Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Who Wore It Best Part 5 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Angel Lee saturate their tiny red shirts in the pool. Their nipples are outlined. They pour water on their tits to make them  shiny. Skin tight jeans hug their curves & emphasize their belly buttons. They grope each other & kiss nipples because the clothing looks & feels so sexy! They strip their shirts & swap to see who looks best in them. As they squeeze the extra water out, the heavy shirts cause friction as they pull it over their heads & huge boobs.They tally who wore the various shirts best, but it was equal. For a tiebreaker, they pick which shirts to put back on. Angel gets the white one. Lucy puts on the pale blue one. They are wet & their nipples show through, but they're determined to make them more transparent! Using their hands, they push out air bubbles that develop in the cleavage. Leaning back, they arch their backs & show off their bellies as they pour water. This game turns them both on & they can't wait to do it again!

Who Wore It Best Part 4 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr &Angel Lee put on yellow shirts. Lucy's nipples poke through. Angel's shirt is opaque &she lies in the water to saturate it. When both are wet, their nipples poke through & the skin tight jeans cling to their curves.They pour water over each other's bodies & enjoy the respite from the heat. The wet fabric feels good & they caress each other's tits. Even though the shirts are similar, they swap to see who wears it better. The cold material stretches over their head & down their chest but they look similar.Stepping out of the pool, they switch to red shirts. Since their skin is moist, they gingerly put them on before heading back to the pool!

Who Wore It Best Part 3 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr & Angel Lee play in a pool in tee shirts & skin tight jeans. Angle puts on a white t-shirt that's almost transparent before getting wet! Lucy's green shirt looks great as Angel pours & pushes water under her shirt. The white shirt's a winner because it's see through. Her pert nipples poke through & they release the air bubbles beneath the surface of the thin fabric. They switch shirts & grope each other to make them fit perfectly. Lucy likes the white top on Angel & they swap shirts! It's hard to slide the wet fabric on, but it keeps them cool in the hot sun. Getting out, their wet jeans cling to their curves as they open up yellow shirts & head back for more splashing! 

Who Wore It Best Part 1 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr have a wet t shirt contest. They step in the pool with their skin tight jeans & splash water on each other's snug belly baring t-shirts. Their nipples poke through & they compare who has the more transparent shirt while grabbing each other's tits. They pour more water on each other & their blue shirts cling to their curves.They step out & compare their soaking denim by spanking each other on the ass. Stripping out of their wet tops, they switch to see who looks better in each shirt. They need to get more wet & play in the water to get saturated. Time for a new shirt & they peel off the wet ones and replace with dry pink ones! It's challenging to put on dry clothes over wet skin but they love the feeling.

Who Wore It Best Part 2 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr have a wet tee shirt contest in their wading pool. They sit with their skin tight jeans & splash water on each other's snug belly baring t-shirts. Their nipples poke through & they compare who has the more transparent shirt while grabbing each other's tits. They pour more water on each other & their pink shirts cling to their curves. Lucy gropes. Her shirt is almost see through & her large, dark nipples poke through the sheer fabric. Angel kisses her tits & they pour more water over themselves & each other. The wet fabric keeps them cooler than a bikini & is naughty. They strip shirts & grab orange & coral shirts. Lucy & Angel lie on their chests to get extra wet. They smack asses & enjoy hearing the water splash off. The orange shirt turns darker & the coral one turns red when wet. They pour more water on each other & kiss each other's tits. Their bodies look sleek as they lie back & let the water drip down their curves. Their nipples show through & they grab each other! Switching shirts  Angel lies down & Lucy joins her as they try to saturate their clothes. 

Becoming A New Woman - Angel Lee

Angel Lee enters a waiting room of the spa & thinks it's strange location for a massage. There's no cell coverage & she reads a confusing sign listing personality types with female names.The Mastermind that lured her explains how he followed multiple women with the intent of combining their best attributes & creating a new woman by liquefying their bodies. Angel's the rebel but she can't fight her way out of this! She tries to leave & gas fills the room. She coughs before falling to the floor.  Lifting her heavy body, he drags her to his laboratory by her ankles. Her appendages are strapped down so she can't escape. She awakens confused. Her molecules are being converted to a liquid state for extraction of  DNA. She arches & struggles to get free. She goes still as her body liquefies into a pink fluid, leaving her clothes on the table. Crossing off her name, the evil scientist is closer to creating the perfect woman!

Best Friends Forever - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr is nerdy & lonely, but a spell will turn her doll into a real girl. Lucy's excited that the magic dust worked but disappointed to see her friend's slutty! A skimpy shirt barely holds in Angel Lee's tits, & her mini skirt is too short. Lucy's brother used her laptop for porn, & tweaked the spell so she would be a stripper. Angel's glad to be free from the doll body & ready to party. She will thank Lucy's brother with sexual favors but first gropes Lucy. Scared & embarrassed, Lucy squirms from Angel's wandering hands. Annoyed & bored, Angel kisses Lucy, inflicting a spell to bring out Lucy's inner bad girl.Falling, Lucy looses her frumpy dress & sultry black, spandex pants & halter top hug her curvy body. Big, wavy hair replaces her ponytails. Dark lipstick emphasizes her beautiful face. She admires herself & swigs Angel's booze before grabbing Angel. Snapping her fingers, their clothes magically come off & evil Lucy climbs on top of Angel. Grinding, she's ready for sex but Angel struggles to escape the rageful Lucy's kisses. Lucy tries to reach between her prey's legs & Angel tries to get away. Lucy's confused that Angel transformed her into a shameless whore & doesn't want to fuck! Pushing Angel against the wall, she has a dildo & wants to break Angel. They struggle to gain control as Angel reaches out to you, Lucy's brother, for help. Lucy wants to show you what real magic can do!

HeadLocking Lucy Purr & Angel Lee Part 1

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr chat nervously before the audition for a reality show. They aren't expecting masked men to taunt them about being weak. The girls are determined to pass the tests. The men grab them in headlocks & kick the girls in the ass while walking around a warehouse & outside. The clicking of high heels synchronizes with cries of anger, humiliation, & bewilderment. The men kick their asses. The contestants withstand the impacts, but struggle  in their stilettos. Each girl's in an armhold & dragged down the street & pushed to the ground. Their cries are muffled while the men kick. Their asses are in the air &their faces go into the ground further. More walking as they get through round one of the challenges!

HeadLocking Lucy Purr & Angel Lee Part 2

The audition continues, & Angel Lee is dragged in with her arms held behind her back & hair pulled. They kick her ass as they walk in circles to test endurance & humility. Pushed to her knees, they grasp her arms & kick her butt. Angel cusses & bitches but acquiesces because she wants to be on the reality show. Lucy Purr is escorted in with hands tied behind her back. They parade her while a goon holds her hands & knees her ass. The other headlocks her. She threatens to tell the agencies that this casting call was abusive & shrieks obscenities. Throughout her embarrassing ordeal, Angel remains kneeling with her arms out & hands on the back of her head. Both are put in submission holds & their endurance is tested in relays back & forth. They hate it but won't quit!

HeadLocking Lucy Purr & Angel Lee Part 3

Angel Lee & Lucy Purr obediently wait on their knees. The goons headlock them for walking. It's hard to maintain balance with their heads pushed down & high heels make walking tedious. They are bound in a strappado & the men to kick their asses. This embarrassing treatment tests their endurance but they refuse to quit the audition. The men leave & they catch their breath. As they commiserate, they wonder if they can finish the contest. They are tired, but the men headlock them again & throw them on the sofa. They passed the test & are going to be on the reality show. 
Lucy & Angel huddle on the sofa unsure of what the future holds!

Wet Wellies - Angel Lee

Angel Lee crushes things with her rubber Wellies boots. Her jeans are tucked in & a corset emphasize her huge tits. She lifts her leg, rounding her butt, to crush a lemon or orange.  It's wet & juicy under her squeaky soles. She smiles at you but shows no mercy to the fruit.
Her rubber boots grind on a tomato until it's a mess on the floor. The toes put pressure on a crunchy carrot & she stomps until it's pulverized juice.Her soles flatten a cantaloupe to mush.
Apples are stomped. The heel squishes with all her weight & makes a goo. Another is rolled like a ball before deflated. She plays in the destroyed produce & smushes, mixing together. Time for someone to clean up this mess! This was shot mostly full body with a few closeups of her ass. 

Angel Lee's Hair Play

Angel Lee plays with her free flowing blonde hair,  flipping it over & having her delicate neck exposed with her head pointed to the ground. She does this without hands before using her fingers to comb through the shiny strands. Dangling her head, the hair flows before flipping back up again. She puts her hair in a bun &  lets it down. Her hair is her crowning glory & she loves sensuously showing it off!