her limp body slumps as the guard Scott finishes his declaration to the witnesses. While on on a gurney, the guard covers her with a white cloth and attaches a toe tag to her nude body. A hand shoots out and grabs his wrist. Arielle sits up and Scott's in shock. His employer wants him to redo the electrocution. She's hopeful that she can go home because they botched the first case. He points to the chair. She sits and talks about the last zaps. It was pins and needles and didn't hurt long. Then everything went white. Scott nods and straps her in at the wrists, belly and ankles. The wires and the electrical current flows through the sponge on her head down her body. Arielle's fingers and toes curl as she sits rigidly with her teeth clenched. She lets out a shriek. Her body convulses. The power stops. She's confused and screams on the next round. She snaps rigid, silent and paralyzed. She's limp when it stops. He checks for a pulse and it's over. He removes the straps. Arielle stares lifelessly ahead. Back on the gurney her still body lies. Includes behind the scenes outtakes!

Arielle Lane Gets The Electric Chair Part 1

Scott Torvea, a prison guard leads Arielle Lane to the electric chair and orders her to remove her shoes and stocking. She's allowed to wear the blazer, skirt and blouse. She hopes the governor will call to save her from a painful death. He straps her in and wiring her legs. The sponge and cap adorns her head. The witnesses take their seats. He gives her a moment to make her peace. He nods to the executioner in the wings. Arielle gasps and lightly jerks in the straps, hands clench in the armrests. Her toes curl. Her eyes are wide and mouth agape. She's surprised rather than pain. Paralyzed, she doesn't struggle and goes limp. Slack jawed and eyes closed, the guard checks her pulse. He announces that the procedure is complete. Arielle Lane has been electrocuted for the crime of murder.

Belly Dancing Jacquelyn Velvets & Arielle Lane

Jacquelyn Velvets awakens with her hand and legs bound by a magic spell. She's frozen in place except for her belly, hips and head. Confused, she moves her hips, rolls and sucks in her belly. She doesn't know why she's in a crop top or string bikini bottoms. Arielle Lane reveals herself as the Belly Enchantress. Jacquelyn is her belly dancing slave. Their bodies are under her control and linked as one. She demonstrates the power by undulating her belly which causes Jacquelyn's to undulate at the same time. She's not convinced, but the hip Mayas prove the magic. Begging her to stop, Arielle continues to do hip circles and caresses her prey's belly button. This causes Jacquelyn to suck her stomach in more to avoid her touch and probing belly kisses. Arielle unbinds her hands and legs and demands a belly dancing contest. They pose like a genie, and roll their abs. Jacquelyn can't keep up with Arielle. Jacquelyn struggles to keep up with her through the long night!

Foot Tickling Games - Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Arielle Lane and Angel Lee play cards. The loser strips an item of clothing down to bra and panties and will have their feet bound and tickled. A table of implements mock as they strip item by item, getting more shy as they show more skin. The loser is nervous about her wrinkled soles getting tickled. Her body convulses as she laughs. The winner uses fingers, brushes and toys without mercy. She loves watching her opponent's toes wiggle and point while trying to get away from the tickling. 

Orgasm Challenge - Paige Turner & Arielle Lane

Paige Erin Turner and Arielle Lane are in leotards and shiny pantyhose waiting for a sexfight with Scott Torvea. They have both been defeated in a forced orgasm challenge and think they can beat him if they work together. Scott offers a challenge that if they can survive cumming no more than 3 times while subjecting themselves individually, then they win. Teasing them by fondling their legs and asses, he progresses to rubbing their pussies over and under the leotards. They cum hard. Scott goes down on Paige. Arielle's jealous of her intense orgasm and begs for one. Scott agrees and asks Paige to finish her off which she does. Everyone wins this sex fight!

Naive Damsels - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner

Paige Erin Turner and Arielle Lane struggle in strict frog tieS with their arms bound behind their backs. Their hands have microfoam tape which prevents them from using their fingers to escape. Talking to you, they ask what the ballgags around their necks are for. time elapses to them gagtalking. They make too much noise and micro foam tape covers their face allowing the shape of their sexy lips to show. They try to help each other get free with their taped hands, but they're stuck!

Wolf Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane sees a website that asks if she wants to transform into a wolf. Laughing, she finds it ridiculous, but clicks yes to see. Closing the computer, she watches tv and kick off her sneakers. Her sock clad feet wiggle. She mindlessly scratches her arms and neck. The itching becomes more urgent as her fingers dig into her flesh. Her feet feel strange. She removes her socks. It feels better to have bare feet. They shake as she scratches her head. Arielle realizes that she's slowly growing downy hair like a wolf (implied). Her nails grow. She's turning into a wolf and howls against her will. Her fangs grow and her feet have pads. Clothes feel constrictive. She needs to be in her wild state. Stripping, she's more comfortable nude and crawls off to be in the wild. The next day, she comes back naked and recounts her wild night as a wolf. It feels good to be barefoot. She may never wear shoes again!


