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Jacquelyn Velvets Embarrassing Underwear

Jacquelyn Velvets is a bumbling burglar & tries to break into a safe. It takes all of her strength to pull it from the hiding place but her struggles will be worth it! She wears a tool belt that also holds her pants up. Crouching, she tries every tool,  but the last one is stuck despite desperate pulling. Frustrated, she strips her belt & releases it.She opens the safe. Admiring her prize, she doesn't notice her pants sliding down, revealing her underwear. She trips over her pants which are around her ankles. Falling face first with her butt in the air, she moans in pain. Adding insult to injury, she hears the police sirens in the background! She searches for trinkets near a bed. A POV dog (simulated) comes up behind & stares at her ass while she's crouched on her hands & knees. Jacquelyn tries to shoo it away. It gets angry & charges her pants, ripping a huge hole! Her white full back panties are on display. Jacquelyn rubs her sore butt, yelling at the pooch. When charged again, she runs away without her spoils! Finding a new location, she skulks around until she finds collectibles. She bends over & hears a loud rip! Surprised, she looks between her legs & finds her panties revealed. Upset, she feels the hole to see how big it is but tugging makes it tear larger. She removes them for inspection & stands in underwear & socks. The loud sirens panic her. She throws her pants aside, grabs the loot & runs off in just her t-shirt & panties.

Arrested Arm Holding - Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn Velvets calls the police & turns herself in for a warrant. Two male officers arrive to arrest her. She's disappointed that she turned herself in voluntarily & they find it necessary to roughly hold her upper arms at the same time. If they don't hold onto her, she has to be handcuffed. She doesn't want her neighbors to see that! Grabbed & escorted, she doesn't struggle physically, but makes frequent references to her arms being held. During her walk of shame, it's strange to be escorted by her biceps. Their fingers dig into her flesh. She goes where they lead & tries not to complain! Even if she tried to run, she wouldn't get far in her high heels & miniskirt.

Kobe Lee & Jacquelyn Velvets Are Stuck

Kobe Lee tries to push her car because it won't start. It won't budge. She's sexy in her knee high boots & tight leather skirt but it doesn't help with leverage. Jacquelyn Velvets saunters up in over the knee boots & offers help. It's easier with 2 girls! Lunge positions don't work. They try pushing with their asses. Using a side angle, they push with their hips but it's not moving.  They try to budge it from the front of the car but it makes their arms & legs weak from exertion. It feels like someone is watching them, so they give a show while pushing their car. The movements become sexually exaggerated as they arch & pose their curvy bodies against the car.   With each push they moan & thrust in doggy style while giving little flashes up their skirts.  If only they could push harder!

Liquidating Employees - Kobe Lee & Alora Jaymes

Kobe Lee, the boss, calls Alora Jaymes in to discuss department cuts. Employees are being liquidated. Alora's scheduled to be melted & is disappointed but quickly gets over it. Kobe instructs her to strip her blouse, skirt, black nylons, lingerie & high heels. While stripping, Alora asks what it's like to be melted.  Kobe relays how other girls enjoyed it sexually. Kobe activates the machine. Enjoying the process, she moans & feels orgasms overtake her body. Her head peaks out of the tub & then nothing is left of her! Kobe inspects the tub & confirms that Alora is a puddle before stripping for her turn. She's impressed with how much Alora enjoyed it, & looks forward to melting. Setting the controls, she steps in the tub. Her body transform into a puddle. It's better than imagined!

Safety Lesson - Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Angel Lee wants her employee Arielle Lane to wear a safety harness when suspended. Arielle finds it uncomfortable & doesn't want it. Angel convinces Scott Torvea to use a forklift to attach a hook to the back of Arielle's overalls & lift her off the ground. Arielle's shocked & kicks her legs, begging for release. She's stuck to go up & down. Her work boots flail. She cries & begs for escape. The shorts ride up. She feels a wedgie & struggles. The machine slowly lowers her helpless body. Angel returns. Arielle promises to wear her safety harness! INCLUDES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE!

Tables Turned Inflation - Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee enters an abandoned warehouse looking for loot. Spotting an employee, she sneaks up but catches his eye. She lost the element of surprise. A wire trips her. She pretends to be knocked out on the ground. Scott Torvea picks her off the floor & holds her limp body while demanding answers. Springing to life, Kobe pounces on him & thrusts him against the wall by his neck with intent to maim. He grabs a compressor hose & jams it in her mouth. Rearing her head back, she panics trying to remove it. Scott turns the tank on full blast. The air flows. Kobe's face puffs. Her eyes are wide with surprise. Stumbling, she tugs on the stuck hose, but is pinned against the wall from pressure. Her arms flail & cheeks expand as her mouth is suctioned around the hose. Staring in disbelief & confusion, her tits & belly grow larger until they look like they're going to pop. Scott runs for the door. He doesn't want to see her explode. Her eyes cross & she's terrified of what will happen.

Foot Smelling Sisters - Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Arielle Lane wore socks for one week without changing or washing her feet. Her sister, Jacquelyn Velvets, is researching the genetic implications of smelly feet. Without taking off her old sneakers, Arielle's vinegar feet waft through the air. For comparison, Jacquelyn wore nylon socks & shoes. Jacquelyn pretends not to like the smell but secretly loves stinky feet. She removes the keds sneakers, revealing sweat stained ankle socks. Gasping for breath, Jacquelyn's amazed by the pungent aroma & reminisces as Arielle recounts stories of her smelly feet. The sweaty socks peel off. Arielle is embarrassed by her aromatic feet. Wiggling her soles, it feels good to be out of the dirty socks. Jacquelyn excitedly inhales her feet & is orgasmic by the blue cheese smell. Jacquelyn smells her own feet & takes notes of the black ankle socks. Removing soaked socks, she's excited by how bad her feet smell & offers Arielle a whiff of tootsies. Comparing feet, Arielle notes the nuances. Arielle knows of Jacquelyn's foot fetish but doesn't let on & teases her by suggesting that she wash her feet or burn her socks. Jacquelyn has one more test & lies on the ground with Arielle's feet above her face. Arielle talks about her feet. Jacquelyn slips her hands down her skirt & rubs herself to orgasm. Arielle knows what she's doing, laughing at her foot loving sister! After cumming, Jacquelyn begs her to wear the same socks for another week!

SuperWoman Origins - Savannah Costello

SuperGirl (Savannah Costello) was launched from her exploding home planet, Kryptonia & landed on Earth in Kansas. She learns about  her powers & what makes her special compared to earthlings. As the last survivor, she has a lot of questions. On her 18th birthday, Claire Kent, realizes she won't have a normal life. Nude & wrapped in a sheet, she jolts awake holding her head in pain. Her eyes glaze over as she acquires the power of seeing through walls. Fire streams out of her eyes. She uses her hands to cover the searing pain. She can't control it. Her dresser is engulfed in flames. She blows ice breath out of her mouth to extinguish it.  She contemplates her differences from the others in her school. Grabbing her large breasts, she realizes she matured faster. A knock on the door breaks her thought. Her dad wishes her a happy birthday through the door. After dressing, she explains her powers to him. He admits they found her in a spaceship in a field. They were barren & adopted her. He reveals a briefcase that makes her hear voices guiding her to fulfill her quest. The exotic costume has an S. There is a strange crystal. She hugs her dad & tells him she has to make a trek to understand this mystery. Packing her backpack with the uniform & boots, she travels to a distant & cold land. Throwing the crystal, it explodes in the distance. The earth shakes before a crystal palace surrounds our heroine. A hologram woman appears. Her birth mother reveals her origins & name, Kayla El. In uniform, Supergirl embraces her superheroine destiny & puts her hands on her hips in the victory pose. Claire starts her first day at the newspaper job. The star reporter, Louis Lane, is rude & doesn't want her to interfere with his big scoop on Air Force One. She later hears that Air Force One was attacked. She runs off to change into her uniform & fly to his rescue. He returns to the office & enamored with the mystery woman who saved him. He must find her even if it means putting himself in danger so she will save him. Claire needs to make a visit to her secret admirer. Dressed as Super Girl, she enters Louis's apartment to warn him not to put himself in peril. She graciously agrees to do an interview & explains her powers. He's impressed but wants a demonstration of bending steel. Flirting, she toys with him before leaving. At the office, a high pitched transmission that only Supergirl can hear is released by the supervillain, Alexis Luther (Emily Torvea). She's threatening the town with destruction if the Do Gooder doesn't come right away. She arrives in warp speed. The villain says the explosive is hidden. SuperGirl will have to use her x ray vision to find it. It's too easy until SuperGirl finds the bomb surrounded by Kryptonite. Alexis wraps the kryptonite around her neck to make her extra weak. The goon, picks her up & places her in the cage. She writhes in agony. Her powers are useless. She can't escape. Using her feminine wiles, she flirts & begs the henchmen to let her out. He hesitates but releases her from her cage & plants a kiss on her. Quickly, she flies away & saves the day. Claire Kent sits at her desk and writes about the exploits of her secret alter ego. If they only knew it was her!

Too Late To Tickle FULL version

Monica Jade is excited for Scott Torvea to get home for some sexy fun. She falls asleep waiting. She's out of the mood. He tickles her to wake her up. He removes her shoes & helps her get ready for bed. He lets her fall asleep before waking her with tickling. He holds her arms over her head & scissors her legs so that she can't buck him off. He alternates between light & deep tickles that span her body from neck to feet. & soles. She shrieks with howls. Her red polished toes splay & contract. She spasms with laughter. Keeping her on edge, he spoons & stops tickling. Monica is defensive & waits for brutal tickles! He lets Monica fall asleep & secretly plans to tie her in ropes with her arms overhead. Monica's frustrated & has no way out.  He lifts up her sexy lace nightie & dances his fingers across her sexy belly. Her pleas aren't answered.  He alternates between light tickles to get the nerve endings stimulated. he digs his fingers into her skin & she howls with laughter. Her arms & legs strain against the ropes. There's no escaping. Her armpits, ribs, belly, legs, & feet are fair game.  Scott takes advantage of his prey.  Monica had wanted heavy breathing from another activity but got it from tickling!

Spy Vs Spy Alora Jaymes & Kobe Lee

Alora Jaymes searches for loot & doesn't see Kobe Lee sneak up with a chloroform rag. She slumps to the floor. Kobe binds her wrists & ankles (off camera). Alora awakens pissed as Kobe mocks & gropes her. When left alone, Alora escapes her ropes & sneaks up behind Kobe with a chloro rag.  Kobe's eyes flutter shut. Alora throws her body on the bed. Grabbing rope, Alora's confident that her bondage is better than Kobe's. Slapping her face & ass, she awakens her nemesis & humiliates her. After Alora leaves, Kobe laughs at Alora's attempt at domination & slips out of the rigging. Alora contorts her sexy body over the sofa & is surprised when Kobe sprays her. Kobe bound her with extra rope around her knees because she can't risk this pest getting in her way. Sparring words, they bitch talk while Alora struggles. Escaping, she confronts Kobe in a hand to hand fight. Alora has a needle to plunge in her neck. Kobe's eyes glaze before falling asleep. Alora binds her wrists, knees & ankles to keep her foe occupied while she finds the treasure. Kobe saunters in with rope & tries to wrangle a very wiggly Alora. They grapple. Neither can tie the other until Kobe holds Alora's hands over head. This gives her chance to tie Alora to a chair with her chest, waist, wrists, knees & ankles.

Little Mina Gets The Chair

Little Mina paces her cell awaiting her sentence. She's nervous about her punishment when the guard comes with her clothes. The uniform is returned to the prison. She pulls the orange jumpsuit down & cries at the spandex tube dress from the night she was arrested. This little black dress is the last thing she will wear. She obediently holds her arms out when he returns with handcuffs & has a last request of being blindfolded before her execution. He wraps a black blind fold around her eyes & shackles her ankles before walking her away. She's led to the electric chair. The guard sits her down & straps an arm down. He removes the handcuffs & shackles & binds her limbs. She whimpers. A strap goes around her waist. The guard reads her last rites. A wet sponge is placed on her head. The head piece is strapped to her head. The electrodes go on her calves. She's surprised when the switch is pulled. Her body tenses & vibrates. Her teeth bare as she receives the jolts. Her face swells against the strap of her headpiece. Her dress falls down to reveal perfect tits. Mina's toes curl as the electricity courses through her body. She gasps between rounds. The intensity increases as she proves sturdier than expected. Her head slumps. Her body lies limp in the binds. The guard checks her pulse & nods his head to the administrators. Time for the cleanup crew.

Limp Hair Play - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes bends over a& brushes her brown hair. It goes straight to the floor. Once perfectly sleek, she stands up & styles it into a ponytail, then a chignon. She's engrossed with her hair & doesn't notice Scott Torvea behind her.  She struggles as he knocks her out with a chloro rag & falls limp in his arms. He undoes her hair & bends her over so it looks like he has her in doggy style. Her dark hair swishes as he ragdolls her side to side. He pulls her heavy body in an shoulder carry & sways her body so her hair will flow. He runs his hands through her strands. Off camera he switches positions. She's in a front over the shoulder carry. Her face's in his crotch. He can see her mane swish. Her body is placed on a table. Her head hangs over the edge. Quickly her face reddens as he strokes her hair & lifts her head up before dropping it down. Scott bobbles her head before styling her hair in handheld ponytails & buns. Alora is flipped to her belly. Her hand flows down as he plays with her helpless head. Brushing her hair again, he admires his work & lifts her heavy head before leaving.