Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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From Not To Hot 2

Angel Lee was always up set with how she looked, she could never get the boys like Candle Boxxx could. Candle was always so hot. So she decided to ask Candle for help.... Candle does just that, she helps her to look fantastic, in fact she looks so good that Candle can not keep her hands off of her.

There are a lot of close ups of Angel's beautiful belly in this custom.

Mistress Candle

Candle Boxxx and Angel Lee were having lunch, when Angel noticed Candle's boots. When she asked about them, Candle told her that she was going to be stripping later that night and wanted to see how the boots felt. Angel asked her if she would strip for her, Candle said sure as long as....

Simon Says App

Angel Lee and Candle Boxxx work for Ikimott Marketing, they are always so nice to boss. To his face that is. But as soon as he is not around, they bitch and complaining about everything. He has been hearing complaints about them for a long time and no one understands why he keeps them around. What they don't know is he keeps them around for his own entertainment and testing. Testing of his newest invention that is. It's an app that......

Belly Blues Angel

Candle is rolling around in a hogtie while gagged and blindfolded. She is not sure why she is in this situation but struggles to get free.  Her captor, Angel Lee, saunters in and loves harassing her. She exposes her tight belly and gives her raspberry kisses. She cannot help but graze her hands down her tummy.

Belly Bully Prep

Candle asked Angel Lee to meet her at the park, she needs help with some bullies. They are always picking on her and punching her in the belly and she figured that since Angel knows how to fight she might be able to teach her how to take a punch.

After explaining her situation to her Angel agrees to help. Angel starts of light then punches harder and harder. You can see her beautiful belly getting nice and red! She then has Candle punch her in the belly just so she can learn how to punch!

Lots of close ups, and even POV shots

Belly Punch Babes

Candle Box and Angel Lee were waiting for the next set to be finished getting ready so they decided to play around and do some belly punching. They are just having fun introducing Angel to belly punching. And Angel's muscular stomach is so sexy. She can really take a punch. Their expressions were great! In the end the camerman gets to punch the girls bellies too. 

Bucket Revenge

Candle Boxxx wakes up with a bucket on her head and trash bag on her body. She stumbles around trying to get the bucket off her head. While doing that she manages to get her foot stuck in a box! Angel Lee comes home to find her flopping around and after some teasing and laughing. She decides to help her get the bucket un stuck. 

Finally they get the bucket off of Candle's head and Angel asks what happened. Well it turns out that Angel left a bunch of stuff laying around and when Candle came home she tripped and fell and that is how she got her head stuck in a bucket! Frustrated Candle looks around and askes "Where are my clothes?" Angel tells her that they were just laying around so she threw them in the wash. Candle then demands Angel give her clothes to her. Angel refuses and tells her she will just have to wait. Well Candle is not going to do that, she grabs Angel and starts taking her clothes off. Angel tries to fight back but Candle is too strong for her. 

Once Candle has Angel's clothes on her, she pays her back for laughing at her. She puts her in the bag that she had on. And to shut Angle up, Candle grabs some dirty socks that were on the floor and shoves them in Angel's mouth. Then to make sure the dirty smelly socks don't go anywhere Candle puts pantyhose over Angel's head!

And if that wasn't enough, she shoves the bucket on her head!!! 

Worm Gone Wild

Brandi and Candle are walking along when they see a giant worm. At first they think he is adorable, but that quickly changes as he opens his gaping mouth and try to eat them. The girls are not able to fight back because the creature secretes an invisible goo that forces them to keep their hands by their sides. All they can do is kick their legs. Unfortunately this is not enough and they are slowly dragged into his mouth and never to be seen again. This is the first in our vore series, we hope to make many more!

Comparing Hands

Angel and Candle decide that they need to have a hand comparison. Just to see who has longer fingers, nails and palms. Eventually their competitive side comes out and they want to see who would win a test of strength. They interlock their fingers and decide to settle this as two strong women should. The verbally spar as their knuckles and wrists duke it out in an arm wrestling competition. Who is going to win this battle?!

Bikini Massage

Angel is looking for a new bathing suit that she can wear to the beach. However, when Candle sees the shy girl with a smoking body, she realizes that she must get her hands on her and quickly comes up with a plan. She announces that Angel has just won a free bikini and a massage!

This attention is a little overwhelming to Angel, but she slowly gets caught up in the excitement of Candle's enthusiasm. Nobody has ever given her flat belly this much attention and it is flattering. Angel even starts to enjoy it when Candle tells her to suck in her abs to show off the definition or to flex to emphasize how firm and hard it is.

Shared Room Angel

Angel is so happy to have been invited on this business trip with you, her boss but she had no idea that it would involve sharing a hotel room as opposed to separate rooms. Since she was hired, you have been fantasizing about seeing what she hides beneath those sexy work clothes and glasses.

She balks but realizes that since there are two bedrooms it should not be too big of a deal. Tomorrow is a long day and she decides to take a shower and go to bed. Fortunately for you, she does not realize that she did not close the door properly and you can get a front row view of her slowly undressing.

Spare Key

Your assistant is so sexy and you would do anything to see her as she is when she is alone. In fact, you were so motivated that you made a secret key and snuck into her apartment before she came home. You can secretly watch her whenever you feel like it!