Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Belly Bully Prep

Candle asked Angel Lee to meet her at the park, she needs help with some bullies. They are always picking on her and punching her in the belly and she figured that since Angel knows how to fight she might be able to teach her how to take a punch.

After explaining her situation to her Angel agrees to help. Angel starts of light then punches harder and harder. You can see her beautiful belly getting nice and red! She then has Candle punch her in the belly just so she can learn how to punch!

Lots of close ups, and even POV shots

Nylon Session Part 3

Kobe Lee enjoys teasing her eager sub, Angel Lee, because everything feels so good. Angel moans and writhes in pleasure as Kobe rubs her stockinged toes on Angel's pantyhose clad pussy. As much as Angel wants to rub and worship Kobe's feet, there is nothing she can do with her arms bound behind her back. Her moans of pleasure are muffled by a red ballgag, and she savors feeling so helpless and captivated by her nylon fantasies.

Angel is not allowed to cum until given permission, but Kobe can tell she is close by her wet pantyhose pussy. Teasing her, she brings her closer to the brink, but makes sure to edge her so she can't release too quickly. When she deems it appropriate, Angel grunts during her climax and Kobe is pleased by her performance.

Smell My Stinky Feet

Angel has just gotten back from the gym and she did not wear socks with her tennis shoes. Paige is relaxing. Angel wants to cuddle, but Paige blurts out “pew” when she smells her dirty sneakers.  

Angel even admits that it is strong, but that she likes it. She will secretly sniff of Paige's shoes because she likes it so much. Angel knows that Paige has stinky feet as well and that she should embrace the aroma.

This gives Paige an idea to handcuff Angel and fart

Girls Get Away Part 1

Paige, Angel, and Candle arrive at their mountain retreat and are uneasy about being so far away from civilization. Mina arrived before them and does not answer the door. The door is open and they tentatively wander through the house till they find her unconscious on the ground. As they cower over her sprawled body, she busts out in laughter as she snared them in her prank!

Everyone is irked but they decide to settle down for a movie. Angel heads off to find the bathroom, but can't seem to find it. Before she realizes it, an intruder grabs her and makes her go to sleep. Her head and limbs flops as he lifts and carries her to a dark room.

Nylon Session Part 2

Angel Lee is so excited to have her first nylon domination session and Kobe Lee is the perfect mix of dominant and sensual. Kobe has this docile sub on the sofa with her legs spread so that her vintage stockings can rub Angel's pantyhosed pussy.

Time for Angel to profess her hosiery sins and Angel shyly mentions how she loves the feel of them against her pussy as well how they look. It is now time for Angel to give into all of her fantasies and she loosens up dramatically as Kobe's feet probe her quivering pussy.

It looks like Angel is close to cumming, but Kobe is not going to let her have a release that quickly. Teasing and denyying her, she brings her to the edge only to slow down. This silky slut has to be granted permission to release on Kobe's tiny, perfect feet.

Angel's pussy is soaking and Kobe is pleased with her eager submissive slut.

Struggling With Laundry

Angel is so clumsy and accidentally got trapped in a laundry hamper filled with dirty clothes. The only thing visible is her head with a sock draped over it. As she squirms and struggles she begs for help from Anabelle.

This is the moment that Anabelle has been waiting for and she can't help but laugh and taunt Angel and how ridiculous she looks. Anabelle gloats that she is in charge now and how good it feels to put Angel in her place. 

Grabbing her dirty sock, she stuffs it in Angel's mouth, securing it with a pair of stinky stockings. Securing the mouth packing with the cleave gag, she admires her handiwork and messes up Angel's beautiful hair.

Anabelle feigns that she cannot understand Angel's muffled gag talk and leaves to gather more filthy laundry. In a humiliating swoop, she dumps it over Angel's head while making fun of her and leaves Angel to struggle in hope of an escape.

Bucket Revenge

Candle Boxxx wakes up with a bucket on her head and trash bag on her body. She stumbles around trying to get the bucket off her head. While doing that she manages to get her foot stuck in a box! Angel Lee comes home to find her flopping around and after some teasing and laughing. She decides to help her get the bucket un stuck. 

Finally they get the bucket off of Candle's head and Angel asks what happened. Well it turns out that Angel left a bunch of stuff laying around and when Candle came home she tripped and fell and that is how she got her head stuck in a bucket! Frustrated Candle looks around and askes "Where are my clothes?" Angel tells her that they were just laying around so she threw them in the wash. Candle then demands Angel give her clothes to her. Angel refuses and tells her she will just have to wait. Well Candle is not going to do that, she grabs Angel and starts taking her clothes off. Angel tries to fight back but Candle is too strong for her. 

Once Candle has Angel's clothes on her, she pays her back for laughing at her. She puts her in the bag that she had on. And to shut Angle up, Candle grabs some dirty socks that were on the floor and shoves them in Angel's mouth. Then to make sure the dirty smelly socks don't go anywhere Candle puts pantyhose over Angel's head!

And if that wasn't enough, she shoves the bucket on her head!!! 

Worm Gone Wild

Brandi and Candle are walking along when they see a giant worm. At first they think he is adorable, but that quickly changes as he opens his gaping mouth and try to eat them. The girls are not able to fight back because the creature secretes an invisible goo that forces them to keep their hands by their sides. All they can do is kick their legs. Unfortunately this is not enough and they are slowly dragged into his mouth and never to be seen again. This is the first in our vore series, we hope to make many more!

Laying Angel

Angel is sprawled on the couch with her neck stretched long and her mouth agape. Her pretty blond hair is strewn about and she looks angelic as she lies completely exposed. Her flat belly is taut and her ribcage is arched dramatically. She is completely vulnerable as she is viewed from various angles.

Girls Get Away Part 2

Candle decides that she needs to use the powder room as well and wanders around till she can find it. Just as she notices Angel's lost flip flops on the floor, the baddie comes along. She fights with vigor and kicks her legs in protest, but eventually she succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps as well. He drags her to the empty room and leaves her with Angel.

Meanwhile Paige gets a little nervous and goes off to find everyone.  Cautiously, she goes down to the basement and finds her friends limp and helpless. Just as she is about to scream, he comes along and makes her eyes roll to the back of her head and pass out. She is thrown over his shoulder and he spins her in circles till her shoe comes off. There is something appealing about having them barefoot and keeping their shoes as trophies.

Upstairs, Mina begins to think they are pulling a prank on her and heads down stairs

Employee Testing Part 2

Angel is interviewing Paige for a job and has managed to get her nude except for her garter and stockings. In an unusual personality test, she has unhooked Paige's garters and has her walk back and forth to see if she gets distracted while walking. Angel wants Paige to stay focused even if her stockings shimmy down her legs. To further the testing, she also wants her to remove one of her shoes and walk with only one on before replacing it and crawling on her hands and knees.

Since Paige passed with flying colors, Angel commands her to take off her future boss's clothing. Angel unhooks her garters except for one hook and has Paige worship her shoes and lower her stockings down to her ankles.

Theses lusty ladies head to the couch and start kissing each other before lying down for a thorough foot worship. They lick and suck all over those sexy soles, heels and toes. They share each others nylons to rub against their sensitive clits before exploding in powerful orgasms!

Seance Part 2

Dawn (played by Anabelle Pync) has just resurrected her long lost lover through a medium and is overwhelmed that Emily (played by Angel Lee) goes right back to their leg worshiping ways. Emily gropes and kisses her legs before taking off her high heeled shoes and licking the heels. The stockings are pulled up on Dawn only to have them pulled down again by her teeth.

Since Dawn does not seem to be enjoying it, Emily blows magic breath towards her and Dawn suddenly becomes completely aroused by Emily's touch.She moans as her her long legs are worshiped.  Dawn worships the high heel while Emily shimmies off her panties and garter belt but leaving her nylons.