Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Clothes Ripping Apocalypse Episode 3 FULL

This is the complete episode 3 of The Clothing Apocalypse Series.

An alien race uses a high pitched sound to pacify the humans into mindless drones who are fixated on destroying all clothes except for white underwear and having orgies. The initial attack occurred 2 weeks ago, and a new government has been put in place which bans all clothing. Strangely, there are some people who have not been affected by the sound, and they hide in their houses hoarding their wardrobe and scratching their heads as to what has happened to society.

Angel and her daughter Mina sit on the couch bemoaning the fact that nothing is the way it used to be. The patriarch has left for wild sex in the streets, and they struggle to keep enough clothes in their closets and food in the cupboards. There is no way they are going out of the house with the new rules in place. 

As they watch the news, which is now perverted by alien influence, they are shocked by all of the tawdriness that is going on in public. Even the once respectable newscaster is rubbing her body on  television and ripping clothes. Angel turns off the tv in disgust.

They don't realize it, but they

Next Door Belly FULL

Candle is looking out the window when she sees her sexy, young neighbor being teased by a hot girl in his bedroom. (Per the customer's request, this is just dirty talk by Candle and not showing the male.) She is amused but also turned on to see him aroused because he lives with his mother and is not allowed to have girls in his room.

As the action progresses, Candle does a blow by blow analysis of what is happening to him and it is especially hot to see the girl sucking in and flexing her belly.  His dick gets so hard and he tries to resist it because he cannot get caught in this compromising position!

Despite his best intentions, he lets out his huge cock and it is impressive to see him hard and ready to cum. Every time the girl flexes her tight abs and sucks in her belly, he strokes it nice and slowly.

Just as he is about to cum, his mother interrupts him and she is not happy. Candle has to share this juicy gossip with her roommate Angel and runs off to find her!

Candle just witnessed her hot next door neighbor getting caught by his mother for having a girl in his room. She runs to Angel and tells her in a detailed account of all the sexy belly action that the girl was doing and how it turned on both the neighbor and Candle. Wouldn't it be a great idea to invite him over and let him finish what he started? Angel agrees that since they both have hot bodies and abs, this would be a lot of fun!

When he arrives (POV), Angel arches back so that her belly is taut and her ribs are pronounced. They admit that they know what he just went through, but they can show him how they spread their legs and suck in their bellies to make his virgin cock hard. The girls get glee at seeing the precum and his obvious excitement. As everyone gets more aroused, the innocent facade is replaced with an visceral aggressiveness.

Bikini Massage

Angel is looking for a new bathing suit that she can wear to the beach. However, when Candle sees the shy girl with a smoking body, she realizes that she must get her hands on her and quickly comes up with a plan. She announces that Angel has just won a free bikini and a massage!

This attention is a little overwhelming to Angel, but she slowly gets caught up in the excitement of Candle's enthusiasm. Nobody has ever given her flat belly this much attention and it is flattering. Angel even starts to enjoy it when Candle tells her to suck in her abs to show off the definition or to flex to emphasize how firm and hard it is.

Trail of Tear (Full)

A plane crashes and 4 women are stranded in a desolate forest. There is a business woman (Paige), two flight attendants (Angel and Candle), and a schoolgirl (Mina). They are very prim and proper and even though they are uncomfortable and hot, they would never dream of unbuttoning a button on their blouse. They know they are going to be saved, it is just a matter of waiting. 

As they forage through the woods looking for abandoned supplies, one of the air hostesses skirt rips on a branch and tears all the way to her white panties. She tries to fix it, but there is nothing she can do.

Paige finds a suitcase and they are hopeful that it will contain clothes they can change into. Alas, it is only filled with panties. Fortunately for them, there is a suitcase with more clothes. This is right before Paige rips her skirt as well.

They all decide to grab new clothes in the morning, and go to sleep. Carefully, they hang their jackets so they will not get dirty, and try to get comfortable in this new environment.

The stranded women wake up refreshed and ready to find help despite

Final Game FULL - Angel Lee, Arielle Lane & Lucy Purr

Arielle Lane & Lucy Purr sit in front of their boyfriends with hands on their heads & ballgagged while the game plays in the background. Their girlfriends cheated on them. The guys have a bet on the game. The winner will kill their girlfriend. During the commercial break, Angel Lee saunters in with her shot gun & commands them to walk in a circle like cattle. A noose taunts them in the corner. The game resumes. The girls go back to their kneeling position. Angel takes Arielle to the wall & commands her to spread her arms & legs. Flogging her, Arielle whimpers with each impact. On the next score, Lucy takes her turn & cries each time she's whipped. During the commercial break, they walk around like a piece of meat. Angel handcuffs them. Arielle is placed on the stool with the noose around her neck. She squirms & waits with anguish about her fate. Lucy struggles in her cuffs as the game ends. Arielle Lane stands on the stool with the noose around her neck. She didn't lose the game. Scott Torvea helps her down so Lucy Purr can take a turn. She whimpers through her ballgag & carefully walks up to the stool. Her handcuffs behind her back make her uneasy on her feet. She's scared of stepping off the ledge. The girls alternate as the team scores with one on the stool & the other on their knees with their hands handcuffed behind them. Angel Lee looks on as the men taunt their spurned girlfriends. The game is tied & tense, but Angel Lee walks over to the loser to bind her ankles & knees. Kicking the stool out from under her, Arielle struggles & goes limp in her binds. They point a gun at Angel. She's shocked that they would betray her, but strips her bikini top at their command. Flogging her ass, they beat her down to make her submissive. She talks too much. They ballgag her before making her remove her bikini bottoms. The whip makes her ass redden. They handcuff her. Scott calls his brother to make sure it's ok to dispose of his ex-wife. He thinks he can take both girls out with one shot. The brother wants to see it happen live & with her own bullet. They take the gags out. Both plead for their life, only to be regagged with the pistol. Two shots are heard. Nobody wins this game!



