Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Beating Jacquelyn's Belly

This is a continuation of “Beating Arielle's Belly”.

Jacquelyn is surprised to see Arielle lying on the ground clutching her belly in agony. Before she can get an answer, Angel and Scott jump out and double team a severe gut beating. Poor Arielle just sits helpless in the background as she is in no condition to help her friend. Over and over they pound her belly till it is bruised and battered. Jackie gasps for breath and can't defend herself against the never ending blows.

As the police sirens wail in the distance, Angel and Scott finally stop brutalizing her poor body and flee the scene.


Dawn (Played by Anabelle Pync) is visiting a fortune teller to find out about her girlfriend. Things get strange as the lights go out and her clothes are askew. This is embarrassing and confusing and she wants answers!

All of a sudden, the medium is possessed and becomes her long lost friend. It takes awhile for Dawn to be convinced that Madame Helga is the real deal, but when she blows some mystic essence on her, Dawn becomes very willing to get naughty with this ghost.

These horny girls help strip each other out of their clothes and slowly worship each other's legs. The nylons are released from the garter belts, but they allow the stockings to stay on their legs and sensually fall down.

As they each climax, the power wears off and they fall limp to the floor. When Dawn awakens, she is confused as to what happened. Since she is so wobbly, she crawls out of the room and loses her stocking and shoe!

Remote Strip Part 1

Anabelle bought a remote control device that controls whomever it is pointed at. She cannot wait to try it on her best friend and non-nonchalantly leaves it out on the table so she can casually bring it up in conversation. Angel practically dares her to use it, just as Anabelle predicted.

A simple request to stand up does not impress Angel, but she quickly realizes the power as Anabelle starts commanding her to strip out of her clothes. It starts with the jacket, and goes down to her blouse, skirt and lingerie. Angel is mortified as her hands have a mind of their own and disrobes her against her will. As much as she protests, she has to follow the orders given!

Remote Strip Part 2

After a humiliating ordeal, Angel is now in charge of the remote control. It is time for Anabelle to do everything she did. Despite her protests, her hands defy her and Anabelle takes off her jacket at Angel's command. Everything comes off in a slow, embarrassing manner. Anabelle whimpers because besides being humiliated, she knows she deserves it!

Anabelle goes to her hands and knees so that Angel can ride her like a cowgirl! Angel takes off Anabelle's garter belt so she can rub her hands all over her legs. Time for Anabelle to worship Angel's legs and to worship her high heel! Anabelle is commanded to pull Angel's nylon down with her teeth.

Things escalate as Angel orders Anabelle to use her stocking to masturbate! Anabelle tries to resist her hands, but they are on a mission to stroke her clit to orgasm. She starts with fearful no's, but ends with yesses!

Seance Part 2

Dawn (played by Anabelle Pync) has just resurrected her long lost lover through a medium and is overwhelmed that Emily (played by Angel Lee) goes right back to their leg worshiping ways. Emily gropes and kisses her legs before taking off her high heeled shoes and licking the heels. The stockings are pulled up on Dawn only to have them pulled down again by her teeth.

Since Dawn does not seem to be enjoying it, Emily blows magic breath towards her and Dawn suddenly becomes completely aroused by Emily's touch.She moans as her her long legs are worshiped.  Dawn worships the high heel while Emily shimmies off her panties and garter belt but leaving her nylons.

Seance Part 3

Things have gotten hot and heavy for Dawn (Played by Anabelle Pync) and Emily (Angel Lee) after the spirit world takes over their bodies. 

Dawn caresses Emily's legs and savors the feeling of vintage stockings beneath her hands. She removes the garter belt straps and inches her way down to Emily's high heels with her tongue.  The nylons are pulled off with Dawn's teeth and wrapped around her neck.

Their hands dart between their legs and they each rub their throbbing clits. As they climax, the magic spirit leaves their bodies and they fall into a deep sleep. 

When Dawn awakens, she is surprised to see herself nude and in disarray. She slowly crawls way to figure out what happened!

Seance Part 1

Dawn (Played by Anabelle Pync) is visiting Madame Helga (Played by Angel Lee) and is not sure she believes the whole fortune telling ruse. When Helga mentions that Emily is trying to communicate with her, Dawn perks up!

