Limp Hair Play - Bambi Buttons


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Bambi Buttons leans over and brushes her shiny brown hair. It swings side to side and she runs her fingers through to feel the soft strands. An intruder comes in and squeezes her around her belly causing her to go limp in his arms.

He holds her by the waist allowing her to fall forward, causing her hair to swish and limp arms to flop. Turning her around, he holds her lower back and she does a backbend in his arms while he sways her from side to side.

In an over the shoulder carry, he idly moves her so that her hair hangs down and her spaghetti arms swing into his back. Putting her down, her hair covers her face, but he returns her to an over the shoulder carry but with her back on his shoulders. Her body arches helplessly as he shows off his prize.

She's brought to the living room and laid out on the sofa. She looks so pretty laying there and is confused as she slowly wakes up. Scott returns and karate chops her neck, which makes her fall over the side of the sofa with her hair falling straight down. He runs his hands through her flowing locks.

He lifts her up again and throws her over his shoulder only to have her wake up. They struggle but he easily makes her go to sleep again. Placing her helpless body on the floor, she looks so pretty splayed out.

OTHER KEYWORDS - hair fetish, limp fetish, sleeping fetish, lift and carry, hair brushing, Bambi Buttons, brunettes, Scott Torvea, bra and panties


14 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea