Messy Roommate Stuck - Arielle Lane & Paige Turner


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Arielle Lane relaxes after a long day and kicks off her high heels. She calls out to her roommate, Paige Turner, asking why a dirty trashcan has all of her pantyhose and stockings. While probing, she accidentally falls in and can't escape!

Her long legs flail and she cries for help. Paige wanders in and laughs at Arielle's predicament. She tries to pull her out by the ankles but Arielle's jammed in there tightly. Paige leverages her weight to release Arielle, but snickers at the embarrassing situation.

Arielle yells in anger as Paige's gets a camera. How dare she film this humiliating dilemma as she kicks her legs? She wouldn't be in this mess if Paige hadn't put her nylons in the garbage can!

OTHER KEYWORDS - stuck, struggling, damsel in distress, legs, pantyhose, humor, humiliation, embarrassment, kicking, humour, leg fetish, confrontation,  DID, Ariel Lane, Paige Erin Turner


12 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner