Metal Moves


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Jacquelyn and Annabelle have been working on a teleportation device and have finally figured it out! They are so excited to be the first one in it and argue over who should go first. 


Jacquelyn ends up going first she is so excited to be the first person ever to be teleported. After Annabelle adjusts the settings, the machine starts up, and the particles start to move, a flash of light and Jacquelyn is gone! Only a small glowing orb is left which slowly disappears. Then the machine starts back up another flash of light and she is on the other platform. There is a problem, she is completely naked and solid gold! 

When Annabelle comes in she is horrified, what went wrong? Finally she realizes Jacquelyn had forgotten to take out her gold nose ring. That must have caused an adverse reaction and turned Jacquelyn to gold. Not wanting to stop what they have worked so hard for Annabelle decides to continue with their work and try it on herself. 

She is not taking any chances this time, she gets completely naked and uses the remote to start the teleportation machine. Again, the machine starts up and as it is just about complete Annabelle gets a look of horror on her face. She just remembered she has silver fillings in her teeth! A flash of light and just as before, she is gone with only her particles floating before they completely disappear. Then another flash and she is on the other platform completely silver! 


14 minutes
  • Annabelle Genovisi Annabelle Genovisi
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets