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Arm Holding Anabelle Pync BTS

If you wanted to see behind the scenes of a custom video, this is a candid view. Anabelle Pync and Scott Torvea go over the details for an arm holding clip before rolling. She blows a kiss between takes. Outside, he directs them to different spots and moves the camera for the walking scenes.

What She Deserves - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage humiliates Scott Torvea for poor office performance. He chokes her throat in anger. Her body drops to the floor. The whites of her eyes show as she struggles to remain conscious. She slumps over limp. He awakens from fantasy. Sinn humiliates him. He goes to dream world and uses a gun to shoot her brains. The blood splatter against the wall is satisfying. She pulls him from his reverie with bitching. In reality, he grabs her neck after she fires him. She awakens nude in his basement attached to an electric chair and struggles. Scott taunts. She pleas for release. A live camera records her trauma. An audience watches her death in real time. Jolts course through her veins, causing her eyes to roll, hands spasm, bare feet flex and body jerks. Crying between currents, she apologizes for being a cunt. Slumped in her binds, her tongue hangs out. She can't bother him anymore.

Arielle Lane Gets The Electric Chair Part 2

Arielle Lane received the electric chair and her limp body slumps as the guard Scott finishes his declaration to the witnesses. While on on a gurney, the guard covers her with a white cloth and attaches a toe tag to her nude body. A hand shoots out and grabs his wrist. Arielle sits up and Scott's in shock. His employer wants him to redo the electrocution. She's hopeful that she can go home because they botched the first case. He points to the chair. She sits and talks about the last zaps. It was pins and needles and didn't hurt long. Then everything went white. Scott nods and straps her in at the wrists, belly and ankles. The wires and the electrical current flows through the sponge on her head down her body. Arielle's fingers and toes curl as she sits rigidly with her teeth clenched. She lets out a shriek. Her body convulses. The power stops. She's confused and screams on the next round. She snaps rigid, silent and paralyzed. She's limp when it stops. He checks for a pulse and it's over. He removes the straps. Arielle stares lifelessly ahead. Back on the gurney her still body lies. Includes behind the scenes outtakes!

Arm Holding Anabelle Pync

Two police officers arrest Anabelle Pync and offer to escort her by holding her arms or the hard way with handcuffs. Surprised, she hooks out her elbows and offers the upper arms to be grabbed. She asks to use the bathroom. They allow her privacy. She returns and sarcastically offers her arms. They grab her and escort to the car. Placed in the backseat, each man gets on either side and holds her biceps. She's surprised because she's stuck between them and can't go anywhere. Alone in the backseat, the guys enter and sit on either side. Sighing, she offers her arms and they latch on while holding her. One grabs her arms and walks with Anabelle to the other guard who grabs her arm. Both men walk while holding. While alone, they approach her and she rolls her eyes while offering her arms before they stroll. At one point, she's surprised as they escort her away by her arms. 

Arielle Lane Gets The Electric Chair Part 1

Scott Torvea, a prison guard leads Arielle Lane to the electric chair and orders her to remove her shoes and stocking. She's allowed to wear the blazer, skirt and blouse. She hopes the governor will call to save her from a painful death. He straps her in and wiring her legs. The sponge and cap adorns her head. The witnesses take their seats. He gives her a moment to make her peace. He nods to the executioner in the wings. Arielle gasps and lightly jerks in the straps, hands clench in the armrests. Her toes curl. Her eyes are wide and mouth agape. She's surprised rather than pain. Paralyzed, she doesn't struggle and goes limp. Slack jawed and eyes closed, the guard checks her pulse. He announces that the procedure is complete. Arielle Lane has been electrocuted for the crime of murder.

Poachers Gain Part 2 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is groped by her captor Scott Torvea. He wants his fun. Lifting her from the chair with her arms bound behind her, he gropes her breasts and rubs her pussy as he pushes her against the wall. He fucks her from behind while grabbing her large tits (simusex). His cock is too big. She cums as he bounces her up and down the shaft. He uses her body like a doll and alternates positions with her leg up on the wall and on the chair. He teases his cock with a lapdance where she faces him, but turns her around for cowgirl style fucking. She cries, he taunts and fingers her until cumming despite her best intentions. She rides him harder as he pussy slaps her to orgasm. When done with her, he leaves her in shame. 

Poachers Gain Part 1 - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is bound with wrists behind her back as her captor, Scott Torvea, gropes her tits. Whimpering in a cleave gag, she's stoic. He removes her blindfold but squirms as he rubs her pussy over and under shorts. Her large tits are revealed. She's embarrassed when he pulls out a camera. She's embarrassed when her body betrays her in orgasm from fingering. A hitachi vibrator terrifies her because she can't deny the orgasms or that she secretly wants it.


Tangled Web - Jacquelyn Velvets

Gold Standard (Jacquelyn Velvets) is the hench woman for a mad scientist (POV) who created super insects for world domination. The Feds raided the secret lab. She escaped without the mutation serum and uses her feminine wiles to placate her boss. Thinking her charms worked, she opens the door at his request and screams in horror as a large spider web shoots out and wraps around her legs, waist and neck. She's stuck in it's sticky grip and can't escape. Pleading and sobbing for mercy, the Doctor allows her to struggle. It wraps around her mouth like a gag. Her mmps are muffled as she gets sucked away. Her hand grabs the door. She pulls herself out slowly. Webs cover her face and her heaving breasts. Struggling to catch her breath, the webbing forces her head back. She disappears again.

Slut Trained Spy - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is a spy dressed to entice the target in a bar. She confirms her recording glasses will get proof, but is unaware that transmissions are scrambled. She flirts with the baddie, determined to keep up with his drinking, doesn't notice the roofie slipped in. The drug enhances the effects. She fights her mind as her body betrays her. Vacantly staring she dances lewdly and takes a vibrator, cumming hard. Weakly fighting, she can't resist. He removes her glasses and chloroforms. The last thing she hears is "Your our cunt now". Knocked out, she's lifted and carried in a cradle carry. In the same clothes, she awakens bound by her hands and ankles to a table. He prepares drugs. She pleads. She's to be the company whore. He gives her a shot, places the mask over her face and turns on the mind control and aphrodisiac gas. Teased with a vibrator to the brink of orgasm for hours, she's exhausted and needs release. Removing the mask, he commands "You're a dirty little cunt". She moans and denies. Training continues with alternating shots, gas and toys. Holding her neck down and groping her large tits, she transforms into a begging whore, reciting and believing her mantra. Aroused and cumming for days, she loses sense of time, and will to resist. Testing her conversion, her hands are untied and she's given the sex toy. Repeating her phrase, she cums until going limp from exhaustion. In a cheap cartel club, she's fixated on orgasms and led to a stage. Unconsciously, she dances and masturbates as the music takes over her mind. Rubbing her pussy and dropping to the floor, she rams a dildo deep inside and cums. Men surround her for a bukkake (simulated). She passes out on the floor

Belly Defeat - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage is an undercover superheroine posing as a secretary. She has a crush on her boss who brings donuts. She can't stop eating. Bending over, she caresses and jiggles her big ass in yoga pants. She doesn't care about her chubby belly or stretching clothes from the weight gain. At work, she bends over in her pencil skirt and teases her boss, letting him grope her ass as she talks about her expansion. Sinn pleads for help but also food. She answers the phone about the new baddie, The Feeder, who is really her boss! She makes an excuse to leave work, but he knows what's happening. She squeezed into a silver leotard and red boots. Grabbing her bloated belly and bending over, she takes stock of her curvier body. She smells a plate of donuts and shocked when her boss enters as the Baddie. He created a serum that increases appetites and reduces super powers. The more you eat, the more you want and less strong you are. She's angry that he watched her expand and tries to fight, but is too weak. Bound in a chair, he teases her with a donut until she begs for the food to grow fatter. Burping, she's bloated and miserable as he pats her fat belly and releases her. He's not concerned that she can do anything to stop him with her inflated body. Back home, her belly expands as she digests and can't move from her weight.

Cannibal Damsels Part 3 - Jacquelyn Velvets, Autumn Borrelli & Jasmin Jai

Jacquelyn Velvets isn't ready to drown her friend Autumn Borrelli. Her captor doesn't give her a choice. He removes her handcuffs. She watches Autumn struggle in a hogtie and cry through her ballgag. Jacquelyn plugs the bathtub and turns on the water so she drowns. She struggles frantically in fear. He walks Jacquelyn to her friend Jasmin Jai. A camera is set up for online bidders. The girls are forced to their knees, handcuffed and ballgagged. They're miserable and struggle. He shows their asses to the camera before sold to homicidal cannibals. Chained around their necks and waists, they're bound to cinder blocks. He prepares a fire on the grill.


Cannibal Damsels Part 2 - Jacquelyn Velvets, Autumn Borrelli & Jasmin Jai

The baddies have a video of past victims. Jacquelyn Velvets, Autumn Borrelli and Jasmin Jai are nervous but curious to see. The men are nervous that they will scream and have ballgags ready. The video has 3 victims blindfolded and ballgagged led by leashes to a wood chipper. The present girls whimper in fear and gagged when they see this horrible massacre. They have to die because they witnessed the bodies going through the chipper. The men debate on how to kill them. Jacquelyn gag talks a solution and promises not to scream or ask not to be killed. Jacquelyn has to choose which friend will die by suffocation from a bag or drowning if she's spared. If she won't do that, she will be murdered for interrupting. She gets to help in her choice of drowning.