Left Exposed - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr is a real estate agent hoping to sell you a house. It's hot but she doesn't want to take off her jacket until you demand it. She acquiesces as you insist that she turn around but balks when you tell her to remove her dress. She knows that she's in a dangerous situation and unzips her dress while trying to cover her body with her hands.

Fast forward and she's bound to a chair (off screen tying) struggling in her lingerie. She promises not to say anything to anyone if you let her go, but you ballgag her so she can't talk at all. Her gag talk is muffled as she tries to reason with you. Drool drips down her chin and body. You keep mocking her with the question of "do you want people to find you like this" and she emphatically answers no. This is just what you wanted to hear!

Lucy's arms are bound overhead while nude and with nipple clamps. A spreader bar keeps her legs apart as she writhes against her binds. You grope her sensitive tits and she moans in agony while drooling over her naked body.

It was fun playing with her, but you leave her for the next homebuyers to find!

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12:58 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr