Angel Lee

Location: East Coast


Angel Lee: Saying she has sex appeal is an understatement with this one. A beautiful woman inside and out! Here is some information on her and images. Also below you can browse the movies that she is in.

Model's info


Height 5'4"

Weight 118 lbs

Bust 34"

Waist 24"

Hips 34"

Cup C

Dress 0

Shoe 6.5

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Hazel

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Breaking Angel

It is not a good day to be Angel Lee. She was sent to take out Torvea after her predecessor failed. This feisty blond has managed to be caught and has her hands tied over her head and her sexy body is on full display.

Torvea really wants to know who sent Angel, but is itching to use the opportunity to torture her. Groping her helpless body seems like a good warm up. She struggles to get away from him and gives him attitude. This is the perfect moment to punch her belly and make her winded from the impact.

Belly Punch Babes

Candle Box and Angel Lee were waiting for the next set to be finished getting ready so they decided to play around and do some belly punching. They are just having fun introducing Angel to belly punching. And Angel's muscular stomach is so sexy. She can really take a punch. Their expressions were great! In the end the camerman gets to punch the girls bellies too. 

Bucket Revenge

Candle Boxxx wakes up with a bucket on her head and trash bag on her body. She stumbles around trying to get the bucket off her head. While doing that she manages to get her foot stuck in a box! Angel Lee comes home to find her flopping around and after some teasing and laughing. She decides to help her get the bucket un stuck. 

Finally they get the bucket off of Candle's head and Angel asks what happened. Well it turns out that Angel left a bunch of stuff laying around and when Candle came home she tripped and fell and that is how she got her head stuck in a bucket! Frustrated Candle looks around and askes "Where are my clothes?" Angel tells her that they were just laying around so she threw them in the wash. Candle then demands Angel give her clothes to her. Angel refuses and tells her she will just have to wait. Well Candle is not going to do that, she grabs Angel and starts taking her clothes off. Angel tries to fight back but Candle is too strong for her. 

Once Candle has Angel's clothes on her, she pays her back for laughing at her. She puts her in the bag that she had on. And to shut Angle up, Candle grabs some dirty socks that were on the floor and shoves them in Angel's mouth. Then to make sure the dirty smelly socks don't go anywhere Candle puts pantyhose over Angel's head!

And if that wasn't enough, she shoves the bucket on her head!!! 

Crying Gallows Part 2 - Angel Lee

It was a long night as Angel Lee waited for her punishment. She's escorted to the gallows with two members of the court holding her upper arms as well as being bound at the wrists. They remove her binds and strip her uniform. She is rebound behind her back and led nude and barefoot to the chamber.


The noose stares her in the face and she quietly contemplates her doomed fate. They wait for the call to confirm her execution, and she obediently puts her legs together at the command of the executioner. (Per the customer's request, there's a lot of buildup time.)

The rope is pulled around her neck and adjusted for her height. Pulling the stool out from under her, she gasps as her feet wiggle and struggle from the pressure. Her mouth hangs open and her eyes are closed as the ropes dig into her neck.

Simon Says App

Angel Lee and Candle Boxxx work for Ikimott Marketing, they are always so nice to boss. To his face that is. But as soon as he is not around, they bitch and complaining about everything. He has been hearing complaints about them for a long time and no one understands why he keeps them around. What they don't know is he keeps them around for his own entertainment and testing. Testing of his newest invention that is. It's an app that......

Angel's Belly Torture

Angel is working out her abs in her sexy sports bra and spandex shorts. An intruder has been watching her because he thinks she has information that he needs. When she goes into a backbend, he takes the chance to punch her and take advantage of her confusion.

She awakens tied with her arms above her head and her legs together. Scott punches her belly and he is amazed at how firm and strong it is. He lets her know that he is going to torture her stomach until she remembers the information he is seeking.

Gallows Remorse - Angel Lee

Angel Lee is ordered to take her clothes off piece by piece & silently complies. The executioner, Scott Torvea, ties her hands behind her back (onscreen tying) before slowly walking toward the gallows. She's nervous about the trap door beneath the noose. He wraps the rope around her neck. She bows her head in shame. He reads a passage from the Bible. In tears, she apologizes for the murder of her husband. She never meant to hurt him. She doesn't want to die. In hysterics, she repeats the prayer repeatedly as if possessed. When she refuses to stop speaking, she's hooded. They leave her to stand until given the word to continue from the state. Without fanfare, the rope is yanked. Angel hangs limp in her binds. Scott approaches & checks her heart rate with a stethoscope, confirming it's done.

Crying Gallows Part 1 - Angel Lee

Angel Lee awaits the verdict from the jury with her lawyer & charged with first degree murder.  Her handcuffed hands go to her face in shock but she manages to hold in her tears when given the death penalty in the gallows. She’s sentenced to hanging by neck. She's in the prison medical clinic in her uniform. The guard holds her arms behind her back. The doctor goes over her punishment that he will implement. Angel listens with a bowed head. The guard unties the rope around her wrists & strips her uniform including the standard issued white cotton panties. They put her on the scale to be weighed & to get her height. Checking her neck, he twists it side to side before measuring it. The guard switches from holding her arms behind her back to over her head when her waist & chest are measured. Pushing her against the wall with her hands high above her head, they pat down her body & give her large tits special attention. Angel's ears & mouth are probed to make sure that she isn't hiding anything. The doctor grabs a piece of rope & loops it around her neck in order to check size. The doctor leaves her to mentally prepare for her execution the next day. They hand her uniform to get redressed, but she's paralyzed with fear.


Bikini Massage

Angel is looking for a new bathing suit that she can wear to the beach. However, when Candle sees the shy girl with a smoking body, she realizes that she must get her hands on her and quickly comes up with a plan. She announces that Angel has just won a free bikini and a massage!

This attention is a little overwhelming to Angel, but she slowly gets caught up in the excitement of Candle's enthusiasm. Nobody has ever given her flat belly this much attention and it is flattering. Angel even starts to enjoy it when Candle tells her to suck in her abs to show off the definition or to flex to emphasize how firm and hard it is.

Angel's Silence

Angel Lee is tied to a chair with her wrists behind her and ankles attached to the seat legs. The position forces her to arch and flex her abs while she struggles against the binds.

Her captor enters and yanks her head back by her lustrous hair. He wants answers on who is taking out his men, and her flippant response, confirms his suspicions that she is the troublemaker. Only one way to handle a belligerent woman and that is to punch her abs and back slap her face. The blows cause her to writhe and groan in agony while glaring. Despite the pain, she continues to give lip and gives him justification to use the baton on her.

Things need to get amped up, and Scott brings in jumper cables. Angel's eyes widen and her breath hastens as he gets closer to her inner thighs, stomach and tits. When he activates the clamps, Angel's head flings back, and her arched body shakes violently. The next round of questions do not meet his expectations, so he punches her into a limp pile.

A change of scenery may help her talk and we find Angel dangling by her wrists, fully stretched  with her ribcage arched. Scott awakens her with a bellypunch and she struggles to get her bearings in the new surroundings. It does not take long for her backtalk to begin, so he face punches her causing her to spin. Grabbing her hair, Scott fondles his new toy, but unfortunately his doll likes to spit when squeezed.

Scott grabs the billyclub and hits each rib. Surely, removing that bikini would help his target practice. It looks nicer without that pesky fabric but Angel is about to conk out without telling the information. A jolt from the tazer on her nipples, belly, crotch and ass sparks her to life, but she still won't reveal the info.

Hanging by her wrists and out like a light, Scott fondles her body before whipping her from behind. Each lashing makes her flex and twist in agony, but she remains true to her mission. Time to play dirty and he shoves (implied) the whip handle up her ass.

This is too much for Angel and her body falls limp straining as her arms overhead carry all of the weight.Still without his information, Scott tries to beat her belly, but she is unresponsive. Why won't they ever talk?!

Clothes Ripping Apocalypse Episode 3 FULL

This is the complete episode 3 of The Clothing Apocalypse Series.

An alien race uses a high pitched sound to pacify the humans into mindless drones who are fixated on destroying all clothes except for white underwear and having orgies. The initial attack occurred 2 weeks ago, and a new government has been put in place which bans all clothing. Strangely, there are some people who have not been affected by the sound, and they hide in their houses hoarding their wardrobe and scratching their heads as to what has happened to society.

Angel and her daughter Mina sit on the couch bemoaning the fact that nothing is the way it used to be. The patriarch has left for wild sex in the streets, and they struggle to keep enough clothes in their closets and food in the cupboards. There is no way they are going out of the house with the new rules in place. 

As they watch the news, which is now perverted by alien influence, they are shocked by all of the tawdriness that is going on in public. Even the once respectable newscaster is rubbing her body on  television and ripping clothes. Angel turns off the tv in disgust.

They don't realize it, but they

Belly Blues Angel

Candle is rolling around in a hogtie while gagged and blindfolded. She is not sure why she is in this situation but struggles to get free.  Her captor, Angel Lee, saunters in and loves harassing her. She exposes her tight belly and gives her raspberry kisses. She cannot help but graze her hands down her tummy.