Little Mina Gets The Chair


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Little Mina paces her cell while awaiting her sentence. She's nervous about what her punishment will be but doesn't want to hear it when the guard comes with her clothes. The uniform has to be returned to the prison since she won't need it anymore. Slowly, she pulls the orange jumpsuit down and cries when she sees the spandex tube dress from the night she was arrested. This little black dress is the last thing she will wear. She obediently holds her arms out when he returns with the handcuffs and has a last request of being blindfolded before her execution. He wraps a black blind fold around her eyes and shackles her ankles before slowly walking her away.


She's led to the electric chair and the guard sits her down and straps an arm down. He removes the handcuffs and shackles and binds her limbs as she whimpers. A strap goes around her waist before the guard reads her last rites. A wet sponge is placed on her head and the head piece is strapped to her head. The electrodes go on her calves, yet she's surprised when the switch is pulled.


Her body tenses with subtle vibrations and her teeth bare as she receives the jolts. Her face swells against the strap of her headpiece and her dress falls down to reveal perfect tits. Mina's toes curl as the electricity courses through her body and she gasps between rounds. The intensity increases as she proves sturdier than expected. 


On the last round, her head slumps and her body lies limp in the binds. The guard checks her pulse and nods his head to the administrators. Time to get the cleanup crew.


OTHER KEYWORDS- electric play,  damsel in distress,  peril, handcuff and shackles, shackles, blindfolds, BDSM, bondage, bondage device, male domination, domination, uniforms, prison fetish, jail fetish, electric chair, electrotorture, electrocution, DID, Asian, blondes, barefoot, all natural, @ScottTorvea


21 minutes
  • Little Mina Little Mina
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea