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Mummified Magic BTS Part 2 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms and Scott Torvea chat while he wraps duct tape on her tits and arm. She's candid about random topics like sweating, fetishes, BDSM, and farts. She's more immobilized with her belly wrapped in tape and can't scratch her nose!

Mummified Magic BTS Part 1 - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has a custom that involves her to be mummified in tape. Scott Torvea preps her body in saran wrap as they crack jokes and rib each other. It's tight. She can barely move when she bends down to remove her socks and shoes. They test her mobility and wrap the tape in individual wraps to prevent wrinkling and get up to her armpits on one side. Dakota's excited to sweat off some extra water weight.

Shrinking Experiment - Angel Lee

Angel Lee puts her science experiment in the fridge and takes a nap. Her roommates are at school. She awakens and shocked at how much time passed. She gets ready for the tanning salon and puts on her microbikini. Her friends are still out, but her chemicals in the refrigerator are gone! Worried, she doesn't notice a shrunk body on the chair. She sits on him. She searches for them in the living room and squashes another one when sitting on the couch. Bending over, she continues to look. Her barefoot squishes her friend. She realizes she has to keep it a secret. There's no time to tan. She strips her bikini top and plans on going back to studying. See the extra footage after the clip! This custom focuses on Angel Lee walking toward the camera and looks like the camera went through her. If you would like your own, please email TorveaFilms at g ma i l dot com

Mummified Magic - Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has a magic vial and wishes that she had the sexiest costume for a contest. She finds herself mummified with her legs separated in tight duct tape.  It shows off her curves. She loves being helpless. Her hands and feet are tightly  wrapped. She can barely move! She wants it sexier! Her head's wrapped in tape causing her to mmmph and gagtalk. Ambling like a mummy, she loves the constriction and hearing tape rubbing against tape. She desires to be immobilized and transports to the floor with legs taped together and arms bound to her side. She struggles to flip over and tries using momentum. Her feet wiggle in between and she tries to bend her knees as leverage. Dakota's missing the party because she's stuck!

Arm Tests Part 2 - Little Mina

Little Mina continues her medical exam by the men obsessed with arm muscle tone. They flex her biceps and strip her yoga pants and sports bra. She struggles to make the muscle bigger as their fingers dig into her flesh. In a strength test, she pushes her whole body weight against a man.

She's collared, cuffed, leashed and ballgaged. She crawls like a puppy. They remove the collar and cuffs after she obediently follows directions. She's confused when ordered to put the leggings and crop top on. They want her to flex her biceps and she tries to make her little muscles grow. A tight gold band squeezes her skin and a bloodpressure cuff checks her heart rate on the other arm. The men want more pressure on her arms and walk her while tightly her arms. She tries to make it harder by resisting with all of her weight, but they are too strong. Mina goes to her knees and back up again as they play with her muscles. The cuffs are tighter and her arms swell from all of the pressure. Walking outside with her arms held, they take her back to where they found her.

Arm Tests Part 1 - Little Mina

Little Mina walks outside and avoids showing her arm muscles to the strangers that approach her. She placates them by pulling her sleeves up to her elbows. They grab her arms and pull her sleeves to her shoulders. They make her flex her biceps, but they think she's not trying hard enough. She tries to leave. They grab her arms and guide her to their lair. Mina's nude. They hold her arms and give a medical exam. A tongue depressor is shoved in her mouth. They check her skin texture before putting a pressure cuff on her forearm. She's embarrassed to be naked and asks for clothing. They inform her that she will need to workout and give her leggings and a sports bra. They demand she flex her muscles and roughly grab her arms. She needs to get her heart flowing. They order her to do jumping jacks, pushups and strength tests. They mock her for being weak. She struggles to do her tasks. After exertion, they test her heart rate while flexing. Winded, she can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation but is nervous about what they want with the data.

Throat Business - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes meets a John. Asking for half the money, he doesn't want to give it to her until he sees what he's paying for. She reveals large tits in a sexy black bra before stripping a leather jacket and skirt. Down to lingerie and over the knee boots she demands payment but is refused. Angry, she threatens to send her pimp if he doesn't pay half. Getting dressed, she doesn't realize that Scott grabs a rope and wraps it around her neck. Struggling, she tries to fight him off but gasps too hard. Falling to the ground, her long legs flail as she chokes and her tongue darts in and out of her mouth. Weakened, her arms are pinned. She flops helplessly and goes limp in his arms. He throws her heavy body to the ground and ragdolls her limbs.

Belly Bondage - Jacquelyn Velvets & Emily Torvea

Jacquelyn Velvets is stretched long in leather cuffs with arms overhead and struggles to escape. Emily Torvea silently pulls down her black leggings to expose her navel. She caresses her soft belly and plunges her fingers into the deep belly button. Jacquelyn begs for her to stop. Emily stretches the skin to lick, kiss and prod her stomach. Smiling, she smacks her abs before grazing her long fingernails over her skin. Jacquelyn's sensual moaning turns to laughing when Emily tickles her tummy. Emily walks away and leaves Jackie confused.


Coworker In Need - Jasmin Jai & Little Mina

Little Mina dangles her stiletto off her toe. Jasmin Jai begs for a pair of pantyhose for a meeting. She doesn't want to get in trouble for being bare legged and will take the hose Mina is wearing. Jasmin's surprised when she demands a foot massage for the used nylons. Desperate, she gets to her knees and takes off her dangling shoe. Mina's feet are sweaty. She orders her to smell and kiss her dirty feet and legs. Scrunching her face in disgust, she does it. Mina's removes her one shoe and demands she rub the other foot with her long fingernails before sniffing feet and kissing toes. Mina takes off her hosiery. She isn't wearing panties. Jasmin's grossed out by the smell. Mina wore them for a week without washing. Jasmin feels dirty. Mina had a new pair in her desk the whole time!

JOI Pantyhose Humiliation - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

With Little Mina & Jasmin Jai! The loser is getting hard with his little dick looking at our sexy pantyhose. Stroke your tiny cock while we stroke our legs. Your dicklette is the size of our pantyhose clad toes. It's sad that your nub is excited. we point and laugh at someone so pathetic. You'll never be a real man with that wee wee. You've only had your hand and never a real woman. Worship our stocking feet. We wiggle and point our toes. Jasmin has red toenails. Mina has dark blue toe nails. We know your secret ofa tiny dick. We're going to let everyone know. We bet your Mommy takes care of you when you're not sniffing her pantyhose. We didn't give permission for precum. Stop touching yourself. You're on edge and want to cum so badly on these shiny hose. Go faster and play with those tiny balls. We're suprised you lasted this long. If you had sex, you would be done. You get a cum countdown. As predicted, your jizz is disgusting. Clean our feet.

Bondage Challenges Part 3 - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets struggles on the floor in her metallic bikini and strappy high heels. Rolling and squirming she tries get the pizza on a high table. It's just out of reach. She gives up. A dogbowl of water taunts her. She can't it.

New Pantyhose - Little Mina & Jasmin Jai

Little Mina brings Jasmin Jai shiny pantyhose. They're excited to try them on and slowly pull the shiny nylons out of the package, savoring the sexy feel. They pull the hosiery over the toes and love how they feel on their legs. Wiggling and pointing their toes they tease themselves and rub each other's legs. Jasmin's red toenails peek through the sheer toes. She admires Mina's purple toenails and adjusts the toe seams. They shimmy the sheer to waist pantyhose over their hips. They have only a thin seam. Their asses look and feel great. They can's stop touching their asses. Rubbing their legs and feet on each other, they're turned on by the tan nylons. Showing stocking soles, they love their perfect arches. Time for a pair of black pantyhose!