She warns her that it could become dangerous as she speaks with her medium. Dawn does not care if it actually works. When random items start floating by, she laughs at the corniness of the situation and still thinks it is fake. All of a sudden the lights go out and she feels someone grabbing her, taking off her shirt. When the lights resume, Helga is conked out on the table. 

Dawn does not realize that Emily has invaded Helga's body and Emily tries to prove it by talking about their shared experiences. This is so surreal and Dawn does not believe her until she gets specific and mentions their foot worship sessions. They just loved playing with each other's legs while in hosiery.

The lights go out again and Dawn ends up on the floor and terrified. Her nylons falls down one of her legs and she crawls away from this possessed woman. As Emily corners her on the couch, Dawn timidly whimpers. All she can do is take it as Emily caresses and kisses her legs.  

A glimmer of arousal crosses her face as she remembers the good times she had with her former lover, but when she realizes that a ghost is groping her, fear returns.

Whack A Mole Part 2

It has been three months since Scott and Candle pulverized Angel for being a snitch to the Feds. However, when he finds out that Candle was the real leak, he and Angel decide to get revenge. They coerce her to an abandoned warehouse and before she realizes what is going on, they land multiple blows to her belly.
They spare no implements 

Whack A Mole Part 1

Scott is the kingpin of a local mafia and finds out that someone is leaking information to the feds. Much to his chagrin, Candle convinces him that it is Angel. It makes sense because only she and Candle know his secrets. They decide to ambush her and take turns holding her while they punch her belly.

Over and over their fists slam into her tight abs as she doubles over in pain. Her belly reddens as the impacts add up. They get creative as they pull out bats, brass knuckles and lead pipes. A heavy weight is repeatedly smashed into her and the crowbar is especially brutal. As she gasps for breath, everyone hurls insults at each other.

The beatdown causes Angel to pass out and when she awakens, she is on the ground only to take more abuse. They hold her arms over her head and dive in with the punches. The kicks are what really destroy her as she is left bruised and crying by her Mafia family.

Air Stream

Angel really wants to learn how to fly for a play she is acting in and Candle suggests trying the harness. It fits well under her clothes and and Candle lifts her high into the air, making sure that the ends are tied out of reach for Angel.

Candle makes up an excuse to leave and Angel enjoys the process of flying. As time elapses, she begins to wonder where Candle went and panic consumes her. What if she is forgotten and is never let down? The fear causes her bladder to kick in and she struggles to maintain control of her growing desperation. As much as she tries holding it in, Angel is mortified as a stream of pee trickles down her legs.

When Candle finally returns, she makes fun of Angel and leaves her stranded in the air!

American Sex Slaves

Angel and Monica had a little too much fun clubbing, but unfortunately they did it in a country that does  allow any rights to women. As a man starts the search process, they balk because as Americans, they demand a female. A stiff punishment is guaranteed if they do not obey, and Angel is called to the center to begin the process.

She stands shyly in the middle of the floor and is ordered to remove one item of clothing at a time. Her arms uselessly try to cover her body but he demands that she hold her arms out like a T so that everything is exposed. The man steps behind her and touches her hair and face before probing her mouth with his fingers. He gropes her tits before bending her forward and does a cavity search of her pussy and ass (implied). She is beyond humiliated and stands where Monica watched the whole thing.

Do Microchips Dream of Electric Chickens

Paige's best friend, Angel, is a hapless scientist who does bizarre experiments. Angel slyly mentions seeing a zit on Paige's face, but it is merely an excuse to look intently at her forehead. Before Paige realizes what is happening, Angel attaches her neurolinguistic programming chip onto her noggin.

As Angel truthfully explains the apparatus as a mind control chip, Paige is skeptical but agrees to being a guinea pig. She is strong willed and Angel's gizmo looks ridiculous. Immediately she feels a headache, her arms drop limply to her side, and looks blankly ahead. The chip is taking over her brain and Angel is amazed that her device actually worked! She fondles Paige's sock clad feet but she needs to make sure that Paige is not pulling her leg. Angel sticks her moistened finger into Paige's ear and there is no response from the test subject.

Since Paige stands at attention like a zombie soldier, Angel is ready to do some tests. She uses her remote to have Paige lift her arms, jump, and as a joke,flap her arms like a chicken. Now that the preliminary testing has been completed, she grabs a remote control ear piece and places it in Paige's ears. As it makes connections to her brain, Paige's face twitches. Angel starts typing commands on her laptop and Paige has a blank smile as she follows the orders.