Office Beatdowns - Kobe Lee & Arielle Lane

Kobe Lee glares at Arielle Lane while talking to the Boss. Tired of work drama, Arielle confronts her competition. Unbuttoning their blouses, they stand tit to tit before pulling each other's hair and grappling. Kobe punches Arielle's face. Shocked, Arielle manages to push her against the desk in a submission hold. Trading punches, it escalates when Kobe's cuntbusted. Kicks fly and belly punches flail. Arielle's gut is beat hard. She crawls on the floor while gasping for breath. Getting back in the game, she uppercuts Kobe's jaw. The winner does a victory pose and walks off. 


Betting Her One Shoe - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane has her legs crossed as you make a bet. If she wins, she gets your credit card. You ask her to wear one Converse shoe all week. When defeated, her face registers the shock of losing the bet. Forlornly, she unlaces her gray chucks and shows off her white socks. Pointing and flexing her socked foot. It will be weird when she has to wear high heels! Walking is awkward. What happens if someone steps on her feet? She never realized the size difference between a shoe and unshoed foot or how exposed it is. You head out and start the experiment. One week later, Arielle shows off her dirty sock. It turns out she liked it and explains why. She wants to extend the bet, but wants your credit card!


Wolford Pantyhose - Arielle Lane

With Arielle Lane! I want to talk about these sexy Wolford pantyhose that will adorn my legs. They're sheer black, shiny and sexy. They make your legs look long. Let's open the package because I love stroking new silky pantyhose. Slowly pulling them up my legs I point my toes and pull them up my gams. Inch by inch, they go up my calves and over my thighs as the elastic snaps on my legs. Turning around and bending over with my ass in the air, I adjust the hosiery until it fits perfectly. A thin seam goes up the back and front and the tiny gusset hints at my pussy underneath. Stretching, posing, and pointing toes, I love them!

Apartment Wrestling Orgasms - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane challenged Scott Torvea to an apartment wrestling match and wears her high cut leotard and shiny pantyhose. She can resist Scott's sexual prowess. She went to a bar, picked up a guy and had sex all night! There's no way he can get another orgasm out of her! Scott's undeterred and frisks her. The fondling and light spanking arouse Arielle. Scott suggests they wrestle. With friendly pushes and shoves, Scott goes behind her and rubs her pussy from the outside and underneath her leotard. Arielle's wet and submissive mentally and physically to Scott. Pushed to the couch, she writhes in pleasure as her sensitive clit is rubbed. As she gets close to cumming, he pulls his hands away in a game of tease and denial. When allowed to cum, she repeatedly orgasms. Scott places 2 fingers on her crotch and counts 1,2,3. Arielle coos in pleasure and disbelief. 

Card Game FULL Version

The guys invited their girlfriends (Arielle Lane, Brittany Shae, Sinn Sage, & Autumn Borelli) to a poker game. The women are curious that they're the bets. It's naughty but playful. They're excited to meet the dealer, Emily Torvea. She explains if the guy is given a card with a heart, the girlfriend strips her top. Laughing, they go through a round of cards. Some wear bras & others expose their tits.Emily excuses herself to get a mysterious bag of toys. Aiming a shotgun at the girls & handing pistols to the guys, the women are ordered to put their hands on their heads & walk to a wall. Each man gags his girlfriend with ductape. Emily orders them to strip to panties while they eye the stools in front of them. Their eyes widen & cry when handcuffed with their wrists behind their backs. Emily Torvea explains the girlfriend of the losing guy will be hanged. Four nooses hang before each girl. They step on the stool to await their fate. The guys laugh & take pictures with these scared girls before tying the rope around their necks.Emily excuses herself to change into her executioner outfit of a small bikini while the girls turn around & show their asses for more pictures. Rotating like a piece of meat, the guys face them forward & return to their card game.The first card is a misdeal. They debate if they should all be killed at the same time. It seems more fun to go with the lowest hand. Emily removes her high heels while mocking the girls. Things are tense as the girls await their fate in the card game from hell. Scott loses. Arielle must die. Emily preps her by stripping her panties, revealing a dark full bush. Rope binds Arielle's ankles & knees. The girls still have their wrists handcuffed behind their backs. With glee, Scott kicks the stool, causing Arielle to hang & struggle in the air. The other girls look on in horror as she quickly goes limp & taken out of her ropes, cast aside. Sinn's the next victim. She strips her panties & has her ankles & knees bound. MMMPhing through her tapegag, she's mortified when her boyfriend kicks the stool out from under her with glee. The whites of her eyes show as she gasps for breath & goes limp. Emily drags the limp body of Arielle & Sinn to get them out of the way. The guys are amazed they both had the same hand but not sure how it affects the game. Scott has an idea of double crossing the dealer because she left her shotgun while tending to the dead girls. They point their guns & tell her they can't have any witnesses. Brittany & Autumn look in in horror as they turn on their own baddie. She begrudgingly walks up the stool & puts on her own noose around her neck. They bind her arms behind her instead of using clanking handcuffs like the other girls. She complains that the ropes are tight. They shove in a ballgag to shut her up. They cry in their gags. Emily's allowed to keep her bikini on, but the other girls are stripped to panties while standing on their pedastal. The guys crack jokes while forcing the girls to pose for selfies with front & back poses. On the count of three, each guy kicks the stool out & the girls quickly go limp in their ropes as they hang.