Masked Teasing - Paige Turner


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Paige Erin Turner stretches in her sexy purple leotard and black pantyhose. As she does a downward dog, the thong shows off her perfect butt and long legs. Since she started exercising, she feels more in control of her body and ready for an orgasm challenge with Scott Torvea.

He's confident that she will cum quickly in their sex fight and warms her up by groping her tits and ass. She claims complete control over her libido even when he caresses over her leotard crotch. Her breathing quickens when he dives under the spandex  but she denies that her pussy is getting wet.

Swooning, she doesn't stop him when he throws her to the couch and rubs her clit. Moaning, she arches and begs for more. Every time she gets close, he yanks his hands away and leaves her frustrated.

How can he be so mean to get her to the edge and then leave her on the cusp? She deserves the orgasms she eventually receives by his hand and he has a special treat for her. He grabs a spooky mask from their last wrestling encounter and goes down on her so that the nose hits her clit as he licks her to orgasm. Cooing and then screaming, she grabs the sofa as she cums. Demanding more, she doesn't want him to stop even though her body is spent.

Looks like Paige lost again!

Please note that Paige stays in the leotard throughout the video per the customer's request!

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17 minutes
  • Paige Turner  Paige Turner
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea