Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Nylon Fight - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai mocks Angel Lee for wearing tan pantyhose, and vice versa for black leggings with lace trim. Smack talking ensues. Both stripped to nylons. Jasmin's stomach sitting on Angel Lee as she's bound in a frog tie with her wrists tied to her ropes. Mocking Angel, Jasmin alternates choking and nipple torture. Jasmin stands on Angel's toes before grinding Angel's pussy with strappy sandals. She admires her red toenails during the pussy abuse and humiliation. Crushing her crotch makes Angel cry and struggle to get away from the spike heels. Collared and leashed, Angel is pushed to her belly so Jasmin can smack her ass and put her high heels in the victory pose. Angel's her new pet and will be submissive to her Superior Goddess. 

It's So Hot Part 1 - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai are happy they can dress in layers for winter, but Angel's feet are hot.  Angel tears her sneakers off & Jasmin makes fun of her smelly feet. Angel's offended & pushes Jasmin's face to her socks, making her sniff & lick her dirty feet. The soiled socks leave Angel overheated & she rips them off her foot shoving them in Jasmin's face. Jasmin is disgusted, but realizes they aren't bad. Angel rips off the other sock & shoves them in Jasmin's mouth. Jasmin's hesitant but enjoys it as Angel rubs her pussy over her jeans & rubs herself as well. The excitement causes Angel to rip her grey sweater, revealing a tight blue polo shirt. She's still hot & tears the shirt, revealing a white bra. This too is destroyed until she's only in jeans. Jasmin continues to rub herself & suck on Angel's feet. The denim is sweltering. Angel rips them down her legs leaving her only in a pair of panties.

It's So Hot Part 2 - Angel Lee & Jasmin Jai

Angel Lee rips off her panties after complaining about the heat. Jasmin Jai tears off her shoes. The socks are sweltering. She pokes her fingernails & shreds the thin fabric. Angel encourages Jasmin to rip her two shirts. Moaning in ecstasy, she destroys the red bra & reveals her large tits. 
Jasmin pulls at the jeans, but they are stubborn until she pulls the back. With excitement, she destroys the leg. They hang loosely on her. When she tears them off, she's left in a pair of lacy panties that are ripped. When Jasmin's completely nude, Angel grabs her foot & sucks on her toes and licks the soles. They rub themselves while enjoying the foot worship & surrounded by a pile of torn clothes!

Jasmin Jai Sits On Angel Lee

Angel Lee needs money & Jasmin Jai will give it if she can sit on Angel's stomach with her full weight. They weigh themselves to see the range & what Angel will be withstanding. The scale says a 50 pound difference between them! Jasmin tests Angel's belly by sitting on her with her legs spread & her ass digging in. She taunts Angel & wants to hear her talk about the strain. Angel denies the pressure but her eyes give it away. Jasmin suggests that Angel take her shirt off so that they can see the red marks on her skin as she presses down. Angel just ate adding to the discomfort, but trudges through. Her voice is labored, but determined. They admire her reddened abs, but Angel refuses to admit a struggle. Perhaps they do this every month!