Left Hanging - Jasmin Jai


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Jasmin Jai calls the Damsel in Distress rescue service to arrive in an hour. Her credit card and address on file, so she's ready for some self bondage fun!

She strips her shirt and yoga pants while eying the noose rope with excitement. The snug and inescapable handcuffs go on her wrists behind her back. Jasmin holds the phone in her hands in case she needs it and loops the rope around her neck. The restriction feels good and she savors the sensation of being helpless.

In the middle of her session, the rescue service calls informing her that her credit card was declined and they can't rescue her. Jasmin balks and argues with the operator but she's helpless.

Things get worse when she drops her phone and can't call anyone else for help! As she struggles to get free, the metal digs into her wrists. The more she tries to escape, the tighter they get!

The phone rings and she tries to get it but accidentally tips the chair.

Quickly, Jasmin's feet kick and her eyes shut as she hangs limp in the noose.

OTHER KEYWORDS - self bondage, handcuffs, throat fetish, neck fetish, damsel in distress, struggling, humor, bondage, peril, hanging, DID, humour, Jasmin Jai, Jasmine Jay, brunettes, red fingernails, red nails, all natural


22 minutes
  • Jasmin Jai Jasmin Jai