Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Monster Attacks

Angel Lee is a monster hunter, after getting back from her workout she is getting ready for her shower. But what she doesn't know is that the leader of the monster pack has found her home and is waiting to get her. He sneeks up behind but before he can grab her she turns around. He quickly over powers her and slams her down on the floor. Half in the shower and half out she fights for her life! 

The fight continues into her bedroom, where

Angel Farts On You

I noticed you sneaking a peak when I was in the shower after cheerleading practice. It is great that you came over and I have a surprise for you. Let me just tie you up. If you refuse, I will report you and you will get kicked out of school.

There are so many wild and twisted fantasies to fulfill and usually guys run away when asked to play. I just love humiliating men and having them beg for mercy.

Time for the fun! I am going to sit on your face. Are you struggling for air?

The Truth

The Boss has suspicions that his wife Sonja is cheating on him but just does not know with whom. He hires a thug to find out.  The boss knows that Angel is her closest friend so he sends the baddie to her home to get answers. After all, getting information is his specialty.

This pretty blond is getting ready for bed when all of a sudden the intruder grabs her and throws her on the bed. Next thing she is on the ground and listening to water running while she sees a shadowy figure and cannot make him out because everything is blurry.

Taken Out

Angel comes home and kicks off her heels. It feels so good to be able to feel her stocking clad feet against the floor as she starts relaxing for the evening. She strips out of her dress, takes off her bra and steps out of her shoes.  Suddenly an intruder comes behind her and places a bag over her head. She struggles but is no match for him. In the struggle, they wind up on the bed he holds her down until the job is done. 

Breaking Angel

It is not a good day to be Angel Lee. She was sent to take out Torvea after her predecessor failed. This feisty blond has managed to be caught and has her hands tied over her head and her sexy body is on full display.

Torvea really wants to know who sent Angel, but is itching to use the opportunity to torture her. Groping her helpless body seems like a good warm up. She struggles to get away from him and gives him attitude. This is the perfect moment to punch her belly and make her winded from the impact.

Foot Stalker

Angel has such beautiful feet and she should not have them covered. He breaks into her house and hides all of her socks and shoes to make sure that she cannot hide those lovely arches and wrinkles.

This poor damsel is ambushed as he attacks her and prevents her from escaping. He cuts away the converse sneakers and worships her sock clad feet. The fabric is a tease as he gets closer and closer to her soles. With pleasure he destroys the socks and rips them off as slowly as he can. 

She manages to get free and looks for any pair of shoes so that she can escape, but this gives the baddie a chance to recapture her. He enjoys her feet and worships them even more!

Shrunk Toys

Angel and Candle have a fascination with all of the little people they have shrunk and let roam around their house. They love to hear them scream in terror as they threaten their useless lives. Sometimes it is more fun to terrorize them than to actually destroy them just for their pleas.

There are so many ways to obliterate these tiny humans. They step on them with their high heels and then take their shoes off to hear the crush of bones beneath their feet.

Spare Key

Your assistant is so sexy and you would do anything to see her as she is when she is alone. In fact, you were so motivated that you made a secret key and snuck into her apartment before she came home. You can secretly watch her whenever you feel like it!

Shared Room Angel

Angel is so happy to have been invited on this business trip with you, her boss but she had no idea that it would involve sharing a hotel room as opposed to separate rooms. Since she was hired, you have been fantasizing about seeing what she hides beneath those sexy work clothes and glasses.

She balks but realizes that since there are two bedrooms it should not be too big of a deal. Tomorrow is a long day and she decides to take a shower and go to bed. Fortunately for you, she does not realize that she did not close the door properly and you can get a front row view of her slowly undressing.

Comparing Hands

Angel and Candle decide that they need to have a hand comparison. Just to see who has longer fingers, nails and palms. Eventually their competitive side comes out and they want to see who would win a test of strength. They interlock their fingers and decide to settle this as two strong women should. The verbally spar as their knuckles and wrists duke it out in an arm wrestling competition. Who is going to win this battle?!

Bikini Massage

Angel is looking for a new bathing suit that she can wear to the beach. However, when Candle sees the shy girl with a smoking body, she realizes that she must get her hands on her and quickly comes up with a plan. She announces that Angel has just won a free bikini and a massage!

This attention is a little overwhelming to Angel, but she slowly gets caught up in the excitement of Candle's enthusiasm. Nobody has ever given her flat belly this much attention and it is flattering. Angel even starts to enjoy it when Candle tells her to suck in her abs to show off the definition or to flex to emphasize how firm and hard it is.

Worm Gone Wild

Brandi and Candle are walking along when they see a giant worm. At first they think he is adorable, but that quickly changes as he opens his gaping mouth and try to eat them. The girls are not able to fight back because the creature secretes an invisible goo that forces them to keep their hands by their sides. All they can do is kick their legs. Unfortunately this is not enough and they are slowly dragged into his mouth and never to be seen again. This is the first in our vore series, we hope to make many more!