Casting Call - Alora Jaymes, Angel Lee & Kobe Lee

Alora Jaymes, Angel Lee & Kobe Lee arrive for a casting call for a crime drama & agree to the requirements of topless nudity, handcuffs & gun play. They model their short shorts, skimpy shirts & socks. They gasp when the cold handcuffs are put on their wrists behind their backs. It's fun as they saunter. It's time for the topless portion & are unhandcuffed & remove their tops. They stand at the wall & laugh as he handcuffs them. The mood changes when he asks for them to strip their shorts. Kobe refuses to take them off. She's sequestered while the other girls reluctantly strip to their panties. The handcuffs go back on while they're topless and they prance some more. It's time for the gun play portion. Three armed men jump out & order them to the couch. They're hearts pound but they rationalize it's method acting. He shows them the magazine & explains they need to be more agreeable & shows them why. A crying Emily Torvea is dragged in with a ballgag in her mouth. In front of their faces, he blows her brains out. She slumps to the ground with blood splatter on the wall. The girls shriek in horror. Kobe has a ballgag shoved in her mouth while Angel & Alora are tapegagged. They're going to model for a video. The first segment is a gallows scene. Plywood is stacked on concrete blocks. 3 ropes are hung from the rafters. The scared girls watch in terror as these men hold their fates in their hands. One by one, they're led to the nooses. Angel panics & struggles before dragged to the other girls. If she does't behave, she'll have the same fate as limp Emily in the corner. As they stand on the planks, they're ordered to show off their cuffs behind their backs. Time elapses and they're nude with their handcuffs behind their backs. In montage scenes, the girls are on their knees. Each has a man behind them pulling rope around their necks. Fast forward & the men hold knives to the necks of the struggling girls. Another scene has guns pointed ashey cower in fear, alternating between on their knees & standing. They cry & wiggle their handcuffed wrists. With guns in their mouths, they know the end is near. At the end of their modeling debut, they lay in a bloody pile with their hands still cuffed.

Spare Key

Your assistant is so sexy and you would do anything to see her as she is when she is alone. In fact, you were so motivated that you made a secret key and snuck into her apartment before she came home. You can secretly watch her whenever you feel like it!

Shrunk Toys

Angel and Candle have a fascination with all of the little people they have shrunk and let roam around their house. They love to hear them scream in terror as they threaten their useless lives. Sometimes it is more fun to terrorize them than to actually destroy them just for their pleas.

There are so many ways to obliterate these tiny humans. They step on them with their high heels and then take their shoes off to hear the crush of bones beneath their feet.

Girls Get Away FULL movie

Paige, Angel, and Candle arrive at their mountain retreat and are uneasy about being so far away from civilization. Mina arrived before them and does not answer the door. The door is open and they tentatively wander through the house till they find her unconscious on the ground. As they cower over her sprawled body, she busts out in laughter as she snared them in her prank!

Everyone is irked but they decide to settle down for a movie. Angel heads off to find the bathroom, but can't seem to find it. Before she realizes it, an intruder grabs her and makes her go to sleep. Her head and limbs flops as he lifts and carries her to a dark room.

Candle decides that she needs to use the powder room as well and wanders around till she can find it. Just as she notices Angel's lost flip flops on the floor, the baddie comes along. She fights with vigor and kicks her legs in protest, but eventually she succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps as well. He drags her to the empty room and leaves her with Angel.

American Sex Slaves

Angel and Monica had a little too much fun clubbing, but unfortunately they did it in a country that does  allow any rights to women. As a man starts the search process, they balk because as Americans, they demand a female. A stiff punishment is guaranteed if they do not obey, and Angel is called to the center to begin the process.

She stands shyly in the middle of the floor and is ordered to remove one item of clothing at a time. Her arms uselessly try to cover her body but he demands that she hold her arms out like a T so that everything is exposed. The man steps behind her and touches her hair and face before probing her mouth with his fingers. He gropes her tits before bending her forward and does a cavity search of her pussy and ass (implied). She is beyond humiliated and stands where Monica watched the whole thing.


Dawn (Played by Anabelle Pync) is visiting a fortune teller to find out about her girlfriend. Things get strange as the lights go out and her clothes are askew. This is embarrassing and confusing and she wants answers!

All of a sudden, the medium is possessed and becomes her long lost friend. It takes awhile for Dawn to be convinced that Madame Helga is the real deal, but when she blows some mystic essence on her, Dawn becomes very willing to get naughty with this ghost.

These horny girls help strip each other out of their clothes and slowly worship each other's legs. The nylons are released from the garter belts, but they allow the stockings to stay on their legs and sensually fall down.

As they each climax, the power wears off and they fall limp to the floor. When Dawn awakens, she is confused as to what happened. Since she is so wobbly, she crawls out of the room and loses her stocking and shoe!

Whack A Mole Part 2

It has been three months since Scott and Candle pulverized Angel for being a snitch to the Feds. However, when he finds out that Candle was the real leak, he and Angel decide to get revenge. They coerce her to an abandoned warehouse and before she realizes what is going on, they land multiple blows to her belly.
They spare no implements